Infected: Throwaways by Andrea Speed Character Interview & Excerpt!

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Hiya peeps! Today we have the brilliant Andrea Speed stopping by with her upcoming release in the amazing Infected universe Infected: Throwaways, we have a fantastic interview between Dee and Roan and a very tasty excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

Infected: Throwaways

(Mean Streets 02)

Andrea Speed

Former prostitute and street kid turned private detective Holden Krause is asked to look into the murder of Burn, a black-market dealer, who turns up dead near the infamous homeless encampment known as the Jungle. It’s a place Holden is familiar with—and his memories of it aren’t entirely bad. The settlement has been taken over by sinister people but Holden isn’t afraid to take them on. A big part of his PI gig is cover for his more dangerous vigilante crusade: exacting justice for the people the system ignores, the throwaways—people just like the ones living in the Jungle.

It’s getting harder and harder for Holden’s partner, Chai Nayar, to look the other way while Holden searches out retribution beyond the confines of the law. When one of their associates is shot and Holden realizes—far too late—that he’s in over his head with this case, Chai is left to pick up the pieces and hopefully save their lives. He resorts to the only solution he can find and calls Roan, who is more lethal than ever. Will it be their saving grace, or a fatal mistake?

Release date: 13th February 2018
DSP Publications | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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One Pulse ~ Charity Anthology Guest Post by John Amory!


Hey guys, today we have John Amory, one of the authors from the Dreamspinner Press Charity Anthology One Pulse, visiting with an incredible guest post, so check out the post and then I want you to check out the blogs that the other One Pulse authors will be visiting during the next two weeks. <3 ~Pixie~ 


One Pulse


Jon Keys, Alicia Nordwell, Mickie B. Ashling, M.T. Aspen, M.A. Church, Caitlin Ricci, George Seaton, Jayce Ellis, Bree Cariad, Chrissy Munder, Ellis Carrington, Felicitas Ivey, John Amory, Grace R. Duncan, John Goode, J. C. Long, Elizabeth Noble, Renee Stevens, Troy Storm, Connie Bailey, Dev Bentham, Andrea Speed, Laura Lascarso, Lila Leigh Hunter, Emery C. Walters, C.C. Dado, Sera Kane, KC Burn, Vicktor Alexander, Edmond Manning

Stories drive life. Sometimes life is good; sometimes life is bad. But it’s the nature of our community that in the aftermath of an act of hatred, we respond with love. Because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Cruelty cannot stand against compassion. Negativity will never overcome hope.

To show our support for those affected by the Orlando shooting, our authors, editors, artists, and staff have volunteered their talents to create this anthology. All proceeds will be donated to LGBT organizations in central Florida. Join us as we celebrate the triumph of love over every obstacle.

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