The Faery Truth by Vicktor Alexander

19211851Title: The Faery Truth, 2nd edition

Series: Tonawanda Faery Tales

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher: Silver Publishing, August 21, 2013

Heat Level: Moderate ~Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Princess Eeirena of the Seelie court is summoned by her brother Eeian for help regarding his human mate, Thomas. At first resentful, Eeirena searches for a solution, only to have visions and dreams about her own human mate. She races through the veil to give the answer to Eeian, but collides with him and closes off the portal to anyone wanting to enter. Eeirena also transforms into a man, now named Eeiran, something he always felt he was meant to be.

Philip Sands enjoys his job as a manager at McDonald’s. He doesn’t like being single and alone, dreaming about the man of his dreams. When he meets Eeiran, Philip finds himself inexplicably desperate for the guy. But when Philip finds out Eeiran’s many secrets–that he’s Fae, royalty, a Seer, and used to be a woman–he rejects his mate, which puts Eeiran’s life at risk.

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Review: Vicktor Alexander has a gift for storytelling. The abilities to bring a world to life with such fantastic characters who go through hardships, trials, pain, anger, and joy are amazing. I have always been drawn to the paranormal world especially when it involves hot and sexy men. Well, in this case Eeiran did start off, as a woman. However, it is still a pretty amazing tale.

Princess Eeirena has always felt that she was meant to be a man. She hated the way that they as fae had to sleep with everyone to find out who was their true mate. She has had visions and reams of her human mate. There were rules as a royal that even if they have human mates they still had to come back to their world to live. Her brother had found his mate and that mate had a family. Trying to find a way to help them stay in the human realm she would risk everything to help. When she is asked for help by her brother Eeian she starts trying to find that way, but there is an accident when crossing worlds and it closes off her portal to reenter their world. There is a surprise when she turns into a he. Finding her mate over joys her, but Philip finds out that Eeiran is not only fae, but also royalty, seer and used to be a female he rejects Eeiran. Not realizing that it places his mate in danger. They must find a way to make it through this and go forward in their lives. At first Eeiran comes off as a selfish person who only thinks of herself, you soon realize that it is actually the opposite. He is kind, gentle, caring, and loving with a mixture of feelings he would do anything to help and keep his family safe. Philip is confused, angry, hurt but in the end, you could tell he is falling in love with his mate. All he had to do is get over the little bit of information he became privy to. The sex is hot and sensuous.

I admit that at first this story comes off as a bit hard to get into. I just couldn’t get my head into the twist and turns that you get from this story. However, once you get to start reading it you get caught in the story. It has the right amount of danger, excitement and adventure, with the mix of feelings that make you cry in parts, laugh in others. I do love how they can overcome all their problems and turn them into rewards for each other. It is a story that you can get lost into, make your troubles disappear. I would recommend reading this story.