The Beginning by Vicktor Alexander

1392603378Title: The Beginning

Series: Sons of Adam, #1

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifters/ Fantasy

Length: Novella (153 Pages)

ISBN: 978-0615964829

Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing (February 17th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Ronny Parker has always been aware that there was more to life outside of his Harlem apartment. When he goes to work one morning at Starbucks, he finds himself coming face to face with a reality that he was not prepared for. He finds himself the eyewitness to a fight between two shifters, a wolf, and a lion, one of which bites Ronny and calls him “mate.” When Ronny wakes up the next morning, he finds himself thrust into a world neither his family, nor his teachers ever taught him about and he does the only thing he can do. He starts to investigate.

Cole Tronk has been taught from an early age that he is never to mate a human, never reveal his true nature to a human and that he cannot be gay. But when he gets into a fight with his oldest friend outside of a Starbucks and finds himself smelling the most intoxicating scent ever, he throws all of those rules out of the window. Before long, Cole and his mate, Ronny are on the run from the governing body of the paranormals, humans who have now discovered that paranormals, magicks and supernaturals exist, and someone from Ronny’s past who is determined to kill them both.

Along the way, Cole and Ronny meet up with a group of paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals who are also gay, and who are researching the true history of the world and creation. What they find will not only change their lives, but the entire world and the future. Will Ronny and Cole’s mating survive all of these obstacles and when a millennias old lie comes back to bite them in the ass, will Ronny and Cole be able to deal with the consequences?

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Review: Well this one is definitely new and quite enjoyable.


I loved the way that Cole and Ronny had found each other. Ronny had gone to work only to hear a fight in the back. Wasn’t he surprise to see his coworker and another man fighting, but that was not the only thing that shocked him. His friend and coworker had wolf paws and the man he was fighting had lion paws. Cole was a lion shifter fighting with his best friend, till the best scent came to him. He had found his mate. Biting Ronny and bonding them together in his mind was the best thing ever, till Benjamin points out that he has also cursed them. For in their world it is death to those who show any human what they are, to be gay and to mate a human.


Ronny, Cole and Benjamin are in danger from all the packs, prides, and other paranormal alpha’s. They are being hunted for being mated and for letting the humans know. However, the humans had let everyone else know, so now they were being hunted by humans and the government. They managed to find a group of shifters, witches, elves, fae, and many others who were being hunted also.


What really shocked them was that a book had appeared in Cole’s library before they left, telling them of their past. The original bible shows how paranormals and humans at one time had been expected until the great flood. They also find out that their mates, whether male or female can get pregnant so can you imagine Ronny’s expression when that happens to him.


This story is amazing. It shows what happens when people are full of hate. Hate for skin color, religion, sexual orientation, and now paranormals. They fear what they don’t know and there is a few that will help the fight that is about to come. I have never understood why people have to hate others for such stupid reasons and why they see the need to harm and kill them. I love the fact that Ronny is the one who will lead the war to rescue his new family. Or at least start the fight for freedom. Even though Cole is the alpha in their relationship, Ronny is the one that will do the fighting. It is pretty amazing twist to this story.


I would definitely be recommending this story to anyone who loves paranormal romance, shifters, sexy men, and hot sex. I also would recommend it because it has a war for freedom, one to help equality and love for one another. There is danger, excitement, adventure, and true love in this story.