Survive and Conquer by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - Survive and Conquer 3d Cover m3f4w

Andrew Grey - Survive and Conquer Cover uy4e3Title: Survive and Conquer

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (193 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-455-0

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (9 July 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Newton DeSantis was on the ground when the towers collapsed on 9/11. Though he still carries the scars on his body and his heart, he’s determined to ease some of the world’s suffering. Now a social worker and father to two children with special needs, he’s doing his best. But when one of his cases needs a good lawyer, Newton turns to Chase for help.

Family law attorney Chase Matthews is a rising star, and he’s in high demand. Still, Newton is very persuasive, and Chase takes his case pro bono. Everything about the other man appeals to Chase, but he’s determined to keep the relationship professional—even though, after meeting Newton’s kids, he wants to be a part of their lives.

Chase’s job doesn’t always allow him to pick his clients, though, and a case that could make him partner will put him on the opposite side of the courtroom from Newton—along with everything he believes in and the future they could build together.

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Review: I love an Andrew Grey book and I know that I repeat myself all the time when I write a review for one of Grey’s books. But the short story is that I love the emotions that are evoked, both the highs and lows, throughout the book. It’s not uncommon for me to cry during a book by Andrew Grey and I feel that’s awesome. Grey also has a special touch when he includes children in his books, they are always cute kids (sometimes seriously ill or with a disability) whose personalities are just as big as the main characters who are their dad/s.

Survive and Conquer is everything that I expect from an Andrew Grey novel. The emotions are overflowing, the characters are very deep and complex, it was a wild journey to get to know them and their motivations. It was especially heart wrenching when Newton DeSantis opens up about being at Ground Zero on 9/11.

Newton DeSantis’s life turned upside down on 9/11, he was nearby on the ground and lost friends in the towers who are among those still unidentified. He is both mentally and physically scarred from his experience. He has made it his life to help people and that is something of a healing balm, as are his two kids whom he adopted. The girl has hearing issues and his son has a blood disorder. He works as a social worker, wanting the absolute best outcomes for the kids he comes into contact with.

However, when one situation with a child requires legal expertise, Newton turns to and manages to convince family lawyer, Chase Matthews. Chase loves his job and is an up and coming star at his firm. And while he doesn’t need more work, he agrees to look into a case for Newton pro bono.
The men have a lot in common and their connection is instant. But their careers are not always complementary. As a lawyer Chase can’t pick and choose which clients he wants to take but as feelings between he and Newton evolve, things get complicated, of course. While getting to know each other personally, their lives also cross professionally. Ultimately, this is the moment when Chase needs to get his priorities right and decide just how essential Newton and the two kids are to his life.

In short, Chase must sort out his work-life balance, he is looking to take the step of becoming a partner to man with two kids who he also forms a connection to. Likewise, Newton also needs to let in the romantic kind of love in his life, balancing his life as a dad, a partner and a social worker.