Pawn by Flynn Eire

25875110Title: Pawn
Series: Colosseum University: McCready Crest # 1
Author: Flynn Eire
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (146 pages)
Publisher: Supernatural Script Inc. (July 7, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.

Students are taught it’s a fight to the death to survive. Humans who dare visit will probably get eaten by more than lions… And two men may enter, but only one can finish first.

Long ago, packs, covens, and the rest of a failing social system were done away with. Instead, crests were implemented, to sprinkle the species equally, while also forcing each new generation to spread their wings, and parents, who might never die, from forever controlling their children.

And for someone like Doyle McCready, who knows he’s nothing but a pawn to his parents, the only way to be free of them is to build a crest strong enough… Even if it’s full of issue-laced people like himself. It’s not like Doyle would risk what they’ve built on a whim when he’s committed to their current path. What man would do something as foolish as that for a gorgeous stranger?

ISBN: B01185V3PQ

Reviewer: Shorty

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Review: This is book 1 in the Colosseum University: McCready Crest series. Doyle McCready, an elf, is a cold person when the story starts. He seems to only care for his own gains until he meets Kisten. I personally did not like the implication that he uses his members to satisfy himself and others anytime he sees a need in it. What about the other person’s feelings? Maybe they don’t want to sleep with a bunch of people because someone else says so.

Kisten, a cat shifter, was sweet and tried his best to please Doyle in whatever way he wanted. I felt Kisten needed to actually talk to Doyle during certain situations instead of jumping to conclusions. They both had a communication problem with the other that led to unnecessary drama.

I liked the story though it seemed some things that were brought up were never resolved in this book. For example what about the situations with both Doyle and Kisten’s fathers and Doyle’s agent? The issues were never resolved the book just ends. So I’m hoping that it continues in the next book.

All in all it was a good read with a lot of drama and finding out how a crest system works in a paranormal school. There was plenty of hot action between Doyle and Kisten to set the pages on fire with their intensity for one another even though the ending seemed a bit rushed and just ends abruptly.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the author has in store for this series.
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