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Hi peeps, today we have Chris McHart popping in with her two great releases Alex’s SurpriseSaving Alex, Chris tells us a little about creating the world for Unexpected series, we have a great excerpt, a brilliant giveaway and Prime’s reviews, so enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

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Alex’s Surprise & Saving Alex

(Unexpected 01 & 02)

Chris McHart

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Alex’s Surprise: Alex wanted a night of hot passion with Gerome, but he gets more than he ever bargained for. His life will be changed forever in a world where he’ll be thrown in jail— or worse— for being pregnant.

Alex’s best friend, Sam, has been acting strange ever since he met Alex’s one-night stand, but now Alex needs help in order to hide, and Sam is his only hope.

Alex’s Surprise is a free story! You can download it on B&N, Amazon and ARe  Amazon – Alex’s Surprise | ARe – Alex’s Surprise | B&N – Alex’s Surprise

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Saving Alex: Not only is Alex pregnant, something punishable by jail time, but Gerome, the father of the baby, is a vampire prince. When strangers invade Alex’s home and kidnap him, he doesn’t know who is responsible, if he’ll ever see the man he loves again, or even get to see the child growing inside him.

Considering himself the father of his lover’s child, Sam has a hard time standing around and letting others plan Alex’s rescue. But when the Prince and his trackers find an important clue, the race to save his beloved is on. Now all he can do is cross his fingers that the scheme they’ve devised will work.

When Prince Gerome receives ransom demands, the instructions are clear: mate a complete stranger or he’ll never see Alex or the child he carries again. Will he be able to convince his newly intended to help, or will those seeking to dethrone his family win this evil game of blackmail?

Caution: Contains a kidnapping, unwanted matings, a scheming king, way too many people that follow their own plans and a highly pregnant Alex

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