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Hiya peeps, we have H.C. Brown visiting today with her new release Stalked, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so enjoy the post and click that rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

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H.C. Brown

Who’s more dangerous – a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer?

The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police force.

In desperation, the police refer the serial killer’s case to the Slayers, a team of enhanced, undercover super soldiers. The commander of the Slayers puts his team on the streets to watch over the Ripper’s favorite targets.

One of these targets is Micah, a twink stripper and a desirable sub. Micah’s baby sitter is one of the newest members of the Slayers, Sorren, as cold-blooded an assassin as they come, and the last person you’d expect to harbor feelings for his charge.

True to form, Sorren is as surprised as anyone at his new infatuation, but Micah is hiding something. Will Micah learn to trust his protector, or is he destined to be the next victim on the Stripper Ripper’s list?

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Dance of the Wolf by H.C. Brown

81d0Hb-Z+RL._SL1500_Title: Dance to the Wolf

Series: Tull Pride #1

Author: H.C. Brown

Genre:  Paranormal (Shifters)

Length: Novel (175 pages)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (September 5th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥1.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Sold as a pleasure slave to a werewolf, Eton’s survival depends on the love of Raz. Can the tiger shifter rescue him before certain death on the full moon?

In love with a slave from another realm, the Tull Alpha, Raz, plans to free Eton and take him for his lover. However, politics cause a delay and Raz arrives late at the auction to find Eton’s master has sold the handsome young man as a pleasure slave.

Six months later, Raz discovers Eton dancing to entice customers in the infamous Den of Depravity at Tennabolt Gate. The knowledge that the Beast of Darktrees has bought Eton for his own form of wickedness throws Raz into an impossible position. To rescue his young man means war between the shifters and the werewolves. He must regain Eton’s affection because his love is all the slave has to sustain him in the hands of the Lycaon.

Reader Advisory: This book contains forced, non-consensual sex, whipping, prostitution, torture, and voyeurism, which readers may find distressing.

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Review: I did not like this book. The reasons don’t lie in the fact that there were forced, non-con, torture scenes etc. It was rather the other way around.

Now I find great pleasure in well-written fiction that contains abuse of all sorts, what can I say? I’m a perv. I find a deep interest when the tortured character is depicted rather realistically, and I thrive in scenes that contain explicit sexual acts of all sorts.

This book failed at all the above, even as the implication was there. The distress of being a pleasure slave was implied on behalf Eton, his despicable life was also implied, his shattered mind was somehow implied, and his pain from being betrayed by his loved one and left to rot in a hellhole was implied indeed. Not once did I felt any of the above. Even the inner thoughts of a slave forced to sex with numerous men with no consideration for his life or wellbeing were mild at least. I can’t even say Eton appeared detached, or shell-shocked, or hardened by his life. He was plain, simple, bland, and quite normal. Oh yes, he “said” he was affected, many times at that, but did he show it? No!

And there was Raz, the Supreme Alpha of the Cat. I cannot say how displeased I am with this character. This entire book revolves around the fact that Eton is a slave, and while Raz wants to rescue him because he’s his mate, he can’t, so Eton must rescue himself. The only real action we saw from a “powerful” Alpha was in the end when he managed to kill the Beta Werewolf who’d been using his mate, while leaving the “spawn of the devil” the creator of werewolves himself escape… You cannot image my distress at that scene. Even there this character managed to fail every idea of an Alpha I’ve gathered through the years reading about shifters. I suppose the bad guy had to survive in order for a reason this series to continue, but that bad judgment on behalf of Raz after failing again and again to save his mate was the final point in weakening his image even more in my eyes.

As for the bad guy here, Alverez, the Cursed One, the creator of all werewolves, he is often described in the book with not so flattering adjectives. He is supposed to be evil beyond imagination. People talk about him in hushed voices, and are afraid of the very mention of the strong Alpha. The sex slaves dread the chance of being bought by him, and rumors of the Leader Werewolf killing his slaves by splitting them open with his big appendage and driving into them till they die cause even the braves of them to faint in horror. What I actually read though, was this very considerate werewolf who feared he’d damage his new slave if he used him directly, thus started using different sizes of plugs to slowly make the new slave used to bigger ones. What I also saw is that although this horrible evil werewolf bought the slave Eton specifically for his pleasure and had all guards stay the hell away from him, he allowed his Beta to keep Eton for himself as a mate since his Beta seemed so much in love with Eton and Eton always said it was his pleasure to be near the Beta…

I might be the crazy one here, but according to the realm’s laws about slavery, that damned Alverez guy seemed pretty decent and extremely lonely to me. Heavens but I felt bad for the bad guy.

Anyway, despite the sometimes hilarity of certain events the whole of the book did not do it for me. The narration, the characters, the story as it unfolded didn’t do their magic and left me not liking this book at all.


Take Me, Break Me by H.C. Brown

TakeMeBreakMeLGTitle: Take Me, Break Me

Author: H.C. Brown

Genre: Contemporary, Kink, BDSM

Length: Novel (200pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (10th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Reno Rocket, bass player for the rock band Dazed, thinks he’s on the straight and narrow but is his girlfriend just a cover for his confused sexuality? When the new lead singer, Tanner Star, walks in, Reno’s libido snaps to attention. His attraction to the famous rock star is immediate and disconcerting. Performing with Tanner every night blows Reno’s mind, and the moment Tanner grinds against him on stage, “curious” takes on a whole new meaning. 

Tanner wants more than a lover. He wants a sub, and he’s willing to guide Reno into the world of BDSM. In turn, Reno wants to be everything to Tanner—lover, sub, and partner—but he fears the ghost of Tanner’s dead boyfriend will come between them. 

At first they manage to find a balance and life is idyllic… until one rash action by Tanner plunges their new love affair into chaos. Will Reno admit to the world that he’s gay and face the media and his family’s wrath, or will he deny the love and exquisite attention Tanner’s world has brought him?

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Review: Reno is still confused over his sexuality. His long-time girlfriend does nothing for him, but the minute Tanner walks into his life he has had to fight his longing for the man. When Tanner tempts him with carnal pleasure, Reno gives in. not only to his attraction, but to a taste of BDSM as well, which Reno welcomes with open arms. But, dealing with his family, press and the ghost of Tanner’s dead lover just might be more than he can handle. Tanner has finally found the man who can make him forget his dead lover, but Tanner has to gently ease Reno into his kind of loving. Tanner acts rashly on stage one night and has to help protect Reno from the backlash.  But, when Tanner receives a package from the past will Reno and Tanner be able to work things out?

This story is a great rock star, BDSM, kink story mixed with insecurity, trust, a touch of danger and two men accepting love and all that it comes with. Reno might have been a rock star for a number of years, but he is still only twenty-one. He hasn’t had much experience sexually and women just don’t seem to do it for him. Meeting Tanner will rock his world in more ways than one. Tanner makes no bones about his sexuality and his Dom persona. There’s nothing he loves more than having a man bound and flogged and begging for release and now he wants Reno. These two men are spectacular together. Their chemistry leaps off the page. You can nearly see the sexual sparks flying between them and it is HOT!

Tanner is a very choosy man. He will accept most subs under his flogger, but never into his bed. That he saves for the special subs who he could develop a relationship with and love. Losing his last lover two years ago has left its mark. But, he wants a relationship with Reno. Reno has to overcome his inner turmoil and his fear of how his family will react. But, that isn’t his only problem, because he has to compete with the ghost of Tanner’s dead lover. This leads to Reno being placed in a dangerous situation.

I loved how H.C. Brown has woven this story. Reno and Tanner know each other for a while before they embark on a relationship. Tanner introduces Reno slowly into BDSM and kink and Tanner also holds off for several days before having full sex with Reno. The background setting of problems with Reno’s family and Tanner’s holding his dead lover on a pedestal added in without being in the spotlight is great and they all flow together smoothly. This story is a great combination of BDSM, rock stars and family and friends.

I will recommend this to those who love hot sex, BDSM, rock stars, family drama, fighting for love and a very happy ending.    

Hurt Me Good by H. C. Brown

HurtMeGoodFSTitle: Hurt Me Good

Author: H.C. Brown

Genre: Gay MM/ Contemporary

Length: Novel (206 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 5, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥2.5Hearts

Blurb: Harper Cole may look like a best-selling author doing research for his next book, but underneath it all, he is a badass Dom and ex-rock star looking for a sub. When he meets a sexy stripper at the local gym, he uses the pretense of doing research for his next erotic novel to get close to the delicious man.

To the world Flame is a self-confident male stripper and acclaimed modern dancer, but deep down, he carries a crippling secret that stops him from trusting anyone. When Harper saves him from a life-threatening attack, Flame starts to open up, and even though his vanilla preferences don’t exactly match with Harper’s plans, he finds himself attracted to the big Dom.

Their worlds collide, leaving both men reeling. Harper is determined to show Flame the benefits of taking a ride on the wild side, but Flame cannot trust his heart to another man. What will it take to bring these two men together? It’s up to Harper, as the Dom, to make it happen… if it’s possible at all.

Product link:

Reviewer: Heart

Review:  Seriously, a Dom, best-selling author and an ex-rock star paired up with a sexy stripper and you can’t help but wonder what’s the catch, because it just can’t be as good as that.

I went into this book full of expectations, but it didn’t take all that long to realize I would have an issue with the writing. As soon as Hunter sees Flame, the dancer, he knows he would have him and despite everyone telling him Flame is out of his league and not into the lifestyle; Hunter is persistent enough to get what he wants.

The initial chemistry appealed to me, and I found myself enjoying the sparks between the characters and Hunter’s charm. But every once in a while he would come out with a statement that would just rub me the wrong way. I ignored it for the most part, but by the end of the book I had an opinion of him and it definitely influenced my rating.

Now, the writing style didn’t suite me at all as it happens sometimes, and I found the characters to be too conflicting. They switched from serious to dramatic when it came to Flame and as for Hunter, he was a real Dominant who lived the lifestyle one moment and then someone out of control of his emotions and with a too old-fashioned attitude when it came to subs. I think I probably disliked Hunter more, with his pushy personality and pompous behavior when in my opinion he had very little to offer. The whole conflict/hostage thing seemed over the top and more like a script to one of the old action movies than something to be taken seriously. I loved the starting heat between the guys, but as the story moved one and their character quirks came to the surface neither of them was convincing to me anymore and I lost the little interest I still had in the book.

The appearance of the side characters bored me to be honest. Their dynamics seemed all wrong and I just didn’t want to read about them. But that’s just another little detail among many that got to me in Hurt Me Good.

I don’t have much experience with this author’s work, but the one story I’ve read seemed more solid and it definitely had more defined characters. I’m thinking I’ll just write this down as a venture into something different, and hope for a much better next book.


A Tryst of Fate by H. C. Brown

Title: A Tryst of Fate

Author: H.C. Brown

Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Time Travel

Length: Novel (171pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (25th February 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Obsessed by a portrait of deliciously handsome Lord Alexander Swift, millionaire art dealer, Colt Daniels finds himself transported back to 1775. In a time when man-love led to the hangman’s noose, Colt must convince Alexander that he is the man’s destiny.

After inheriting a Georgian house in Berkley Square, London, Colt Daniels, millionaire art dealer, finds himself obsessed by a portrait of the home’s former owner, Lord Alexander Swift.

During a conversation with author, Jake Williams, Colt discovers Lord Swift and his cousin had mysteriously disappeared from the cellar one evening, shortly after Alexander’s illicit affair with the rogue, David Fitzhugh. Jake reveals Colt bears a remarkable resemblance to Fitzhugh.

Colt decides to investigate Alexander’s strange disappearance and ventures into his cellar late one night to look for a secret passageway. When his flashlight fails, Colt finds himself transported back in time to 1775 and there he comes face to face with the man of his dreams — Lord Alexander Swift.

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Review: After Colt inherits an old house, he becomes obsessed with refurbishing it to its former splendor and buying the portrait of Lord Alexander Swift. After hearing about the mysterious disappearance of the Lord, he decides to check the cellar for hidden passages and finds more than he bargained for. Lord Alexander Swift gets a surprise while looking for wine in his cellar.  Although the man looks like his David, his actions and words are completely strange, and if he is to believe his words then he just might be fit for Bedlam.

An absolutely brilliant historical/contemporary time-travel story that is full of detail and descriptions and you can imagine that you are there. Colt admits, even to himself, that he is half in love with a portrait of a man who has been dead for over two hundred years. Alexander is longing for a love that he knows that he will never have, when he meets Colt and is swept off his feet. The relationship isn’t easy although it progresses very quickly and Colt’s ex-lover tries to throw a spanner in the works and people mistaking Cole’s identity and kidnapping him.

Wonderful.   Alexander is so joyful and innocent that he will take your heart in a short space of time.  Colt comes across as arrogant and domineering and he is both those things, but he is so much more when he is with Alexander.  Although when with Alexander he seems coarse and uncouth, because Alexander is such a quintessential eighteenth century Lord. The descriptions of eighteenth century London are quite descriptive and disgusting, but oh so true.

This story I am going to recommend those who love historical romances, time-travel, hot sex, a great story-line, a bit of angst, some danger and a brilliant happy ever after.