The Blue Cat by Roland Graeme

4496thebluecat510w-430x645Title: The Blue Cat
Series: N/A
Author: Roland Graeme
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (302 pages)
Publisher: eXtasy Books (October 1st 2014)
Heat Level: Erotic
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2.5Hearts
Blurb: After his soldier lover goes off to war, an artist’s devotion to the study of the male physique leads him to Italy and its men.

A titled member of the English aristocracy is not supposed to embarrass his family by becoming a professional artist. Nor is he supposed to take a soldier as a lover after painting him in the nude. But the freethinking viscount does all this, and more. When his lover goes off to war and urges him to feel free to be with other men, the viscount travels to sunny Italy in search of new subject matter to paint—and new erotic adventures. What he hadn’t anticipated was meeting and falling in love with an American who has chosen to live in Italy. Is it possible to love two men at once, but in different ways?

Or must one always made a choice between two equally seductive alternatives?

ISBN: 978-1-77111-850-9

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Reviewer: Leigh

Review: The story starts out telling with an opening from the MC saying this “jotting down these reminiscences and offering them for your perusal, Dear Reader.” We then get a little family history. Then this line is the one that should have warned me: “My intention, when I began to write, was to provide a succinct background, to tell you just enough about me to place my erotic adventures in some sort of perspective.” During all this, I still had not learned the narrators name, although he is a viscount.

The viscount after seeing a bronze statue of a naked man a friend of his used, called the same model agency and booked an appointment with him. Geoff a soldier makes money on the side as a professional model posing for artists. The two starting seeing each other regularly as the artist books Geoff for posing sessions. Finally, they both come out and say that they are attracted to each other. From there things go from an interesting beginning to a little dialogue between sex scenes.

Then Geoff gets called into service and has to go to the Middle East for almost a year. Geoff and the viscount decide they should both “feel free to see other guys” as neither is “cut out to be the celibate type.” So while Geoff is off fighting in a war, the viscount gets it on, and on, and on. He starts local then goes to Italy we he stays at The Blue Cat. Needless to say, he has sex with many people. All while waiting for the man he loves to get home from war.

Yeah it started out with promise that quickly lead to porno level sex scenes and dialogue. Every gay stereotype was used I think. Some of it was hot, some was cheesy, some just made me say enough already. The emotions expressed (what there were any) felt hollow and useless. It was all about sex. Sex with Geoff, a soldier Geoff sent home to the viscount, sex with an American, sex with an Italian, oh and multiple partners. More dialogue was spent on describing things then between actual characters unless it was a sex scene. And damn it I still never learned the viscounts name.

I will say this, even though it’s lacking it what I need for a good story it is written very well. It just doesn’t have any really emotion or heart to it. So if you are just looking for some sexual inspirations, this may be for you.

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A Thing for Cops by Roland Graeme

81Vn-0C2R-L._SL1500_Title: A Thing for Cops
Series: N/A
Author: Roland Graeme
Genre: Contemporary/CopKink
Length: Novel (219 pages)
Publisher: eXtasy Books (August 7th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥2Hearts
Blurb: Jim Melton has had “a thing for cops” ever since he can remember. So it is only natural that be becomes a police officer himself. As a gay cop, Jim soon realizes that he belongs to a subculture within the law enforcement subculture. His many erotic adventures with both civilians and his fellow cops give new meaning to the phrase, “to protect and serve.”

ISBN: 9781771118576
Product Link:
Reviewer: Gigi
Review: So Jim likes cops so much he becomes one. He quickly finds a gay cop sub culture and becomes initiated through many tiring repetitive erotic adventures.

The plot is not as thick as all the phallic references I read, but I think this is what most expect for jerk-off material. In that sense, rating it as masturbatory reading, I would still only rate this a 2. The scenes had some fun kink, but the relentless sexual thesaurus became tiring.

Within the opening gambit of one scene, I read the phallic descriptions, fuck stick, prick, cock, aching tool, pouting piss slit, glistening tool, and fuck piston, drooling piss slit, on and on…. The dialogue was amazing, “Your cock really feels good in me. Are you feeling as good as I am?” …..” Hell, yeah.” Add new names, multiple partners and repeat.

Eventually, Jim pairs up, and he and his partner have frequent sex parties, threesomes, and foursomes with other cops to celebrate their anniversary, monthly. Like I said, it’s jerk-off material with a few mildly erotic scenes, without a plot, and meant for the porn industry.

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A Fine Bromance by Roland Graeme

91d1ZPoITcL._SL1500_TITLE: A Fine Bromance
AUTHOR: Roland Graeme
GENRE: Contemporary
LENGTH: Novella (98 pages)
PUBLISHER: Extasy Books (September 7th, 2014)
HEAT LEVEL: Explicit
HEART RATING: ♥♥♥3Hearts
BLURB: Two handsome, sexy brothers discover that they can only hide their homosexuality from each other for so long.

Tomasz is determined to keep his homosexual experimentations a secret from his older brother, Krzysztof – especially after Krzysztof teases Tomasz about having a bromance with his buddy, Billy. How would Krzysztof react if he knew his kid brother and Billy were lovers?

Matters become more complicated when Tomasz discovers that he isn’t the only member of the family who seems to prefer the company of men to that of women. Krzysztof seems to have a bromance of his own going on with a very macho cop – and a little sleuthing on Tomasz’s part confirms his suspicion that the two men are very much more than just friends.

REVIEW: Tomasz Juroszek lives with his older brother, Krzysztof. They were orphaned at a young age and raised by an uncle. Tomasz has a friends-with-benefits arrangement between himself and his friend, Billy. And these two have some pretty hot sex!

After some hot sex with Billy one afternoon, Tomasz returns home to discover his older brother has a visitor. A very sexy cop called Leonardo Montegrappa (aka Nardo). From here, the book isn’t actually a romantic story, but a story of two brothers coming out to each other and trying to find balance in their lives.

The story set is certainly different. I am having trouble trying to work out what I think about it. We see the start of a romance between Krzysztof and Nardo, but through the eyes of Tomasz. When I say this, Tomasz figures out that his brother is gay and not only does he finds evidence he sets out to find out more when Nardo comes over for dinner.

Despite Tomasz and Billy being a rather fledgling relationship trapped somewhere between romance and friendship, there isn’t any actual story of their time together. This leads me to my next point, Tomasz as a character confuses me, even when he is asked right out, he says he doesn’t have a boyfriends. Okay, so he and Billy have a friends-with-benefits arrangement, but he had the opportunity to admit to everything and he says nothing.

I think that Tomasz’s story really wasn’t done justice. It’s that or Tomasz is just a pain and I prefer the character of Krzysztof. In saying that, I really enjoyed the beginning of the romance between Krzysztof and Nardo and these two also had some really hot sex. In fact, it would have been good if the entire story were longer, to give both brothers a bit more. The story didn’t have a conventional happily ever after. This would be fine except that the stories for both brothers didn’t feel quite complete.

However, in saying all that, I think it’s an amusing look at the interaction between siblings. The sneaking and spying and fishing for info is exactly the way between siblings no matter what the context. I think this is an interesting (and cool) view into two brothers who are both are too afraid to come out to each other. So in extension to that this is also a coming of age story. If you are expecting a romance, you won’t get it.

But if you just want a story about life and coming to terms with coming out, this is could well prove an enjoyable read.