Gay Honeymoon by Susan Reaves

81f5+WiPNqL._SL1500_Title: Gay Honeymoon

Series:  None

Author:  Susan Reaves

Genre:   Contemporary/Erotica

Length:  Novel (249 Pages)

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (July 19th, 2013) 

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts       

Blurb:   Ever wonder how gay men in sparsely populated rural areas find love and romance? Kismet, serendipity, synchronicity, faith?

Toby lives in the remote reaches of California’s Lost Coast in Humboldt County. He tends a country store, post office, and fishing resort in Honeydew with his Uncles Butch and Jimmy, a married couple. Toby turns twenty and comes out to his uncles on his birthday- just before Halloween 2012. Together they all scheme to find him a boyfriend.

Along comes twenty-five-year-old Jacob, college grad and a former LDS missionary. Jacob is a delivery driver out of Eureka, newly assigned to ride in once a week with merchandise for their general store. The four men become fast friends and Jacob reveals that he had fallen in love with his missionary companion who dumped him at the conclusion of their mission in order to marry his high school sweetheart. Jacob came out after finishing college, was disowned by his parents and left the church. After grieving his losses, he is looking for true love.

The country gentlemen woo Jacob as a suitable suitor for Toby and sparks fly.

A first kiss at Thanksgiving leads to a whirlwind romance, a Christmas Eve engagement, a community coming out on New Year’s Eve and a Valentine’s Day wedding in New York.

Join Toby and Jacob both in and out of the bedroom. Watch their romance unfold while the nation is poised to start the tidal wave of LGBT Marriage Equality state by state that began with the 2012 election.

18+ for homoerotic content along with a sweet romance and coming of age love story.

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Reviewer:   John

Review:  Oh my God! I absolutely loved this novel! Gay Honeymoon stars Toby. Now, Toby lost his dad at the World Trade Center in 9/11 and his mom a few years later. He was left all alone, but his Uncle Butch took him in and raised him as his own along with his loving partner, Jimmy. Toby, now twenty, is looking for the love of his life and he finds it, the amazing and incredible Jacob.

I loved Toby. He was very shy and quiet, but really loving and caring. I was left heartbroken after reading about his parents. That was just so tragic and sad. However, I was so happy that his Uncle Butch and Jimmy took him in. Those two were just so amazing and loving, the coolest uncles walking the face of the planet! Now, Jacob was the bomb! I fell for him instantly and I was saddened by his past as well. I was so glad that Toby and Jacob found each other because those two deserved each other.

What I liked the most about this novel was the fact that it was so realistic. There wasn’t any bizarre plot or crazy storyline that made you turn left and right, losing your way. The writing was perfect and engaging. It really showed that the author took her time doing her research and editing it thoroughly. Another thing that I loved was how religious and united the characters were. Yes, life has been hard with them, but they still kept pushing forward. I must warn you though, this novel is steamy hot. There are so many sex scenes that they will leave you at the edge of your seat.

All in all, this was an amazing little read. I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read a very loving story about family, friendship, love, religion, life, and hot steamy sex.