The Art of Words by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell

Title: The Art of Words

Author: R.J. Scott & Meredith Russell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (165pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (14th April 2012)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tom offers Blu his dream of a gallery show. Though an attraction exists, their worlds collide because Blu speaks through paint and brushes and Tom’s life is filled with words and paperwork. Though opposites attract, these differences might push them apart.

After years of following his activist parents, artist Blu Taylor finally found somewhere to call home.

He sees art in the world around him yet is never truly part of it. There’s a line that keeps him just on the outside of everything and everyone except his best friend.

Thomas Harrington has everything–the money, the car, and the designer suits. But something is missing from a seemingly perfect life, lost when his mother fell ill.

After attending a local art show, Blu is contacted by Tom and offered his dream–a chance to show at a gallery.

Though there is a growing attraction between the men, their worlds couldn’t be more apart. Blu speaks through paint and brushes, and Tom’s life is filled with words and paperwork.

Though opposites attract, these differences might push them apart.

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Review: Blu is a struggling artist who suffers with severe dyslexia.  With the help of his best friend, Jackson, he gets through life. At Jackson’s insistence, he enters a local art exhibit and is contacted by Tom, who offers him his dream. Tom is a rich and sophisticated businessman who was taught to love art by his mother. When he takes an interest in Blu’s work, he quickly becomes enamored with the artist.

A well-written story that is sweet and enjoyable. Blu is embarrassed because he can’t read and write well, but he loves to paint and is talented.  When his work catches Tom’s eye, he is both excited and scared. Tom quickly becomes important to Blu, but Blu is scared to reveal his true self for fear of ridicule and rejection. Tom is enchanted by the way Blu sees the world and wants to help him with an exhibit of his art, but he quickly begins to fall for Blu.

In this story both Blu and Tom are wonderful characters and even though Blu hasn’t had the best of educations (his mom and dad moved around a lot), he has enough street smarts that he can usually fake his way out of a situation. And if he can’t then his best friend Jackson is there to help him. The authors have done a wonderful job of showing the struggles that someone with dyslexia cope with and how they try to cover the disability. Blu’s fear of ridicule and his shame were well done and his actions to try and divert attention from his weakness were brilliantly portrayed.

The way the relationship between the two men played out was great. They got to know each other and grew close before the relationship progressed further.  There were some blips as Blu’s insecurity and Tom’s privacy clashed. It was also really nice that we got to know what kind of men they were through their friends and family.  The support and love they received from them and how they interacted with them as well. The sex between Blu and Tom is erotic and also sweet with a little bit of chocolate body paint ;-).

So for this one, I recommend it to those who love artists and businessmen, a sweet love, a bit of conflict, wonderful lovemaking and a happy ending.



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