Battle of Hearts by Valentina Heart

Title: Battle of Hearts

Author: Valentina Heart

Genre: Action, Adventure, Paranormal, Alternate World, Shifter, Vampire

Length: Novel (205pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (14th April 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Valerian is a fighter and an Alpha–dangerous, unemotional, and vicious. The passion for his cougar mate is unplanned, but Teddy shares the enthusiasm and all but bites back. Do they have a chance or will the war destroy them?

Living in a world where vampires can’t stand the sight of shifters, and shifters gag at the smell of vamps, a vicious war rages — and the vampires are winning. Clearly, this is not an ideal setting for a mixed-species shifter couple.

Valerian is the Alpha of his pack, a fighter and an unemotional killer, but one whose skill has kept him alive. On one of his missions, among captured shifters, he finds the cougar Teddy, his mate.

Things would be simpler if either of them actually wanted a mate, but on top of the fact that they don’t, there is also the small issue of clashing personalities. Attacking is their first reaction — sex is only for survivors.

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Review: Valerian is one of three alphas’ in his pack.  They share responsibility, with Valerian’s duty being missions and vampire politics. So when he is on a mission to rescue some of his warriors, he is less than pleased to come across his mate. Teddy is a loner and has no interest in a mate, but when he discovers he might be able to find the vampire that captured him, he decides to stick around for a while.

God, I loved this one.  Two shifters, neither wanting a mate and both human sides fighting tooth and nail against their animal sides; snarling and bitching at each other as they fight the mating urge. Valerian has no interest in a mate who might die on him and leave him alone. It is easier to keep everyone at a distance, so when he meets his mate he carries on like he has always done while fighting the mating instinct. Teddy has just lost the person closest to him so now he will strike out on his own again. Once he finds the vampire who captured him, meeting his mate is not on the agenda. Especially when said mate is an alpha and an ass.

This story is well written with great world building and some pretty gruesome descriptions. A world were vampires and shifters despise each other and want to wipe the other off the face of the Earth. This is a fantastic shifter/vampire story where it is war.  Shifters kill all vampires they can find and vampires snatch as many shifters as they can for their blood. If some shifters die in the process, well, then they can always hunt for more. And there’s a vamp out there who wants shifters for his own purpose, but it back fires wonderfully ;-).

Valerian and Teddy are characters that are quite similar. Both prefer to be left alone, both are stubborn and have a mouth on them and both have no intention of mating. It is like a clash of the Titans when these two get together. The sex is explosive and primal and sparks fly whenever they are close. Fighting the mating urge when all their animals want is to give in is a struggle for both of them and they are brilliant in how they handle it. And while all this is going on they have an explosion, they have to fight the vampires, deal with a traitor, then Teddy has to escape, rescue the kids and kill as many vamps as possible all while dealing with a horrific ordeal *sigh* (so much goodness).

The best thing about this is neither shifter is graceful in his denial.  They are both snarly, scowlly and growly right up to the end of the book and neither will ever really be lovie dovie with the other as it’s just not them. Teddy goes through a period of doubt that Valerian helps him over, but as I said they will never be a roses and hearts couple and it makes them so much more interesting.

This one I will recommend to those who want a different type of shifter/vampire story, mates who fight the bond tooth and nail, blood, fights, and a twist for Teddy, hot explosive sex and a happy ending.


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