The Final Addition by Joyee Flynn

Title: The Final Addition

Series: Wolf Harem 04

Author: Joyee Flynn

Genre: Shifters, Ménage

Length: Novella (165pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (19th May 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In the last installment of the Wolf Harem series, all questions will be answered. Five will now become six, but will he be invited to their bed?

Dallas showed up for the wrong reasons and Spencer biting him was an accident in the sense he didn’t realize it meant life or death to the man. While Dallas is trying to follow the rules of his new pack and adapt to a life with actual friends and a make a home, everyone else is working hard to build a true family. It’s not been an easy journey in anyway but one they are all better off for taking.

The last surprise of the series… Who makes the special guest appearances?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains scenes of sex in a partially shifted form.

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Review: Spencer and the gang are sleeping when they are awakened by an intruder. Spencer reacts violently and forces a choice on Dallas, fuck or die. With the only choice besides death, being he has to sleep with the man, Dallas has no choice but to become a shifter. With a new addition to the household, Spencer, Ryder, Ethan, Dean and Luc have some adjustments to make, pasts to face, insecurities to acknowledge and flaws to accept or their relationships will begin to crumble.

This novella is the last in the Wolf Harem series and continues from just before the end of Dying Assassin and is filled with hot sex, jealousy and angst. Spencer screws up by biting an intruder, especially when he learns that the assassin was sent with false information, now he has to turn the man to save his life. Dallas is deep in the closet and now he has to have sex with a man to save his life. All the men, together, have to work through their problems and jealousy to come together as a real family.

I am going to be honest and say that I am in two minds as to this story.  Why? Well, it’s simple really.  Spencer and Dean got right up my nose with their attitudes towards Dallas. And, also the fact that they were all determined to force Dallas to admit he was gay. Spencer got on my nerves with his childish behavior concerning Ryder as well. It also amazed me that any of them got any work done with the amount of sex going on. On the other end of the scale, we have the abused men who are shown compassion and understanding and are offered love and support as they get the help they need. Dallas has amazing insight into Ethan and helps the little guy to admit the truth to everyone. And the love that all the men feel does shine through. So. that’s why I am in two minds.

This story is well written and it is entertaining. it has a lot of angst, frustration, anger, love, hot sex, resolution, healing and a happy ever after for the guys… but what it doesn’t have is a face to face resolution with Payton. We get told what will happen to him, but we don’t see it. So, I recommend this to those who like any of the above and also a special visit from two of our favorite authors.


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