The Haint by Evan Gilbert

18680934Title: The Haint

Author: Evan Gilbert

Genre: Paranormal/Horror/Young Adult/Coming of Age

Length: Novel (156 pages)

Publisher:Dreamspinner Press (November 6th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:   Now eighteen, Cale Holland and Zeb Meadows have been best friends since they were freshmen in high school, and Zeb has been in love with Cale most of that time. While returning to their hometown after a trip to the state capital, Cale realizes his feelings for Zeb are growing beyond friendship, and Zeb is ecstatic to finally have a chance at romance with Cale.

On their trip, Cale is mysteriously drawn into the nearby countryside. He discovers a lake so beautiful, his father buys the surrounding property to build a residential development—despite rumors that the area is haunted—and soon after, Cale and Zeb return to the lake on a weekend camping trip to unwind and explore their feelings for each other.

But the haunting of the lake is more than a rumor. In the process of developing the land, Cale’s father accidentally frees an invisible entity that feeds on the energy of living creatures… and Cale and Zeb find themselves in a fight for their lives as they are stalked by the soul-devouring Haint.

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Review: Zeb just lost his father and is now responsible for his two younger siblings, Hannah just going to high school and Donnie only six. His chances of going off to college are not good. Zeb has just graduated high school and now instead of college is face with raising a family and trying to keep social services from taking them.

Cale his best friend and secret crush accompanied him on a trip to settle some business. On the trip back Cale starts acting odd and insists he take a hidden road. They find a beautiful lake and meet a strange family that freak out when they want to see the lake. Cale thinks this is a great place and tells his dad a big real-estate developer about it. They purchase the property to build a big subdivision.  Cale takes Zeb, a couple of friends and Zeb’s siblings to camp out on the property one evening. A fun friendly trip turns into a nightmare unleashed.      

Warning: Unless you are a big horror buff, don’t read this at bedtime or with the lights off. I did the first night and had horrible nightmares.  I really liked the story. It was interesting and I found it pretty scary. What I really liked was the romance. Zeb and Cale are very unique men. Zeb has been in love with Cale for a long time and is happy just having him as a friend. Since Cale is straight, he knows that’s all it will ever be.  I liked Cale too though at times I didn’t understand him. I never quite got why he hid his sexuality from Zeb since they were so close but it did make for a good story here.  I loved that Zeb stepped into his role of responsibility without thought about his own wants and desires.  I liked the eerie way the mystery unfolded and that it had a very Stephen King other-worldness to it. I found the combination of romance, angst and mystery/paranormal just right.  I also love this cover!

If you like unexplained supernatural phenomena, a good romance, young adult// coming of age, mystery and friends to lovers this is for you!