The Hawk and The Rabbit by Elizah J. Davis

hawkandrabbit400x600Title: The Hawk and The Rabbit

Author: Elizah J. Davis

Genre: Fantasy World

Length: Novella (113pgs)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (21st November 2012)

Heat: Low – Moderate

Heart: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When the Queen is struck down by a deadly curse, Leal’s only chance of saving her depends on cooperating with the Dragon Master, Hawk. But Hawk, like the rest of the palace, has no love of the foreign Leal or his magic, and would much rather throw Leal in prison until he has good enough reason to execute him.

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Review: Leal is a strong sorcerer from Serenee, brought to a new land, Ecottia, when his Prince married their Queen. None of the Serenee are trusted, because of their use of magic. And now the Queen has fallen foul of a deadly curse. Leal turns to the Dragon Master, Hawk, for help and although he isn’t trusted, Leal sets out on a journey with Hawk to find the cure for the Queen. Hawk would rather throw all the Serenee’s in the dungeon (oh he did), but even he knows that he will need Leal’s help on his quest, and Hawk also discovers that maybe there is a Serenee man that he could trust.

Ooohhhh curses, quests, backstabbing and betrayal, trust, love and rescues *happy dance* and all in 113 pages *happy sigh*. Leal knows what will happen if he doesn’t find a cure for the curse cast on the Queen. All his country men and women, as well as his Prince, face imprisonment or death and all because they have magic. Reaching out for help from the only man he can trust, the Dragon Master Hawk, they embark on a journey that will take them into the depths of the forest, to the scorching desert lands, to the island trapped by the sea and to the heights of the rocky mountains.

This story was a wonder for the imagination giving us an array of wonderful creatures, a great storyline and wonderful characters. Leal and Hawk are brilliant together. Hawk doesn’t trust Leal because he uses magic, but he has always felt an attraction towards him. Leal has always hero worshiped Hawk, but was rebuffed when they first met. On the journey together Hawk has his prejudice fall away and he sees Leal for the man he truly is, and they develop a relationship that is soon tested. This is a well written story and I really wish it was longer, but that’s just me being selfish *sigh*.

I will recommend this to those who adore fantasy, knights, dragons (Firebright is so cool), mythical creatures, sweet loving, great characters, some danger and a very happy sweet ending.


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