The House of Silence, Volume 2 by J.A. Jaken

HouseOfSilence2F3_CvrMEDTitle:  The House of Silence, Volume 2

Series:  The House of Silence (Volume 2)  

Author:  J.A. Jaken 

Genre:  Gothic, Suspense,   

Length: Novel (208 pages) 

Publisher:  Fantastic Fiction Publishing (April 27, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

BlurbThe sanctuary of The House of Silence is shattered when an influential client presents Master Charon with an ultimatum, plunging him and his beautiful young men into a nightmare of reprisals, forcing them to fight for their lives, their sanity, and their right to exist. What secret threatens the governments of two countries? They will have to work together to unlock the secrets buried deep in the House’s past and survive the forces aligning against them. (M/M+) 

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review: Warning this book contains rape and violence, but it is well written into the story.

This story continues the House of Silence plight, as an influential Lord has retaliated against Charon for not giving one of his boys, a gypsy refugee, into slavery. Will they be found? What secret will be revealed? Will they survive and be able to ever return to the House of Silence? You really should but this one and see.

This is one of those occasions when a second book is better than the first. This one can stand-alone quite well, as there is a character description in front and a catch up on the action. I liked that part, but it read like a character list and scene explanation, instead of a part of a story.

Having said that, it did not take away from the story at all, and if you had not read the first book, that section would help with some information. I do suggest reading the first one before because it gives more insight into the boys’ lives, and the patron’s connections to them. The story is well-edited, and I like that the sex is sensual and erotic, not just vulgar. Even the rapes and violence are well enough written that they make you want to read further and not toss the story. This book is filled with so many twists, turns, mystery, intrigue, and is so fast paced that it is breathtaking. Better than a roller coaster ride.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes, Lords, Cabals, BDSM, D/s relationships, intrigue, mystery, bordellos, stories with lots of conflict, and hot sensual sex. If you liked Fifty Shades, you should love this one. 

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