The Way Back by Carter Quinn

WayBackLGTitle:  The Way Back

Series:  N/A

Author:  Carter Quinn

Genre: Contemporary Romance  

Length:  Novel (200 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (June 11th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   In freshman year, Riley Evans met the best friends he ever thought he’d have, Jason and Eric. But then his friendship with Eric turned into something much more. That relationship ended almost as soon as it began, and Riley hasn’t let anyone near his heart since. Until now.

When Riley needed him most, Jason helped pick up the pieces. Six years later, he’s once again part of Riley’s life. Riley is slowly letting Jason past his defenses and is starting to see how good they are together. They’re even planning a romantic weekend getaway. Then, out of the blue, Eric calls, claiming he wants Riley back.

Riley has been dreaming about Eric for six years, but suddenly he can’t he stop thinking of Jason. Jason, who has always been there when Riley needs him-who puts Riley’s happiness above his own, even if that means his own heart will suffer. Jason insists Riley face his old feelings for Eric to make sure they’re really gone. But are they? If Riley can’t learn from his mistakes, he may be destined to repeat them-and Jason won’t wait forever.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  I loved this book! I laughed, I cried, I laughed while I cried. This book is just a complete plethora of emotion.

Riley Evans has finally found happiness with his long time friend, Jason. It was a long road travelled to get to where they are. Six years ago Riley was in love with Jason’s brother, Eric. In denial about not only himself, but his feelings for Riley as well, Eric broke something inside Riley when he left and married a women. Jason has only just come back into Riley’s life and is helping him rebuild his broken heart when Eric calls out of the blue, telling Riley he wants him back.

I was thankful that Riley didn’t try to hide anything from Jason. He was open and honest with him from the start. Riley isn’t quite ready to give Eric that second chance at his recently mended heart, but he’s spent the last six years wondering what if? Jason knows that if Riley doesn’t deal with the situation he will always wonder, so he makes Riley promise to meet his brother and then decide if he wants to give him a second chance.

My heart broke slap in half as Jason had to watch his brother court the man he loved. Jason had already buried his feelings for Riley once for the sake of his brother and what he thought Riley wanted. Now he has to know definitively if Riley loves him, his brother, or the shadow of the man Riley thinks Eric is. Has Riley found the man he needs with Jason? Or is this second chance with Eric opening the door for them to finally be together? Or is Riley so screwed up that he ends up pushing both men away, destined to be alone and miserable?

I will tell you that you will get your HEA. I just can’t tell you who exactly gets that HEA. I loved the author’s ability to make the reader actually feel what the characters were feeling throughout the story; definitely an emotionally wrought, passionate and intense read, with a lot of ups and downs. Riley grows so much throughout the story, and I loved his character development. He was flawed but real and unsure of himself, what he felt. But once he figures out who he is, therefore exactly who he’s meant to be with, he will stop at nothing to attain his goal.

Must read for fans of the genre, but I’d recommend this one to those hard-core romantic readers as well. There is some hot as hell guy action, let me tell you! The “bareback” scene is my absolute favorite. But the lunchtime scene is a close second. Quinn managed to keep the story light with a bit of humor, like Riley’s best friends husband (I did not need that visual!) and some quirky anecdotes (helium!) as well.


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