Tomcat Jones by Willa Jones

51vZLxWHIhLTitle: Tomcat Jones
Series: Tomcat Jones, #1
Author: Willa Okati
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter
Length: Novel (258 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-5-59632-913-3
Publisher: Loose-ID (April 21st, 2009)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Reviewer: Tery
Blurb: T.J. Jones never believed in love. A shape-shifting tomcat, he’s had problems with one-night stands involving men who were horrified to find out what he was.

After getting burned one too many times, he decides he’ll shoot instead for becoming a grouchy lifelong bastard of a bachelor.

That’s before he runs into MacGowan, a smoking hot beach boy with an open heart and a sweet smile. MacGowan, an ingenuous, open-hearted sex bomb, wants T.J.’s body, his love, his friendship, and his trust.

T.J. doesn’t dare tell MacGowan that he’s a tomcat on the inside, but soon finds he has no choice when MacGowan’s developing wizard’s powers force the issue. Not only is he unwittingly MacGowan’s familiar, but MacGowan’s powers make him unable to control his shape shifting.

Review: Tomcat Jones takes you on a wild ride of a budding Supernatural romance. Author Willa Okati has created some funny situations for her characters to fall into. They are Misfits who find kinship within their oddities. It’s sweet how T.J. and MacGowan struggle with their new magical abilities and new love. T.J. try’s to hide his shape shifting from MacGowan who’s just found out he’s a Wizard.

I liked their kooky, but good-natured best friends. T.J. “Straight” BFF Arden makes a good bi-curious wingman. And Shavey MacGowns buddy is an over protective nice guy always looking out for him. The two best friends end up finding their own love connection. Mr. Jontan the Wizard and his psycho feral cat Sur Lune make good villains. Their sadistic torture of the boys made me laugh.

Okati writes hot, vivid, detailed sex only soul mates could have. T.J. and MacGowns journey to work out fears and insecurities is very realistic. Many people go through this when meeting a dream lover. This was a magical trip about finding true love and Man on Man romance! These are characters I want to know what happens next. I will definitely read the two follow-up books. You should read them in order to know the back-story.