Trapped In Time by Julie Lynn Hayes

4168TrappedinTime510w-430x645Title:  Trapped In Time

Author:  Julie Lynn Hayes

Genre:  Gay/Adventure/Time travel/Steampunk

Length:  Novella (129 Pages)

Publisher:  eXtasy Books

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

Blurb:  Life is good for Adalbert “Doll” Klein. He has his beautiful sexy Italian, Vittorio Genovese, by his side; he has his pennyfarthing and his job at the Arabesque Theatre. The only wrinkle is the presence of Myron Cornwinkle, who has designs on Vittorio, but the man has no chance. Doll owns Vittorio’s heart.

Doll sneers at Myron’s claims of being a wizard. Until the day, he goes to work and his whole world changes. Myron pulls his wand and casts a spell, and suddenly, all three of them are stuck in prehistoric ages!

Is there a way to undo what Myron has done and return to where they belong? And if Myron doesn’t clean up his act, will he survive the experience?

And is there something lurking in the jungle that might be even worse than the dinosaurs?

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Review:  I will have to admit to having a hard time with this story. While a time frame was never given, it is set in the time of silent movies, but a gay relationship is accepted and then there was the magic of Myron added to the mix. Things of this nature as well as the mix of German words thrown in, for me, made it hard to read and follow the story. That said, there were several very enjoyable and even funny moments. And the characters were quirky, but overall well-rounded as people. The story itself flowed along, moving at a nice pace from start to finish.

Doll and Vitto together, are a committed pair, happy with each other, their jobs and their lives. The only problem is a co-worker of theirs that wants Vitto for himself. Doll rolls his eyes at Myron and his claim of being a wizard, until the day Myron uses his wand to zap them to a time in the land of dinosaurs. What follows is a series of Myron’s mistakes and triumphs using his magic. One of which is Myron’s zapping a monkey type creature, who turns into a more human type creature they all name Charlie. Charlie then leads them on a journey to the Professor in the hopes that he can get Doll, Vitto and Myron back home to their time.

Can Myron and the Professor get them back to the right time? Will Charlie make to the future as a human? Because staying in the time of the dinosaurs is not an option, history says so. The dinosaurs no longer exist in the time the characters live. So history will repeat itself.

The ending leads me to believe there may be another book coming that will pick up where this one ends. To say anymore would be giving spoilers.