Trucker Fucker 2 by Barry Lowe

CH_TruckerFucker2_100dpi_cvrTitle:  Trucker Fucker 2

Series:  Trucker Fucker Series #2

Author:  Barry Lowe

Genre:  Erotica/Ménage

Length:  Novella (12,000 Words)

Publisher:  Wilde City Press, July 31, 2013

Heat Level:  Mild to Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥2½ – 3 Hearts

Blurb:  In this second installment in the TRUCKER FUCKER series, emotions and tensions are running high… And what better way to relieve the tension than with a gang bang or two. Multiple guys, multiple positions, multiple orgasms! But what happens when you’re so good at sex you attract the attention of someone powerful and sinister, who always gets what he wants?

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Reviewer:  Becca

Review:  This book reads a bit like short porn just without the details.  It started out good the story line grabbing my attention right off.  Jez is a straight trucker who doesn’t mind getting blow jobs from Atom his very gay apprentice.  At times he even wonders about having sex with a man or giving a blow job himself.  Nothing ever comes of this.  Found that a bit upsetting.

Atom’s sole purpose in the story seems to be sex.  He’s there for any guy who wants sex.  It wasn’t uncommon to find him with two men at once.  Unfortunately the sex scenes were very rushed and lacking detail. I will admit that I was expecting the sex scenes to be more detailed and steamier. 

The story slowed down a bit in the middle for me.  It started to lose my interest for a little bit, but then Barry did something that grabbed it brought it back in.  Just as he got me all excited wondering what he was talking about it ended.  I found this frustrating but would probably read the next book to see what happens. 

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