Two Dads for Christmas by Kate Richards

91G7vObmKuL._SL1500_Title: Two Dads for Christmas
Series: 1 Night Stand series
Author: Kate Richards
Genre: Ménage (MMF) Romance
Length: Novella (46 pages)
Publisher: Decadent Publishing (December 9th 2013)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Lauren is in trouble. Only the adoption agency lady knows the heartbreaking decision she’s making. But every baby deserves a father and Lauren’s ex isn’t stepping up to the plate. Without a dad for her child, Lauren doesn’t feel she can give her baby what he or she deserves. When her mother sends her to the Castillo resort in Castle, Alaska to help with a holiday celebration, Lauren jumps at the chance to forget her worries.

Jorell’s career is soaring. In charge of development for the Castillo Resorts Caribbean region, the only thing on his mind is pursuing a vice presidency. Not romance. But a forced transfer to the frozen north throws him—and his prospects off-kilter.

Zachary lives near Castle, Alaska, but the fishing guide has had little success finding a social life and fears his interest in both men and women may be too wild for the wilderness.

Two men and one pregnant woman…in charge of the holiday activities at the Christmas Extravaganza at Castle Lodge. Friendship and intense attraction blooms between them. But Madame Eve has her work cut out for her…will Jorell and Zach provide enough reasons for Lauren to change her mind?

ISBN: 9781613336397

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: When Zachary spends Thanksgiving with a group of friends that share a unique relationship, it only makes him long to have one of his own. While he may not fully understand the inner workings of the threesome that is Paul, Rex and Andie, he can see how much the three of them care for one another. And after spending some time with Zach, Andie thinks she knows just what to get him for Christmas.

Jorell is less than pleased when his job sends him to Alaska, of all places. But when he is charged with setting up Holiday activities along with the equally attractive Zach and Lauren, his prospects just might be looking better. Lauren is at the resort in an effort to forget about a life altering decision she is about to make after being abandoned by her ex when she learned she was pregnant.

Individually they share a feeling of loneliness and a fear that they will never find someone to accept who they are, or what they represent. Two bi-sexual men and a woman being forced to make a decision out of regret. Together though, they can build a strong foundation of love, trust, and commitment… they can have a family.

This was such a sweet, romantic story about three unlikely people who found their way to each other through circumstance. Alone, they each have the same fear, that there is no one out there that could love what they represent. Jorell and Zach are attracted to men and women equally, but don’t believe they will ever find anyone else that shares those feelings. And Lauren is left alone and expecting, abandoned by the father, feeling that adoption is her only hope. As well, why would any man in his right mind want to be with a woman who is carrying another man’s child, much less help her raise that child. Sadly, she doesn’t find any one man who does, she finds two!

This is the first story in this series that I’ve read, I believe every story is a ménage, and Richards has grabbed my attention. I loved the characters were written with the promise of a strong family unit once they connected, and I’m anxious to see what other storylines she has provided, what other predicaments she can portray with words. If you are looking for a fast, fun, fresh read with just the right amount of passion and angst, then this is the perfect short story.

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