Yes, He's My Ex by Julie Lynn Hayes

YesHesMyExLGTitle: Yes, He’s My Ex
Author: Julie Lynn Hayes
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: Novella (152 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62798-642-7
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥2 ~ 2.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Thommie
Blurb: Sometimes Sonny Scrignoli forgets he’s Tim Mansfield’s ex. He waltzes in and out of Tim’s apartment like he still lives there, driving Tim crazy. Is it really so hard to remember they’ve broken up? Then again, maybe Tim should quit having sex with him.

When Sonny disappears for two weeks, Tim can’t help but be concerned. A strange phone call and a mysterious cry for help leads Tim on a desperate search for his ex.

Sonny’s in big trouble, and it’s Tim to the rescue! He’s the only one who can save his ex from a fate worse than death. Bumbling gangsters, a thick headed former boyfriend, and secretive FBI agents lead Tim and Sonny on a merry chase full of laughs and quirks.
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Review: I really, really wanted this book to work for me. And it was so promising, the beginning so much fun. I actually had to grab my sides at times to keep for falling apart with laughter. That only lasted until chapter six, aka 1/3 of the book. It was there after chapter seven that things started going downhill for me and I really began to feel like I fell in that damn rabbit-hole, a hole I never managed to quite get out off.

So first, let me start by saying that the writing and the humor was very great. Tim was that kind of character with that kind of snark that simply drags you in and doesn’t let go. He was the perfect character for me, one I could easily get lost in and be my favorite. I didn’t even mind Sonny’s little kid in a big man’s suit persona. Somehow, Sonny’s obliviousness and Tim’s reaction to him were a blast. Seriously, this story had so, so much potential to become a hell of a laugh till the very end.

However, the plot really ruined it with the surreal and ludicrous scenes. The rest of the cast was so much over the top, which I couldn’t take them in stride as much as I tried to. You can’t have everybody, and I literally mean everybody, be stupid, period. You can’t have crimes going on in that kind of capacity and let them roll like that by simply attaching the label humor on them. Some things become unbearable when they veer past reality so much.

If one or two supporting characters had a bit intellect in them, this story would be way different, but as it is it became a drag, challenging every idea of a comedy ever. It was more like those TV shows were everyone and everything is a satire of reality. Hmm, now that I think of it, if this read was labeled as satire I’d be more inclined to give it a higher rating.

The romance itself was great on the early chapters, but again it took such a fast turn from get-off-of-me-you-big-baboon to I’ll-love-you-for-ever that I wonder I didn’t get a whiplash. Also, it lacked information. Toward the end of the book, we get some insight on the reasons Sonny was an ex in the first place, but it did nothing to diminish the fact that we were on the dark for most of the read. I simply wish things were not so flat and shallow all the time. I feel there should be a balance and that was not accomplished at all, crippling the story and leaving you thinking, “Is this book ever going to end?”

So in the end, as much as it was intriguing at first, the book failed to achieve its goal, failed to entertain me and make me close its pages with a smile on my face.