Blind Spot by Maggie Kavanagh

Title: Blind Spot

Series: Stonebridge Mysteries 03

Author: Maggie Kavanagh

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Crime

Length: Novel (206 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-63476-746-0

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (4th Jan 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Sequel to Inner Sanctum

The Stonebridge Mysteries: Book Three

Living together is bliss for Sam Flynn and Nathan Walker, but things never stay quiet for long in Stonebridge. On the night of Sam’s twenty-ninth birthday, the much-hated mayor of Stonebridge is found dead at his home. Sam suspects foul play, but just as he starts investigating the list of possible culprits, Nathan gets word of a new undercover assignment—one that includes a mysterious, sexy new partner. Though Sam struggles to trust Nathan and control his jealousy during Nathan’s absence, the stress makes a return to the bottle seem not only tempting, but inevitable—especially when Nathan starts avoiding his calls.

Yet Nathan’s fidelity isn’t the only thing on Sam’s mind. A visit from the mayor’s ex-assistant puts Sam in the line of fire, and he’s drawn into a complex web of duplicity spanning back to the night of his parents’ accident. Sam’s journey to uncover the truth about what really happened threatens to unravel long-held beliefs about his parents and puts his relationship with Nathan to the ultimate test.

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Review: I can’t say no to revisiting Maggie Kavanagh’s characters from the Stonebridge Mysteries series. If you’ve not read Double Indemnity and Inner Sanctum, you need to go back and read them so that you may understand the overall plot points which pick up here in Blind Spot. To be completely honest, if you haven’t been into these guys from the start this book may be a bit tough to get through.

Once again we are back in the lives of Sam, who is well known locally for his crime blog, and Nathan, who is not only Sam’s boyfriend but also an FBI agent. The guys met back in Double Indemnity and are still together. The question of Nathan’s fidelity mentioned in the blurb is important and though not a major part of the plot, this is definitely one of the times where you need to know the background from the previous books.

We meet a couple new characters, including Nathan’s new work partner. But it was good to see Sam at his usual antics, namely not keeping his nose out of police/FBI business and investigating crimes in an effort to not only serendipitously (at times) help Nathan solve the crime, but also get information for his blog. This book starts on the murder of a new character, the mayor, but soon the pieces come together bringing new information and old information and people from the first two books into play.

A note on the ending, and another reason to read the series from the start, I loved how finally we got the full picture on one character in particular. Those pieces have finally fallen into place. You have no idea how glad I am to have that character’s mystery solved, which consequently ties in with another ongoing plot point. But there still seems to be a lot more for Nathan and Sam if Maggie decides. Sam’s brother, Tim, who has been in a vegetative state at a care facility also gets an ending as well. Things are tied up there and I have to admit that I cried. I loved that too.

Once again, this book is great for anyone who’s into crime, thriller and mystery, particularly for those that have read the first two. However, if you love crime and mystery and need a new series I wholeheartedly recommend this one.

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