Halcyon Hush by Indra Vaughn

18518351Title: Halcyon Hush

AuthorIndra Vaughn

Genre: Romance / Post-Apocalyptic

Length: Short Story (22 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (September 18th 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Halcyon Hush is a harsh town in an even harsher world. The apocalypse left behind a scattering of tough survivors who are finally starting to rebuild their lost civilization.

There is no room for men loving men, not when the population needs to grow. So Doctor Ira Ellis does his duty, lives his life if not quite content, then at least quietly. He has his work, he has his small home. What he doesn’t have is the strength to resist temptation when it comes, in the shape of Doctor Richard McLean.

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Review: The world’s population has been decimated. The feeling of desolation and despair still lingers even after two centuries. What remains of humans is a harsh race, forced to do unspeakable things in order to survive. After two hundred years, Halcyon Hush is one of the few cities standing. Battling raids of rogues who do not aim at prosperity rather live in the present and aim to destroy. Halcyon Hush still stands and grows.

People are obligated to father at least two children so that humanity will have a chance to survival. Men like Ira are not exactly hunted or illegal anymore, but neither are they looked upon with a tolerant eye. Before they used to be instantly killed; now they are simply banished. The notion of being with another man has never crossed Ira’s mind. He craves it, oh yes, like a man in desert craves water, but he’s resigned himself to a life without a man’s touch. Until Richard comes along…

Am I conveying the feeling properly I wonder? This story made me wonder indeed. It was so short, yet in such a short length, the author managed to spin such a wholesome tale. This is perhaps the second or third work I read from this author and every time I think the same. She can write wonderful, engaging stories that carry you away with them and leave you short of breath. She managed to do the same with this one too.

Although it was a bit dark and the future of humanity was still quite fragile, in the end, this relationship gave the entire read a feeling of hope. I loved this story and I sure hope to see more from this author in the future, perhaps a proper novel to delve in.

Strongly recommended!

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