Human Instincts by April Kelley

April Kelley - Human Instincts CoverTitle: Human Instincts

Series: Roguefalls #1

Author: April Kelley

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy 

Publisher: eXtasy Books (May 5, 2017)

Length: Novella (98 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: If opposites attract, nothing is more opposite than a tough human soldier and an omega wolf shifter cook.

A human soldier and an omega wolf shifter find out they’re mates in a world where segregation between humans and paranormals is standard operating procedure.

Dylan Kole knows how to do one thing, and that’s to be a soldier in the human army. He doesn’t know how to fit in with a bunch of paranormal beings, and he certainly doesn’t know how to be a mate to Rudy Malone, the only omega wolf shifter on Roguefalls Island. One thing Dylan does have going for him is his ability to follow his instincts.

ISBN: 978-1-4874-1239-5

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I came across April a few months back with her first series came out, and she soon became a favorite of mine.  The worlds she creates are so unique and different then many that are out there that it is an enjoyment when I get my hands on her books.  The characters are fully developed and have a bit of a bite to them.  To top it off they are so damn sexy, makes me want to go out and find one for myself.

In this world humans are segregated away from the paranormal’s.  The humans have their army and the paranormal’s have theirs, although that is about to change.  Dylan was kicked out of his home for being gay.  Thanks to a nice sheriff, he was told to go to the human recruiters and join.  He knew he was destined to die. Then sometime later, he was being given to the paranormal’s army to figure a way to bring them together.  

Rudy is the one and only omega for the paranormal’s army.  He just wanted to get away from his nutty and over protective older brother.  He was their best damn cook, but all that changed when in walked two humans.  One of those humans just so happens to be his mate.  Wow, talk about a shock to them all.

The only complaint I have, is I wished they were longer because I didn’t want to put the book down.  Even right now after having finished it, I want to go read it again.  It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.  This story gave me everything I could want in a good story and I cannot wait till the next book gets here.  Way to go April!

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