Just a Little Unwell by Iyana Jenna

JustaLittleUnwellMMS1-400x600Title: Just A Little Unwell

Author: Iyana Jenna

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (38pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (23rd March 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Patrick is happy until a stranger steps into his garden and into his life.

Patrick Trafford is pleased with the simple life he has, spending his time tending a tiny garden accompanied by his best friend, Chad, a cockroach. Nevertheless, he can’t hide the excitement bubbling in him as a man suddenly appears in the garden.

Damien Abner politely welcomes, albeit somewhat at a loss, Patrick’s warm offer to spend time with him. To have a coffee, watch some movie, and dance along with the characters in it.

They begin to date and Patrick has never been happier, though he barely knows who Damien is–not that it matters to him. For him, being clueless does mean bliss.

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Review: Patrick is happy with his simple life. He tends his garden every day and has his best friend Chad, a cockroach, to talk to, but everything begins to change with the appearance of a strange man in his garden. Damien welcomes Patrick’s offer of some coffee, they begin to spend time together and become friends.  But, Patrick’s nice safe home begins to shatter when Damien is kept from visiting him and Damien insists that the only way they can be together is if Patrick remembers.

This is quite a hauntingly beautiful story.  Patrick has suffered emotional trauma and has retreated into his nice safe world, and Damien visits Patrick and befriends him in the hope of pulling Patrick back into the real world. Although I would love to give more details, I really can’t say any more than I have without ruining the enjoyment of the story.  What I can say is that it is a touching story that has heartache and hope.

The characters seem to be very well written.  But, we don’t get to know them all that well.  The story was just too short for character development and the storyline was very intriguing and made me want to know more; about the characters, about what happened and what will happen. This story would make an excellent novel and I can only hope that Iyana Jenna will revisit this story in the future and give us an extended version.

I recommend this to those who love damaged young men, a man who will stand by you no matter what, a beginning to a relationship and a tentative happy for now ending.

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