Keeping Him Safe by Elizabeth Coldwell

Title: Keeping Him Safe

Author: Elizabeth Coldwell

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Pride Publishing (April 25, 2017)

Length: Short Story (61 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts 

Blurb:  Jon is the man of his dreams, but can he prevent those dreams becoming a nightmare?

Every night, Xander Craig has the same dream. He’s in the shower with a gorgeous stranger, who is shot by a mystery assassin and dies in Xander’s arms. Xander believes this dream is tied to his guilt over failing to prevent the death of his husband, Gary, but his latest assignment as a top-level bodyguard causes him to reassess that belief. He’s charged with looking after wealthy and successful entrepreneur, Jon Kovacs, who’s being stalked by an obsessive, dangerous ex-boyfriend. As soon as Xander sees Jon’s photo, he knows this is the man in his dream.

Xander escorts Jon to a remote safe house on the cliffs, as a police manhunt for Jon’s ex, Cody, takes place. He and Jon start to fall for each other. Xander knows he’s crossing a line, but he can’t help acting on that attraction. While he and Jon are sharing intimate moments, is Xander’s dream about to become violent reality?

ISBN: 978-1-78651-558-2

Product Link: Pride Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Xander has had the same dream for some time.  He figured it was from when his husband had died, but there was also the feeling of something else mixed in.  He is a bodyguard and loves his work.  So when he finds out that the man he is about to protect, is the same man from his dream, well things just got interesting.  Now he just needs to make sure the dream never comes true.

Jon has had the worst luck in boyfriends.  The last one wants him dead and he needs help real fast.  He just hadn’t expected Xander.

This is a short story, but there is so much to it that it doesn’t feel that way.  In fact when I looked up the details for this review, I had to double check the page count.  I am not a fan of writing reviews for short stories because of the fear that you give something away. However in this case, the blurb gave out more.  It is a very straight forward type of story with no real twists and turns to it.  It is entertaining as hell, but I can say the ending of the book really sucked.  It felt like a cliff-hanger for later, but who knows if there is going to be another book or not.  

Other than the ending, I quite enjoyed it and can see myself reading it more than once.  I had a lot of fun and would recommend it.