Looking At Forever by Ann Lister

91ehs7JshIL._SL1500_Title: Looking At Forever
Series: The Rock Gods, #4
Author: Ann Lister
Genre: BDSM (lite)
Length: Novel (419 pages)
Publisher: Sleigh Farm Publishing (November 28th 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Mick Wheland, Ivory Tower’s bad-boy guitarist, has recently realized two important things about himself. He prefers sex with men over women, and the idea of a committed relationship doesn’t scare him as much as it once did. He’s seen the positive effects of love from watching his band-mates find life partners, and now he’s thinking he might be ready for the same himself.

The problem is knowing where to look for Mr. Right, and living out of a suitcase while touring with a band is not exactly conducive to finding real love.

Sonny (Rooster) Roostarelli leaves the seclusion of his Vancouver cabin, where he went to lick his wounds after a contentious divorce, and moves back to Los Angeles. He claims relocating to L.A. is for business purposes, but now that the dust has settled on his failed marriage, Rooster feels he might finally be ready to settle down – with a man.

A chance encounter for Wheland and Rooster on a busy L.A. street rekindles an old friendship between the two professional musicians. Rooster needs a short-term place to stay and Wheland has plenty of extra space at his hillside estate and that lands Rooster in Wheland’s guest room. What starts out as a music collaboration opportunity quickly turns personal when the chemistry they have becomes too strong to ignore and soon the music they’re making spills from the studio and into the bedroom.

The road is a grueling bitch musicians love to hate. Being on stage under the hot lights can sometimes be the only place they feel comfortable and alive. Can two high-profile rock stars make a life together in such an artificial world – on and off the stage… or will past mistakes and family secrets keep them from finding their forever?

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Mick Wheland has made a name for himself as Ivory Tower’s guitarist with an attitude. He experimented with his sexuality with his band mate and best friend, only to feel shunned when his friend fell in love with someone else. After a run of threesomes where he skirted the boundaries of straight sex, and an amazing one-night stand with a sexy waiter, Wheland has come to the conclusion that he just might be gay.

Sonny Roosterelli has recently returned to LA after a hiatus in Vancouver nursing his wounds from a bitter divorce. When he and Wheland bump into each other, an old friendship is re-kindled and Wheland offers Sonny his guest room while he’s in town. The two spend a lot of time together in the studio and soon the mutual attraction becomes palpable, resulting in an extremely erotic night that ends with both men wanting more than either of them expected.

Both men have been on the run from a serious relationship for varying reasons, but the connection, chemistry and communication they share convinces them to give a commitment with each other a chance. Old wounds, secrets and the pressure of being a real life rock and roll star prove to be more challenging than they initially expected. Do they want to be together enough to overcome any obstacle?

It is a work of art, in my opinion, when an author can take a character that is less than desirable and turn him into someone you are rooting for. That is what Lister did with Wheland. With the events and his actions in Make You Mine (book #3), I wasn’t very fond of him, but in this story Lister took the time and effort to explain why Wheland acted out and made the decisions he did. Then there was the addition of Sonny to the world of The Rock Gods, the perfect partner for Wheland. Slightly submissive but strong and assertive as well, sexy and loyal. Wheland needs an equal, a partner, someone who won’t put up with his bullshit, but is willing to bend to Whelands demands in the bedroom. They really are the perfect pairing.

I absolutely love this world of rock stars that have built their own chaotic family unit that Lister has created. Pick up any one of the books in this series and you will find three-dimensional characters, involved storylines, passionate relationships, and descriptive scenery with a ballad of friendship and love playing in the background.

A must read for those that like a little Rock and Roll with their romance, and there is a little light BDSM for this coupling as well. I recommend reading the books in order to understand the dynamics between friends and lovers, and while I have enjoyed each and every one of these books, Ryan and Dagger are still my favorite!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *