Out of the Blue by R.J. Jones

91AAU2zzGtL._SL1500_Title: Out of the Blue
Series: N/A
Author: RJ Jones
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (181 Pages)
Publisher: RJ Jones (March 27th, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: When everything happens Out of the Blue…

Lt Cameron Cooper has been with the San Francisco Fire Department for fifteen years. He’s seen and dealt with a lot of horrifying situations. He’s always considered himself mentally tough, but when he attends a multi-vehicle accident and sees a dead boy with features remarkably similar to his long-time boyfriend, his mental health takes a hit.

All Jake Montgomery wants is to propose to his boyfriend on their ten-year anniversary. He’s already bought the perfect rings, but when Cameron struggles to look at him after a tragic accident, he has doubts about their future. Cam is withdrawing, and Jake doesn’t know why.

With heated arguments and cold shoulders, Cam and Jake’s life starts to fall apart. Just when Cam thinks he can overcome his issues and finally talk to Jake, memories from Jake’s past threaten to push them apart forever.

ISBN: 9781310716232

Product Link: http://www.amazon.com/Out-Blue-RJ-Jones-ebook/dp/B00UJRDLSC

Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: Out of the Blue by RJ Jones was a beautiful and heartfelt story. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was struggling a little keeping my attention on the book, but it wasn’t long until I was completely focused and was absorbing every word. When reading a new author I think it takes a bit sometimes to get the feel of their writing style. Ms. Jones had me hooked after a few pages and I didn’t want to put it down.

Cameron and Jake are the perfect couple and being together for 10 years only cements Jake’s decision to pop the big question. Waiting till their 10 yr. anniversary seems like the perfect time. Before that time comes, however, Cameron starts to show some changes, but passes them off as nothing. He is a firefighter and with the job comes some stressful, sometimes heartbreaking situations.

Being called to the scene of a wreck, witnessing horrible injuries, takes a toll on Cam and this time he can’t get past the constant visions and nightmares that keep attacking his mind. Thinking he is doing Jake a favor by not talking about it only makes matters worse.

Jake knows Cam sees things on the job that are hard to deal with. Neither talks, to each other, much about their day to day activities at their respective jobs. As Jake starts to witness some of the nightmares his partner is having he doesn’t know what to make of it.

He tries to be patient giving Cam time to work through it, but he seems to only alienate him more. Instead of getting better Cam is only getting worse and Jake starts to notice how much he is withdrawing. Asking Cam to marry him takes a backseat as he starts to fear they may not even be together, at all.

Cam knows he is messing up but he just can’t talk about the things he has seen, specifically the last wreck that was so horrendous, and the cause of his nightmares. He sees the hurt and confusion on Jake’s face, he knows their relationship is going downhill, yet he still allows it to happen. Sharing some of his concerns with a co-worker only adds to the train wreck that is happening with their relationship. Jake takes offense and immediately starts thinking the worst.

At the beginning of the story I had trouble following along because the story would jump scenes with no warning. But, I quickly picked up on the author’s writing style, and the problem that may have only been mine, seemed to balance out. The author shows who is talking between Cam and Jake and I really liked that knowing whose thoughts we were getting.

The story picked up within just a few chapters and I was really captivated with it till the end. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t put it down until I finished. The author’s execution was very well done and the restraint she showed with the characters while trying to work through their problems was also done with thought and creativity.

PTSD is a serious condition and I thought the author worked through that with Cam brilliantly. His treatment was never rushed and the author made sure to establish, on more than one occasion, that it is a long-term–work in progress–that takes time. It may be something that you deal with forever. With exercises, medication, and counseling, all things Cam took very seriously, you can function normally, or better, at any rate.

Cam and Jake, before the nightmares started, were a very loving couple. Their sex life was great and they were very attracted to each other. Once the problems started happening, they still love each other, but their sex life dwindles and then stops. This was another thing that I thought the author handled brilliantly.

When they had sex, they had great sex and you could feel their fanart rj jones out of the bluelove and connection. But, when things were not so good and they started to drift apart, things that are just every day habit like kissing and touching also fizzled. The author took us through that with them and it was real. I felt their emotions and they were heartbreaking. They both lost something that was very special and it takes time to get that back, if ever.

I would definitely recommend this to other readers who love a really good heartfelt story with real emotions and real behaviors. The secondary characters were very well done and especially Jake’s best friend, Caroline. There were times when I thought, hmmm, I don’t like her because I was afraid she was giving Jake the wrong idea but she did redeem herself and she really was a great friend.

Then there is Kris, Cam’s co-worker with whom he confides and misunderstandings form. I was glad to see the author showed his true self, which was to be a friend, only, and I am thrilled to see the next book coming will be his story.

RJ Jones is going on my list of authors to watch for and I will definitely be watching for her next release. Out of the Blue may have started with a hiccup or two but the author’s writing style, her creativity, and originality are all things that I really enjoyed and loved in the end. Oh…and speaking of the end…Incredible ending and that’s all I will say about that, LOL.

Add this book to your TBR, or just read it now. It was really good and very enjoyable.


* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *