Rebel Yells by Rain Carrington

20705703Title:Rebel Yells

Series: Apishipa Creek Chronicles, #1

Author: Rain Carrington

Genre: Contemporary/BDSM

Length: Novel (335 pages)

Publisher: AAS Publishing (February 9th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Jack Colton dedicated his life to two things, the law and the love of a good man named Martin. When Martin dies, Jack goes into mourning so deeply that he starts to see his late husband everywhere. Martin tells Jack that he needs to move on and find another love but Jack is holding on too hard to his love and his job to see love when it speeds through the small sleepy town he watches over.

Rebel Marino lives up to his name. He fights hard not only with his fists but also to keep from letting anyone get close. Rebel inherits a home and business from his favorite aunt, whom he sees even though she recently passed away. She tries to convince him that the tall handsome sheriff is worth a leap of faith.

Together they start to discover what it means to move on, to trust, and push the boundaries of not only their interest in BDSM but of love itself but will a third man who is secretly in love with Jack come between them and rip them apart before their love can fully bloom?


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Review: I found this one hard to review. I kept bouncing between a four, to a three, to a four, so I finally decided that since it kept me on my toes it deserved the four.  None of this had to do with the story, it was all me.  The story is good. Very good. And I can’t wait for the next one.  So why all the indecision?  There was a lot I liked, and a couple of things I didn’t.

First of all, it started out with a bang.  Jack and the apparition of his lover intrigued me. I kept wondering if the story had some paranormal elements. I will say I would not consider it a paranormal. I loved that though Martin is long dead we still actually get to meet him and he is in the story a lot. I thought this was an ingenious way to describe a character from the past, drop backstory, and let us know our lead more.

Jack I liked, but I love a good broken man and Jack was that.  He is well liked and well-respected. Rebel I loved. But then again who doesn’t like the wild biker boy with sly charm. I did expect a bit more rebellion from Rebel but I loved him.

The story was good, with a bit of mystery. Though that was solved pretty quickly, I did sense a bit more intrigue coming from the new sheriff.  The story is basically a BDSM story and not a mild one. There is a lot of kink and fetish, so if that isn’t your thing, this may not be for you.   Now here is the little thing I didn’t like. At first, I think things moved too fast with Jack and Rebel. We went from Jack mourning his lover and being in a 3-year funk, to Rebel swooping in and then Rebel submitting in zero to sixty. BAM. But then it was very hot and sexy.  Closer to the end though the author acknowledged this fastness and explained it.  Then there was a little hint when we found the culprit of the crimes of something else I did not want to see.  It kept creeping in as a tease then swooping away.  I won’t say what but I will say it did not happen at least not yet and the tease is still there to taunt us into reading the next book. Which I will.

So, all in all this is a very good book. It will keep you on your toes and biting your nails for sure. It is very, very explicit and has some descriptive BDSM scenes. I will say, I usually am turned off by so much sex, but this was extremely hot and juicy and it kept me wanting more. Jack and Rebel are amazing together and they even made things such as using the bathroom hot… Yes, you must read this if you like fetishes and 24 -7 D/s lifestyles.

If you like BDSM, D/s lifestyle, fetishes, broken men healing, an all-over good story with a bit of intrigue and some very hot mansex this is for you