Sebastian's Submission by Gina Duncan

18461159Title: Sebastian’s Submission

Series: Shared Desires #2

Author: Gina Duncan

Genre: Erotica (contains a scene of a female masturbation)

Length: Novelette (57 pages)

Publisher: Jupiter Gardens Press (September 5th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥1.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Sebastian had never thought about being submissive to anyone before the sexy Gavin Sanborn had proposed the idea to him one day in his Bistro. Now that the idea and opportunity was there, he was intrigued enough to learn more. Sebastian definitely wanted Gavin. The only problem was Sebastian also wanted the one woman he’d denied for most of their lives, his best friend, and housemate, Carissa.

Gavin had wanted the owner and chef of his favorite Bistro for some time now, but he’d also had his attention on the chef’s lady friend. The fiery red head had captured him from the first time he set eyes on her. Gavin had been looking for the person he could love and spend the rest of his life with; he just wondered if one or both of them could be the solution and become the love he’d been looking for.

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Review: Whoa there Nelly! This relatively short read surprised the heck out of me with its beginning. If it wasn’t the most forward and shocking way to introduce your main characters. I liked it! Unfortunately, there is where all enjoyment ends.

First, let’s get to the BDSM element I expected to see. Both title and blurb give you that impression; however, there was a complete lack of any BDSM-related scene in this book. It couldn’t be more vanilla if it tried to. We expected to see a Dom claiming a submissive with whom he’d eventually fall for and turn this relationship into something more… Instead, we got a Dom who makes a move on a person who has no relation with kink or any D/s scenes, doesn’t even know what a submissive really is, and jumps into agreeing to sign a “contract” with a man he just met and only dated/had sex with once. All the while, he has no comprehension of what a contract, as this man’s sub would entail. I mean literally Gavin mentions a contract signing to a person who has no idea what entails to be a sub, and Sebastian doesn’t bat an eye at that. No reaction! Simply continues the conversation… Hmmm! Now why do I not like this?

We also get the expectation of a threesome between Gavin, Sebastian, and Carissa. It’s there in the subtext and Riss is a constant in Sebastian and Gavin’s mind. However, beside a masturbation scene, we see nothing from Riss. Just her presence and I suppose the next book will feature her and the boys as they try to get her in their setup.

As for the erotic part of this “erotica,” I’m afraid it totally failed to touch me. The scenes between the two men were simple enough, but they lacked sensuality, intensity, and connection in every sense. A bland narration had me cringing most of the time with the insensible dialogues between them, the visuals that crashed and burned, and the fact that the erotic was overcome by hasty feelings of love. There was no actual space for deeper emotions here, yet they made an appearance and overwhelmed a text that was already a bit ludicrous to begin with. In addition, the only part I felt had a nice description that allowed for some hot visual and imagination, was the end scene when Riss and Gavin finally meet and I got a proper glimpse at what Gavin really looks like, because up until that point all I had of him was tall, dark, and handsome with long black hair.

Bottom end, I did not like this book. It failed to capture me or make me feel any other emotion beside disbelief.

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