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Hi peeps, we have J Tullos Hennig popping in today with her upcoming release Summerwode, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway, so check out the post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

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(Wode 04)

J. Tullos Hennig

The Summer King has come to the Wode…

Yet to which oath, head or heart, shall he hold?

Once known as the Templar assassin Guy de Gisbourne, dispossessed noble Gamelyn Boundys has come to Sherwood Forest with conflicted oaths. One is of duty: demanding he tame the forest’s druidic secrets and bring them back to his Templar Masters. The other oath is of heat and heart: given to the outlaw Robyn Hood, avatar of the Horned Lord, and the Maiden Marion, embodiment of the Lady Huntress. The three of them—Summerlord, Winter King, and Maiden of the Spring—are bound by yet another promise, that of fate: to wield the covenant of the Shire Wode and the power of the Ceugant, the magical trine of all worlds. In this last, also, is Gamelyn conflicted; spectres of sacrifice and death haunt him.

Uneasy oaths begin a collision course when not only Gamelyn, but Robyn and Marion are summoned to the siege of Nottingham by the Queen. Her promise is that Gamelyn will regain his noble family’s honour of Tickhill, and the outlaws of the Shire Wode will have a royal pardon.

But King Richard has returned to England, and the price of his mercy might well be more than any of them can afford…

Release date: 16th May 2017
Pre-order: DSP Publications | Kobo | B&N | Amazon

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Putain du merde, mayhap Robyn was right and Gamelyn was too set on rending things nigh nonexistent with his insistence upon some understanding, however tiny. But one thing had been made quite clear: the outlaws loved Robyn, and since Robyn remained adamant as to keeping a vicious lion and claiming it a house cat? They’d shrug, smile indulgence—and all the while keep knife to hand, just in case.

Gamelyn appreciated that last in particular. Grasp this small bit of Eden as he might, he knew it was under sufferance. His Templar masters would call the debt eventually.

As will I, the Lady’s voice rippled through him, a wave setting every nerve on edge. For, fair one, with Us you have an accounting well in arrears.

And that swerved his thoughts to Marion.

If Robyn’s stubborn insistence demanded Gamelyn’s presence, Marion’s open affection was a slap and reminder to the outlaws: they were, one and all, deadly wolves. And if Robyn’s fierce and dangerous passion netted Gamelyn skillfully as any fish, Marion’s insistent trust whetted a boning knife, rendering useless any attempts at pride or detachment. It had done from the time a lord’s son had come off his horse and been brought to a forester’s cottage in Loxley, to fall in unlikely friendship with commoners.

And now, despite any discomfiting truths lurking in dark corners, Marion remained so at ease with their affection, as whole in her own skin as… well, as Robyn. Gamelyn couldn’t parse that, either. His own feelings were altogether too complicated.

All the way around and back again, perceptions spinning a skein of possibilities in a matter of breaths….

For that lovely taken/held breath had to be exhaled and another drawn. Reality had to be acknowledged. Robyn became every sunrise more persistent—nay, insistent—as Marion had after the waning of winter’s solstice.

Waint you trust me, Brother? As if Robyn still lingered beside him. Beseeching him with that purling baritone of maddening-beautiful rhythm, oft as not swallowing consonants as wasteful yet unfolding vowels into sounds like troos and brootha.

Summerlord, wilt tha take tha’s crown?

Gamelyn closed his eyes. It isn’t you I don’t trust.

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About J. Tullos!

With an inveterate fascination in other worlds and times, J Tullos Hennig has managed a few professions in this world–equestrian, dancer, teacher, artist–but has never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever.

Her most recent work is a darkly magical & award-winning historical fantasy series re-imagining the legends of Robin Hood, in which both pagan and queer viewpoints are given respectful voice.

Where to Find J Tullos Hennig: JTH Website, Musings blog, Bookbub, Goodreads, The Wode Facebook Page, JTH’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.(You can subscribe to J Tullos Hennig’s newsletter at either the Musing blog or main site—you’ll receive the first and earliest notification on all updates and news, plus a gift: several short stories seldom seen in the wild.)

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    Love the cover and it fits so well with the others in the series. Congrats on your upcoming release!


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