Uneasy Dreams by Felicitas Ivey

o-uneasy-dreamsTitle: Uneasy Dreams
Series: Dreamlands, # 3
Author: Felicitas Ivey
Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal
Length: 330 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (February 17, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: War came to the Dreamlands when Kyushu was invaded by the Egyptians and Inuzaka Keno’s old nemesis, the Trust. As the lords of Nippon maneuver on and off the field to recover their lands, the peaceful life Keno enjoyed with his lover, Samojirou Aboshi, comes to a violent end. Loyalty to their rulers and the need to drive the enemies from Kyushu tears them apart and forces them to question everything they thought they believed.

Trust refugee Mason Kairns, an ally of Keno and Aboshi’s liege lord, struggles to carve a place in a society as hostile as the Northlands he fled. Amidst the chaos and political scheming, the protection of the Hakkenshi may be all that stands between them and disaster.
With the fight for Kyushu intensifying, Keno reminds Aboshi more and more of his ancestor: a cursed warrior who spent his life covered in blood.

Though Keno has vowed to never take a life, desperation pushes him closer to the madness that devoured his predecessor and giving in could cost him everything—including Aboshi and the love they share.

ISBN: 978-1-62798-562-8

Product Link: https://www.dsppublications.com/books/uneasy-dreams-by-felicitas-ivey-82-b

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the third book in the Dreamlands series.

This book is fraught with war, mistrust and two people who are torn apart as they struggle for the balance that is lost when invading forces threaten to destroy their world. It broke my heart that Kenyo and Aboshi went through what they did as I so enjoyed them as a couple in the other books.

There are many characters that reappear in this story from the other books as well as new ones. I haven’t read many stories where there is a wide range of characters that interact throughout a book. But it definitely works in this series.

I loved all the interactions, details and descriptions throughout. I felt sorry for those caught in the crosshairs and was hoping no one was seriously injured the further I read. I was rooting for Kenyo and Aboshi to find their way to each other again as the story unfolded.

An epic fantasy that draws you in and keeps you reading until the very end. I would recommend reading the first book and continuing from their as each book continues where the last left off in a way.

Great read.

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Back to the Dream by Felicitas Ivey, 2nd edition

o-back-to-the-dreamTitle: Back to the Dream, 2nd Edition
Series: Dreamlands, #2
Author: Felicitas Ivey
Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal
Length: Novel (310 pages)
Publisher: DSP Publications (December 23, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.75Hearts
Blurb: Although Inuzaka Keno has found freedom and love in the Dreamlands with oni Samojirou Aboshi, the war is still raging between The Trust’s battle-hardened recruits and the demons of his new home. While cloaked in shadows and magic, powerful people are using Keno, Aboshi, and their Lord Tamazusa as pawns in a deadly plan to rule both worlds.

They’re not alone: soldiers Mason, Wolf, and McGann—Keno’s friends from The Trust—also find themselves embroiled in the battle spreading through the Dreamlands, involving its other lands and cultures.

If they’re to have any chance to survive, Aboshi will have to leave his love to protect him, and Keno will have to find the power within himself to live on without his heart.

1st Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, October 2010

ISBN: 978-1-62798-972-5

Product Link: https://www.dsppublications.com/books/back-to-the-dream-by-felicitas-ivey-38-b

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the second book in the Dreamlands series.

The story has an interesting plot as Keno, Mason and Wolf meet up again when Keno and Tamazusa are betrayed and left to die at sea. Mason and Wolf along with McGann suffer the same fate by the Trust after they are sent to the wrong destination.

Intense and powerful this story draws you in until the very end. The betrayal was staggering and the reasons why unbelievable. I found myself so angry on behalf of those affected. The battles were brutal along with a very real sense of danger throughout.

My favorite character Keno, showed he was not one to mess with no matter what he wore or which persona he was in. Helga was a pain at the first introduction of her and I could not help but not like her in the least.

Though I was intrigued at the way women were treated where Helga was compared to where Tamazusa is from. It leads to some intense confrontations. Iida reminded of a snake, sneaky and slippery.

All in all this was an intriguing story of fantasy, deception and mystery. I loved it and can’t wait until the next book to see what else happens.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *