City of Fire by Stephani Hecht

18685699Title: City of Fire

Series:  EMS Heat #18

Author: Stephani Hecht

Genre: Contemporary/Holiday

Length: Novella (73 pages)

Publisher: Extasy Books (October 17th 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: It’s the night before Halloween, which means its Devil’s night, and the EMS Heat Boys will have a lot of fires to put out in more ways than one.

It’s the night before Halloween, and in Michigan that can only mean one thing. It’s Devil’s Night, and the EMS community will be on high alert for arson and other acts of vandalism. Matt usually doesn’t mind overtime, but he hates this time of year because he knows they will be busier than ever, and he will see little of his boyfriend Lucas. But, as Matt finds himself in a situation more dangerous than ever, he wonders if he will see Lucas again. Will Matt be able to get out alive? Or is this one time where the Devil will win?

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Review: Even though this is like 18th in a series, don’t let it scare ya off. It’s very stand-alone and very worth a read. Matt and Lucas have been lovers for a long time. Matt is a paramedic and Lucas an ER nurse. They both have to work the night before Halloween also known as Devils Night.  Lots of crazy things happen on that night to keep them busy, but not so busy they can’t keep their hands off each other.

This is a really cute, sweet, crazy but hot story. I found it well written, with a bit of humour and very hot. The characters are all engaging the shenanigans on this night wild and whacky yet a bit creepy and the play between the en swoon worthy. The only issue I had is it seems every firefighter, nurse, doctor and cop in this and the neighbouring towns are gay men.

I recommend this if you want a fun hot Halloween read with paramedics, male nurses, firefighters and police.

STAT by Stephani Hecht

18453993Title:  STAT

Series:  EMS Heat, #17

Author:  Stephani Hecht

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Length: Novella (132 Pages)

Publisher:  eXtasy Books (September 15th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

Blurb:  Wells thinks life is all work and no play, and Jaret thinks life is all one big party.  When the tow clash, an attraction develops that nobody saw coming.

Jaret may be a paramedic, but that doesn’t mean he lets the everyday horrors he sees keep him down. Every day is a reason to party, and he always loves to be the center of attention. When he finds out that his new partner is Wells, the stuffy medic in the company, Jaret is less than thrilled.

But the longer they work together, the more Jaret finds himself drawn to Wells. Wells, on the other hand, seems not to even notice that Jaret is there. Will Jaret be able to attract Wells’ attention? Or do opposites really distract?

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Review:  The author does a skilful job of making the reader take a deeper look at characters in this story. Because on the surface, this story it looks like a story of opposites attracting. This story is really the case of a very shy Englishman not knowing how to relate to his fellow EMS workers. And the life of the party is covering a very caring heart that feels deeply.

When paired together, both Wells and Jaret think it’s a disaster waiting to happen, both giving it less than a shift to blow up. Both get on each other’s nerves until they get a call to rescue a very large diabetic woman, where each gets a look into the true heart and character of their new partner. Here starts the change of heart for both of them. This change in how they view each other continues when Jaret invites Wells to movie night with another co-worker Dallas. In the rash of calls that Jaret and Wells field, several are for over doses of a new drug called The Gate.

In between work and seeing each other, Jaret is dealing with his brother who is leaching off of him. Baby brother does nothing but drain Jaret’s money for clubbing every night. Wells along with everyone else sees this happening and Jaret knows he’s being used, but it’s his baby brother.

This was another fun, enjoyable read from this author. The writing flow, the characters have depth, the plot was a bit predictable but still well done.

In His Hero's Shadow by Stephani Hecht

Title:  In His Hero’s Shadow

Series:  EMS Heat #10

Author:  Stephani Hecht

Genre:  Contemporary

Publisher:  Extasty Books

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer:  Astrid

Blurb:  Trauma nurse Chauncey and paramedic Brody have only ever agreed on one thing in life—that they share a mutual hatred for one another. While they may have to work together, they’ve never gotten along. Brody sees Chauncey as nothing more than a bossy, jerk whereas Chauncey thinks Brody is a cocky, brat who needs a good slap on the nose. What neither one of them is willing to admit is that they share a secret mutual attraction.

One night they lose control and give into their passion. When they find themselves waking up in each other’s arms, they have to face one of the biggest decisions of their lives—do they give love a chance or are their differences just too big to overcome?

Review:  The EMS Heat series is one that I’ve enjoyed and this new title is a great addition. I love the way the author creates a new story while letting you check in on previous characters without cluttering the current storyline.

Chauncey and Brody have been circling around each other, trading jibes and insults for the past year. Each has their own set of preconceived notions about the other. Chauncey is the arrogant and entitled rich boy. Brody is the mouthy bottom only interested in a good time. Neither guy actually believes the crap they spew about the other; it’s akin to boy’s picking on their playground crush – silly but effective in getting a rise.

When Brody looses a patient, his pain from a past lost is compounded and Chauncey finds himself called in to lend a hand by meddling friends. Now I wouldn’t say that either man does an about face in regard feelings for the other, merely giving in to their true desires. It does happen on the fast side, but it isn’t entirely hard to swallow. What I did appreciate was how neither character immediately turned into a mushy ball of goo. Sure you saw their soft bellies as they left themselves vulnerable, but the snarky commentary persisted. The tension that made them interesting didn’t collapse once they made a connection.

I do wish the epilogue wasn’t used to clear everything up and make all nice, that we’d been able to tag along in some of the cleaning up of the loose pieces, namely Brody’s mom. But then again, that’s probably more about me and my pension for angst.

On a side note, I’d like to commend the author for her tribute to 9/11 EMS workers. She did a lovely job of bringing our focus to those left behind while honoring the sacrifices of the men and women called into duty that tragic day.

Portia’s Two CentsOkay, I confess…EMS Heat series is my guilty literary pleasure.  I love watching these guys fall in love.  But, for me…it’s all about trying to see if I can catch Stephani in a medical error.  I spent a lot of years as an ER nurse and this series always makes me feel like I’ve come home.  I can honestly say…I know these guys; the nurses, medics, firemen…even the doctors.  The language, the medical scenarios…even the back coffee in the break room is spot on. 

So far it’s Stephani/10; Portia/0…but, I’m still on the job.  That’s right, Hecht…I’m watching you. 😉