To Enchant an Eagle by Amber Kell

toenchantaneagle6x92Title: To Enchant an Eagle

Series: Banded Brothers 03

Author: Amber Kell

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (112pgs)

Publisher: Extasy Books (14th April 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:   When love is on the line, crossing it is the only path to take.

Eaton Franks has had his eye on Marty, the leader of the hawks, for a long time. After he rescues the bad boy, things take a tragic turn and it looks as if the gang leader might never fly again. When Eaton has the chance to use a sorcerer to fix the love of his life, little does he know it will lead to his own abduction.

Marty is beside himself when his eagle shifter is stolen. He knows they are mates and he’s willing to do anything to get him back. However, now he has to decide if he is willing to give up his hawk half in order to save his eagle. Sometimes love makes a man do crazy things.

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Review: Eaton has had a crush on Marty for a long time. when the leader of the hawks is badly injured, Eaton will do anything to have him healed, even make a deal with a sorcerer. Marty is horrified when Eaton is taken because of him. The eagle shifter is his mate and he will do anything to get him back. Marty and Eaton’s friends are willing to go to war to get Eaton back, but with a sorcerer casting his spell will Eaton want to come back?

I love a good light-hearted story of friends pulling together to rescue one of their own and that’s what Amber Kell has created with her wonderful Banded Brothers series. a group of friends as close as brothers sticking together through thick and thin and finding love along the way. This is Eaton’s story, the quite, studious eagle shifter who has the hots for bad boy biker, Marty. With Marty so injured that he might lose his hawk, Eaton puts his trust in the sorcerer, Gallen, and discovers Gallen has his own plans. Marty has come to the point in his life when he wants to settle down and finally claim Eaton. Being injured and learning he might lose his hawk is a hard blow, but Eaton persuades him to trust Gallen. When Marty discovers the trust is misplaced, it is too late and there is nothing he can do, turning to Eaton’s friends they mount a rescue, but are it too late?

This is a really great little story that gives us that spark of excitement that we have come to expect from Banded Brothers. The fierce loyalty, the guns, the explosions and the idiots who think they can take on the friends. The writing is great, showing us not just the strong bonds that hold these friends together but the devotion that each friend finds in their mates. Does that confuse you? Me complementing the entire group? Well, Amber Kell doesn’t forget the exceptional bonds just because a character already has their story, and they are still there even if it is more in the background.

Eaton and Marty are sweet together and both will do anything for the other, they are very easy-going with their relationship with no recriminations from Eaton when he discovers Marty knew they were mates. Marty’s helplessness with the situation screams at you, but Eaton’s cunning is impressive. Although you sneer at Gallen’s behavior, by the end of the story you find a little pity for him. The new people you meet makes you wonder what will be coming after Harris’s story, and I really can’t help hoping for a story for Aden, he is soooo perfect for a clash with an Alpha male.

I will recommend this to those that love shifters, paranormals, magic, hot sex, great characters, a great storyline that leaves threads for the next book and a very happy ending.  


Catching A Bit of Irish by Charlie Richards

Title:  Catching A Bit of Irish

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #13

Author: Charlie Richards

Genre:  M/M Shifter romance

Length:   Novella (113 pages)

Publisher:  eXstasy (October 1st, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts ~ Liked it

Blurb: Out of the Cage: A bit of Irish magic isn’t always a good thing!

Frederick Reb Drunger is accompanying his alpha and the alpha’s mate on vacation. He’s one of the wolves charged with protecting them while they all enjoy the sights of Ireland. He never expects to discover his mate is a human friend of the local Irish pack. That should make him easy to claim, since Daithi Murphy knows all about shifters. Except Daithi already has a boyfriend, Evan, who’s extremely possessive and not at all happy when Reb wants to get to know his mate. When an Irish goblin targets Reb, can he find the culprit behind the attacks and convince Daithi it’s worth uprooting his life and moving to Colorado with him?

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Reviewer:  Showme

Review: This was the first book of the series I’ve ever read. Yes, I know it’s the thirteenth book but I like sexy tattooed shifters. I think I may have missed some of the back story that endeared me to the packs but followed along fine.  So you could read this as a standalone.

Reb is on bodyguard duty in Ireland at a pack party when Daithe catches his eye. He’s obviously with someone else, but doesn’t look happy. Reb is feeling an attraction and need to claim he’s never felt before. The sexy human with another man is his mate.

Daithe has stayed with his boyfriend for way too long. He knows he’s just passing the time but he’s comfortable and his family doesn’t accept him so he stays with him. Until at a pack party one night, a sexy American shifter claims Daithe is his mate. He feels the strong attraction to the man, but he’s sworn off shifters. Daithe can’t deny the pull between the two of them and decides to get to know Reb. Problem is, something is out to get Reb before they can see where those feelings take them.

I enjoyed this book. It was short and sweet. The bad guy was obvious, but didn’t take away from the romance. Not a ton of world building but I guess that’s not really needed with a series this long. I like the other supernatural beings thrown in with the shifters and the set up for the next couple. I’m not always a fan of the insta-love mate thing, but the guys did try to get to know each other. I honestly don’t know that I’ll seek out more books in this series, but I did find another book by the author to try.

Chance's Vindication by Stephani Hecht

Title: Chance’s Vindication

Series: Lost Shifters 13

Author: Stephani Hecht

Genre: Shapeshifter/Paranormal

Length: Novella (117pgs)

Publisher: eXtasy Books (15th September 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Sometimes your biggest enemy can be the love of your life.

Raised in complete isolation, Raven shifter Chance knew little of the shifter world. While he realized that the Ravens were at war with feline shifters, he didn’t understand just how deep the hatred went until he took refuge with a coalition of felines – felines who sometimes seemed more likely to kill him than protect him from the Ravens hunting him. Living among his enemies, while being hated by his own kind, Chance withdraws into himself and begins to lose hope that he’ll ever be happy. To make things worse, Chance finds himself drawn to Thomas, a Lion shifter who despises all Ravens.

When Thomas is assigned to guard Chance, he’s not happy. His job is to kill Ravens, not babysit them. But as time passes, Thomas realizes he’s attracted to the shy, sweet man. But years of war against the Ravens, along with his own personal demons, lead Thomas to resist the draw he feels for Chance. Then Chance is taken captive and Thomas realizes how much his little Raven means to him. Will he find Chance in time, or will they both lose all hope of ever finding a happy ending?

Review: Stephani Hecht has done it again; she has brought us yet another sweet, sexy romance from the coalition of cat and hawk shifters.

Chance knows full well that nearly every shifter in the coalition hates him and all because he had the misfortune of being born a Raven, the coalition’s hated enemy.   He just wishes that one shifter in particular would like him. Thomas is a lion shifter who despises the Ravens for what they did more than twenty years ago and for making his brother feral.   But, that still doesn’t stop him from wanting the raven shifter Chance, who doesn’t smell or act like any other Raven he knows.

I loved these characters as they both have internal struggles as to what to do. Chance feels guilty because he’s a Raven and he takes a lot of crap for it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt him. I thought he was the bigger character for it and admired him for being able to have such an open heart even after the way others treat him. Thomas understandably hates Ravens and it’s nice to see his character work through his attraction to Chance along with his guilt at that attraction (because his brother is locked in a cage due to the serum the Ravens made) and come out the other side a better shifter.

These stories don’t have to be read in order as they are easy to pick up but for you to understand everything going on it is best if you did.   As there are ongoing storylines throughout, we also get to see several shifters from several of the other Lost Shifters books and I have got to admit that my favorite is Shane and he always adds a bit of danger to every book he’s in. (I love you Shane!!)

So what would I recommend?   This is yet another sweet romance with danger, intrigue, hope, crossed-wires, hot men, hot sex and a happy ever after (well as much as you can when you’re fighting the Ravens), so I have to say read it, love it and adore it.



In His Hero's Shadow by Stephani Hecht

Title:  In His Hero’s Shadow

Series:  EMS Heat #10

Author:  Stephani Hecht

Genre:  Contemporary

Publisher:  Extasty Books

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer:  Astrid

Blurb:  Trauma nurse Chauncey and paramedic Brody have only ever agreed on one thing in life—that they share a mutual hatred for one another. While they may have to work together, they’ve never gotten along. Brody sees Chauncey as nothing more than a bossy, jerk whereas Chauncey thinks Brody is a cocky, brat who needs a good slap on the nose. What neither one of them is willing to admit is that they share a secret mutual attraction.

One night they lose control and give into their passion. When they find themselves waking up in each other’s arms, they have to face one of the biggest decisions of their lives—do they give love a chance or are their differences just too big to overcome?

Review:  The EMS Heat series is one that I’ve enjoyed and this new title is a great addition. I love the way the author creates a new story while letting you check in on previous characters without cluttering the current storyline.

Chauncey and Brody have been circling around each other, trading jibes and insults for the past year. Each has their own set of preconceived notions about the other. Chauncey is the arrogant and entitled rich boy. Brody is the mouthy bottom only interested in a good time. Neither guy actually believes the crap they spew about the other; it’s akin to boy’s picking on their playground crush – silly but effective in getting a rise.

When Brody looses a patient, his pain from a past lost is compounded and Chauncey finds himself called in to lend a hand by meddling friends. Now I wouldn’t say that either man does an about face in regard feelings for the other, merely giving in to their true desires. It does happen on the fast side, but it isn’t entirely hard to swallow. What I did appreciate was how neither character immediately turned into a mushy ball of goo. Sure you saw their soft bellies as they left themselves vulnerable, but the snarky commentary persisted. The tension that made them interesting didn’t collapse once they made a connection.

I do wish the epilogue wasn’t used to clear everything up and make all nice, that we’d been able to tag along in some of the cleaning up of the loose pieces, namely Brody’s mom. But then again, that’s probably more about me and my pension for angst.

On a side note, I’d like to commend the author for her tribute to 9/11 EMS workers. She did a lovely job of bringing our focus to those left behind while honoring the sacrifices of the men and women called into duty that tragic day.

Portia’s Two CentsOkay, I confess…EMS Heat series is my guilty literary pleasure.  I love watching these guys fall in love.  But, for me…it’s all about trying to see if I can catch Stephani in a medical error.  I spent a lot of years as an ER nurse and this series always makes me feel like I’ve come home.  I can honestly say…I know these guys; the nurses, medics, firemen…even the doctors.  The language, the medical scenarios…even the back coffee in the break room is spot on. 

So far it’s Stephani/10; Portia/0…but, I’m still on the job.  That’s right, Hecht…I’m watching you. 😉


All About Jenny by D. J. Manly

Title:  All about Jenny

Author:  D. J. Manly

Genre:  Contemporary

Publisher:    eXtasybooks

Length:  Novella

Heat Rating:  Moderate

Rating:  ♥ ♥ ♥

Reviewer:  Astrid

Blurb:  Mark has been raising his niece since she was a small child. Abandoning his own life in the big city, he settles in a small town and devotes himself to Jenny. When Mark’s sister dies in an accident, Mark is given full custody of his precocious twelve-year-old niece. Just when he thinks the worst is over, he finds out that his sister left instructions to contact Jenny’s father, a man she had always refused to name.

Mark is terrified that Jenny’s father will try to take Jenny away from him but Cole Waters is not anything like he expects at all.

Review:  The blurb was enough to entice my interest in this book – there was just so much potential for emotional angst. Think about it – a man raising his niece for 13 years and he’s forced to allow her biological father, a complete stranger, into the picture. An emotional rollercoaster for sure.

While most DJ Manly books I’ve read aren’t what I would consider sweet or overly romantic this one certainly falls into the “sweet and easy” category – where you aren’t bombarded with gratuitous nookie scene after scene.

Uncle Mark is a nice guy, who you can’t help but like. Biological Dad Cole is understanding, patient and an all around good guy. We hear Cole tell Mark about his troubled past but he’s all straightened out now. And Jenny, she’s a smart and loving girl who just lost her Mother, a woman she barely knew.  Cole’s Dad had the potential to be a great antagonist, but was diffused fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the author didn’t take the opportunity to exploit the dramatic possibilities I had hoped for and expected.  I am a great lover of the Happily Ever After, but there has to be a point where you REALLY worry that it won’t work out. I didn’t really get that from this book.