The Confession of a Rugby Player #3: Blood Sweat & Lust in Dublin by Patrick Darcy

ConfGayRugbyPlayer3_cvrTitle: Confessions of a Rugby Player, #3 – Blood, Sweat & Lust in Dublin

Author: Patrick Darcy

Genre: Gay Erotica / Kink & Fetish

Length: Novella (19K)

Publisher: Wilde City Press (September 11th, 2013)

Heat Level: Utterly Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: This should be the greatest moment in Conor’s rugby playing career. But falling in love and a loss of form have brought him to his knees, and led him to question who he is. It’s no fun, not being the centre of attention. Is he the man he thought he was? Replaced on the pitch and now replaced in the affections of his best friend Sean. What is it about Sean’s new boyfriend he finds so irritating? Why can’t he accept them being together? Conor’s heart is filled with rage by the thought of them. A rage that he can’t contain, and that leads him to cross a line that should never be crossed. And when Conor acts like a fool, there is only one thing for it. To be punished by two hot Doms. Maybe they will bring him to his senses, and take his mind off things that cannot be…

…or maybe not!

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Review: Patrick Darcy comes back with his Confessions series and book #3, and I must admit this one felt the best of them yet. It is rare for me to like the next installment better than the previous, but it happened with book #2 and again now. In addition I’m left expecting the next one with much more excitement than before. In fact I was a bit pissed that Blood, Seat & Lust in Dublin ended.

What made the difference you might ask and it would be a very good question. The basic part, the erotic scenes were just as hot. The carnal way Conor handles his tricks is the same as always. We did get to see him as a bottom though this time, and honestly I couldn’t stop laughing and shaking my head at this character. Conor is just as pushy, cocky, and demanding as a bottom as he is as a Top. You just got to love him in any position he chooses to put himself.

Another difference this time was the fact that the Irish team lost the championship they were hosting. Naturally Conor was disappointed – that was not unexpected. What was unexpected was my reaction to the Irish losing the cup. The frustration and sadness I felt while reading it almost made me laugh at myself. I think I’ve grown attached.

But the most surprising thing of all was Conor’s realization of being in love with Sean. If you read my review of the previous book, I had the feeling that this was where the plot was leading; to Conor loving Sean. To have it come true though the way it did, God, I feel a bit sad.

Nothing in this tournament didn’t go well for Conor. First he’s had his injuries and been replaced, leading to Conor being pissed about it, leading to Conor being an ass to Sean about Sean’s boyfriend, leading to the moment of realization that he loves Sean, leading to Sean giving Conor the cold shoulder and not speaking to him at all… So while Conor is still the horny bastard that he is, hooking up and trying to get Sean off of his system resulting to a hot, kinky threesome, there was that little thing called love there in the background painting the entire read with a bit of aggression, sadness, and desperation.

In the end this was a very well done mixture of pure erotica and romance (though you can hardly call it romance, it was too raw for that) that makes you crave the series even more. It was almost like observing… life! Loved it! Got me hooked even more, and the end leaves you anticipating the next book so strongly, that I wonder at where the hell I’m going find the patience to wait.

Recommended? Hell, yeah!


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