The Twelve Days of Hipster by Raine O'Tierney

Raine O'Tiernan = The 12 Days of Hipster Cover sTitle: The 12 Days of Hipster

Series:  The Avona Tales 02

Author: Raine O’Tierney

Genre: Contemporary, Holiday

Length: Novel (240 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 19, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts

Blurb: Last Christmas, Tyler Lang accidentally accepted David Griffith’s invitation for dinner. Yes, it was an accident. See, hipster (don’t call him that!) Tyler doesn’t date guys, and even if he did, he certainly doesn’t date jocks. A rude and hasty exit right when the date was getting good left things awkward between them.

David Griffith isn’t really a jock. Well, he’s a former athlete who loves sports, but “jock” has a certain connotation that doesn’t quite fit the intelligent, hardworking store owner. A jock wouldn’t have given Tyler Lang the time of day. But even after that little, ahem, stunt with the fire escape, David can’t stop thinking about the hipster a year later. Which would be fine if fate didn’t keep butting her nose into their business, making it impossible for the jock and the hipster to avoid each other this Christmas.

A hilarious holiday romp, set to the music of the Winter Sounds.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63533-127-1

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Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: In this sequel to Bowl Full of Cherries Tyler Lang learns not to judge a book by its cover, sometimes there is more there than meets the eye. A year ago Tyler accepts a date with David. But leaves via the fire escape shortly after arriving and explaining he is not interested. Now a year later the two meet again via his twin Rell and a party. What follows is a heart-warming tale of learning about one’s self and a whole lot of drama as the two progress the ups and downs of a relationship.

This story is actually about two couples. Tyler and David, and Rell and Crowley from the first book. Well written with some funny scenes that had me laughing. As well as some soul searching on Tyler’s part as to what he really wants. The side characters were a hoot and added an extra layer to the book.

I enjoyed reading about Tyler and his eye opening moments as he struggles with his feelings for David. David is consistent in his feelings for Tyler as waits Tyler out. This is a really good emotional read that grabs at the heart strings. 

This story is a great addition to the series.