The Westerfields of Chatham by Carol Lynne, 2nd Edition

XTheWesterfieldswTitle: The Westerfields of Chatham (2nd Edition)

Series: N/A

Author: Carol Lynne

Genre: Cowboy/Ménage /Taboo

Length: 49 pages

Publisher: Wilde City Press (13 April 2016)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Blurb: Ian and Bull Westerfield have spent years loving each other in all the ways the law said they shouldn’t. When they come across a drifter looking for work, the brothers invite the stranger into their home, and eventually, to their bed.

Axel Bennett was looking for work, not a home. When an accident leaves him in the hands of the Westerfield brothers, they offer him both. Envious of the bond the brothers’ share, Axel agrees to stay the winter.

Their love will be put to the test—a piece of land or the safety of each other?

ISBN: 978-1-925506-00-6

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: The Westerfields of Chatham County by Carol Lynne, now in its second edition, is one of those books that are more so than others very much a “niche” type of story. I read the first edition of this book when it came out in 2012. However, I don’t think that there is a hell of a lot of difference between the two editions. I’m a massive fan of Carol Lynne and always look forward to her books.

The story follows the Westerfield brothers, Ian and Bull – there was a third brother but he had been murdered some years before. The Westerfield family has been long ostracized, and now the only two family members left, Ian and Bull are being bullied out of town for being an “unnatural family”. After a short scuffle in town, the brothers pick up Axel, a stranger who is hiking on the side of the road during a storm.

The story itself is interesting and could be a lot longer so as to explore a couple significant issues that that is brought up only too briefly. Of course, the taboo part of this book is that Ian and Bull are not only brothers but they are sexual partners who love each other after being brought in a family tradition of abuse (this is what I feel could have been expanded upon and made the book a lot better).

However, if you don’t mind reading about brothers having sex, that’s fine – the only problem I had was that I didn’t really feel the spark of passion between them. The sex scenes, even those with Axel, are a tad boring and again that essential spark was lacking for me. I liked all three characters and they meshed well together, there just wasn’t enough development of the plot or the characters.

The first hurdle to get past is if you want to read a book that highlights an incestuous relationship – since they can’t have kids it’s probably easier to accept. After that everything is what you would expect in a homophobic community with hot cowboys.

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