The Wolf who Fought for his Soul Mate by Scarlet Hyacinth

14744364Title: The Wolf Who Fought For His Soul Mate

Series: Mate or Meal, Book 12

Author: Scarlet Hyacinth

Length: Novella (128 Pages)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. (June 23rd, 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Claim or cower? Tainted by his mother’s machinations, Paris Marrow blames himself for her actions and seeks redemption. The only one who believes in him is his mate, Jace Wade. However, Jace is all too aware of Paris’s emotional vulnerability and is reluctant to force Paris into a connection he might not be ready for. At the same time, Paris feels unworthy of the other wolf’s affection, the mistreatment, and loneliness of his childhood overcoming his sense of self-respect.

Even as the two wolves bond, their future remains threatened by their past. Paris and Jace embark on a quest to find Paris’s mother and her warlock ally. But the warlock’s plan is far more sinister than any of them expected. Paris will have to face his own fears, and fight for his soul mate. Can he find the necessary strength? Can Jace’s love wipe away the doubts and pain in Paris’s soul?

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Review: I found myself enjoying this book a little more than the others. It had a way about it that intrigued me. Paris conceived through a one-night stand. Feeling guilt, he wants to help his newfound family. Jace just wants to help his mate realize his potential and to help him understand he has no guilt to feel. To help Paris heal from the betrayal of what one would call a mother.

The feelings came out more honest and sincere. There is so much hatred for other species, that they know there will always be unease with their mating and the others they have come to call family.

The story line for this one is pretty good. To stop the dangers that are on fronts including the future of a child not yet born. The plot for this book is pretty good, actually had me on edge to see what was going to happen next.

Jace and Paris actually come off more real to me. They are going through what all young lovers do. The uncertainty of all that is around them, but one thing that they know is real is their feelings for each other. Jace has to remind Paris to live in the now and not in the past. His love for his mate shows in wanting to prove to Paris that he is worth more than he thinks.

Their attraction for each other just bounces out to you from the beginning. You just know that they are going to steam the mirrors up when they get together.