Tracker Hacker by Jeff Adams

Title: Tracker Hacker

Series: Codename: Winger 01

Author: Jeff Adams

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Teen Fiction

Length: Novel (194 pages)

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press (October 17, 2017)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.75 Hearts

Blurb: Theo Reese is just an average high school student with a passion for hockey and an uncanny talent when it comes to computers… at least on the surface.

What his teammates, fellow students, and even his boyfriend don’t realize is that Theo leads a double life. When he’s not putting up his facade of normal, Theo is working as an agent for Tactical Operational Support, where his technical genius is more than just a hobby. At sixteen he is responsible for helping agents in the field and keeping the TOS network secure.

It’s a secret he has to keep—from everyone.

But secrecy becomes even harder when a hacker compromises the system TOS uses to track its agents and Theo’s dad goes missing. Theo must find him and stop the hacker, which means leaving the comfort of his computer screen and venturing into a very real and very deadly world.

And if that’s not enough to deal with, all the secrecy is really putting a strain on Theo’s love life.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63533-715-0

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Theo has his plate full being a student, boyfriend, hockey player and working for a secret agency. The problem is there is never enough time in the day for everything so some things have to put on the back burner like quality time with his boyfriend, Eddie, who has no idea he works for a secret agency.

I liked the explanations as to what Theo was doing throughout the book or I would have been lost. TOS is kinda like other agencies that work for the government but who go in and do things the FBI, CIA, etc can not do. In this case it’s to take down Blackbird.

I really liked that despite the danger Theo wanted to help in any way he could. Though he did not come out unscathed it felt realistic as opposed to the MC always managing to avoid being hurt. The cast of characters throughout added an extra element of suspense and mystery. I especially loved the codenames they were awesome.

I am looking forward to reading more in the series.

Great read.