Triad by Cheyenne Meadows

a650ae36acb8c9bacd981dcb7d6374a8.image.300x450Title: Triad     

Author: Cheyenne Meadows     

Genre: Paranormal, M/M, M/M/M     

Length: Novella (158pgs)    

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Explicit     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3 Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie    

Blurb: Alpha wolf shifter Dillon and his mate, Rick, are tracking a rogue when they run into Copper, a lion shifter. Instant attraction flares between the pair and the feline as they team up to catch a killer. 

A rogue wolf shifter with his growing army of killers sets alpha wolf and security expert Dillon into motion. Together with his long time mate, Rick, they track the string of deaths to a small rural town.

Copper, an alpha lion shifter, isn’t thrilled the Wolf Council sent the pair to stick their nose into his business but finally agrees to accept their help, determined to solve the case quickly and send both wolf shifters on their way before he gives in to his primal urges.

Sparks fly as they grapple with their instant attraction and jockey for top dog position while Rick sits back and watches the fireworks with amusement, realizing they just might have found their third mate. The sexual tension is building while a deadly band of killers is culling out the next victim in their game.

Can they put aside their differences and find a way to stop the killings before one of them ends up in the crosshairs?     

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Review: Dillon and Rick are wolf shifters who have the task of tracking a rogue wolf and his rogue pack; they have to stop the rogue before he wipes out more humans. Dillon is an Alpha and Rick is a Beta they are mates and looking for their third, when they come across lion shifter Copper the attraction between the three flares to life but Copper fights the attraction to concentrate on finding the wolf that is hunting humans on Pride land. As the three work together Alpha, personalities clash and Rick sits back to watch the sparks, but when one of them is injured they all realize that their flirtation is much more serious and if the Alpha’s can come to an agreement they just might have a true Triad.

This is an interesting shifter story that has some great pack structure and a hunt for rogue shifters. Dillon is a typical Alpha; he has to be top dog and doesn’t have much room for compromise. Rick is an interesting Beta, who is very easy-going; his relaxed attitude is a great balm to Dillon’s more brash attitude. Copper is a great character who has a laid-back attitude but is far from a pushover, he gives Dillon a run for his money in the Alpha stakes and gets along with Ryan beautifully. The rogue wolf wants the shifters to rule the world and is collecting shifters who are dissatisfied with pack life or have been abandoned by their packs, but he hunts for fun, killing humans and has drawn the attention of the shifter Councils. 

I really liked the small bits of information about the packs structures and how they work, the storyline was interesting with a rogue wolf bent on destruction, and ruling the world and the relationship between the three men was scorching with want and need. I must admit to having wanted more in the way of storyline dealing with the rogue shifters, having more details about them and what drove them. Although I thought Dillon, Rick, and Copper made a great Triad in the end, I got fed up with Dillon’s Alpha-ness early on, especially since he was puffing up against an Alpha lion. Copper handled dealing with another Alpha wonderfully, ignoring the blatant challenging on his own Pride lands, I also liked the fact that he didn’t expect to jump into bed with them even with all the pheromones flying about. 

I recommend this to those who love shifters, danger, alpha clashes, hot sex, dealing with rogues and a great hot ending.


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