For You by CR Guiliano

ForYouLGTitle: For You

Author: CR Guiliano

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novella (70 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (March 12th 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Graham and Jeremy’s first meeting sparks an explosive and passionate relationship that proves opposites attract. However, as time wears on, their differences cause a lot of strain between them.

Jeremy, a first grade teacher and softball coach, is deeply closeted and sees no way out of the darkness. Graham is out and proud and doesn’t understand Jeremy’s fear at revealing his sexuality. After four years of trying to balance the differences, Graham leaves.

Jeremy is heartbroken. Knowing that the love they feel is the real thing. He knows he’s the one who needs to change, but old habits are hard to break. He’ll need support from friends and family to make things right with Graham, but most of all he’ll need to find strength within himself to be honest about who he really is.

The Dedication was so sweet, we had to include it:

Sadly, I did not get the opportunity to meet TJ Klune and

Eric Arvin and TJ Klune
Eric Arvin and TJ Klune

Eric Arvin at the last GayRomLit I attended, so wasn’t able to become friends with them. They don’t know me. I am but a drop in the vast ocean of love and support that surrounds these two men. But they don’t need to know me, for I know them. They are family in a genre I call home. The struggles they are facing right now are monumental.

My hope is that whatever God may be watching over them, he sees fit not to take Eric away from TJ when their lives together are just beginning. I believe Eric is a fighter, and he has someone very special to fight for. I wish I could hug TJ, hold him, and give him my strength as he struggles to be the rock Eric needs right now. I would not be the only one. There are many caring hands and loving hearts for these two amazing men.

I am but a drop. I don’t have skills to offer—I’m just a writer. I know what helplessness feels like. I’ve been there, where TJ is now. The worry, the fear, the unknown. But we are all here for them, with our knowledge, our love, our spirit, and our help. For You is a story about two men with a love so deep and real that they fight the worry, the fear, the unknown, the anger and the obstacles to be together.

Just as TJ and Eric fight. This dedication is for them… TJ, Eric… this dedication is For You.

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Review: Short, Sexy and Steamy. My three favourite colors! Add to that the heart warming dedication to TJ Klune and Eric Arvin and how can you lose with this short story?!

Jeremy is a teacher and the softball coach for Graham’s nephews little league team. Graham is taken with Jeremy from the second he lays eyes on him, and judging by the smile that lights up his green eyes and makes those dimples appear, Jeremy is just as taken with Graham. But Jeremy is in the closet, deep in the closet. And Graham recently ended a relationship because his lover refused to acknowledge him publicly. Can he go through that again? Is the electric and immediate connection he and JJ share enough to stay hidden?

JJ is fearful of what will happen if he comes out. , The response from his ultra conservative family and the people at the school where he teaches. So he continues to convince Graham they have to keep their relationship a secret. But secrecy has a price. Soon they go from a loving, caring, happy couple to fighting and arguing almost daily because JJ refuses to show any type of feeling when they are in public. Then the unthinkable, Graham moves out, leaving JJ heartbroken and confused.

This really was a heartfelt story about being true to one’s self, and remembering that your actions have consequences that affect not only you, but the people around you as well. Especially those that love you. What is that old saying, “we always hurt the ones we love.” That is assuredly fitting for this story. My only complaint is that the story itself was way too short. I wanted more details on some things that were glossed over. But overall, the story was a well written, fast, fun read about just being who you are.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Yours, Johnny by Hollis Shiloh

18336651Title: Yours, Johnny


Author: Hollis Shiloh


Genre: Contemporary


Length: Novella (63 pages)




Publisher: Spare Words Press (July 10th, 2013)


Heat Level: Low


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb:Two young men start writing to one another–one a civilian, the other a soldier struggling with his life in Vietnam.

Pen pals become something more as the boys discover things about themselves and each other through their letters and their lives.

A love story.


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Review: This was a very poignant story. It is mostly written as letters to and from a soldier in Vietnam. The time is the Vietnam War era so homosexuality is still pretty much a secret. The story starts out a young girls is writing a soldier soon her brother takes over for her. He and the Soldier form a friendship and bond.  This story will bring tears to your eyes. I loved when he told the little girl not to open the letters to Dear John.


I loved both men. Daniel and John, while very different, they were both struggling with the same secrets and feelings.


As short as this story is it has a couple twists and turns that left me surprised and with tears.

If you like short, sad, bittersweet, stories about fining sexuality, coming out, friends to lovers, Vietnam war, 1960-early 70 historical that are sweet yet spicy this is for you.

Buying a Mate by Marcy Jacks

19448666Title: Buying a Mate

Series: Pregnant Mates, #3

Author: Marcy Jacks

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

Length: Novel (125 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62649-281-0

Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 8th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:When Adam Mackenizie’s family cannot pay off their debts, he sells himself into temporary slavery. It’s only ten years of his life, and he can do that to keep his mother and sisters from becoming blood whores.

He never expects to be put up for auction in a sex market by his new master. He also doesn’t expect his buyer to be a sweetheart from his past, who bailed on him when it mattered the most. Adam doesn’t know whether to be relieved and kiss him, or punch the man’s beautiful face.

Alpha wolf Mason Cayne never thought he would see Adam, gorgeous, sweet, and innocent Adam, in a whorehouse. His first instinct is to buy him and finish what they started seven years ago. Thanks to Adam’s stepfather, the vampires want to collect Adam personally. Now Mason must decide if the puppy love he once shared with Adam is worth risking the lives of everyone in his pack.

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Review: This is book three in a series that should be read in order. Marcy has a wonderful gift of storytelling. She gives you great characters and a wonderful storylines. I absolutely love Adam and Mason. They come off as someone you would know. They seem so real that you want to just love them and smack them both.


Mason and Adam had been together while they were in college. They seemed to be happy, till Mason quit answering the phone when Adam had called. Breaking up with Adam was the hardest thing to do, but he had to do what his father and alpha suggested. He had married a female who had once been his friend. It was a perfect arrangement because she had known he was gay and he knew she was in love with Stacy. It had all ended when a war started and she had been killed right along with several of his pack members. What he had not known was that by ending his relationship with Adam, he had lost someone important.


Adam had always loved Mason, and he was heartbroken when Mason had ended their relationship. He had tried to contact him the whole time even after he had realized that Mason was a werewolf. He had gotten pregnant and when he lost that child, he gave up on Mason. Until the night, he was to be sold at auction to pay off the vampires his stepfather owed money to. What he had not expected was Mason to be there and to have bought him.


It took some time for them to get everything straightened out, well until Adam realized that Mason had mated him, and the fact that he still hadn’t told Mason about his pregnancy. To say it went over well is an overstatement, so much so that Adam had left. To get him back might start a war. He realized he loved his man and the fact that Adam was pregnant again.


This story is amazing and so very much loved. I would recommend this story to anyone who loved werewolves, the paranormal world, sexy men and a bit of danger to please you. I loved this story and can’t wait to read the next story.


Recollection by Caitlin West

81ZgTG-1O3L._SL1500_Title: Recollection

Series: Killer Contingency, # 2

Author: Caitlin West

Genre: Contemporary / Suspense

Length: Novella (98 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-77111-819-4

Publisher: Extasy Books

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb:  When death is your business, getting out has a price.

A heated romance was the last thing Ardan Boyle expected to find when he entered the United States for some downtime, but a chance encounter was all it took. Now in a heated romance with Brad Myles, an international businessman and artistic hopeful, Ardan believed he could swear off his old life, leaving his contract killing days behind him.

Unfortunately for him, the shadowy world he belonged to is not so easily denied and when the CIA comes looking for secret files compiled by Ardan’s late mentor, he’s compelled into action once again. Heading to the chill of Moscow, he must retrace steps made more than a decade earlier. Time is of the essence, as multiple intelligence organizations want what he’s seeking and they will kill to get it. If he doesn’t get to it first, not only will the people listed within be open for blackmail and possibly destroyed, but all hope of a normal life will be beyond reach.”

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Review: The second book of this series picks up exactly where the first left. It weird how it made me feel as if this was one novel chopped down to pieces that sold individually, yet you must read them in order to have an understanding of the story. Good thing was that this time we got a deeper look into Ardan’s past and therefore he no longer is this flat character that I though on first impression. This entire story was much better than its prequel and for that, I’m glad.

So this is a kind of Mission Impossible mixed with the Assassins story. Ardan has finally decided to let go of his life as an assassin, he has even gotten himself in lust and involved, and at that precise moment he’s been approached by his long dead mentor’s agency for a mission to recover his mentor’s hidden files. A disk that has Intel many people are willing to kill for. And Ardan doesn’t have much of a choice here. He must go to Russia and find it, or say goodbye to his newly formed dreams of a “normal” life. See why this reminded me of those two movies?

The plot unravels and I was quite satisfied from it. The tempo kept on. The pace quick, but not rushed. The erotic parts were there in the form of reminiscing his previous days with Brad and they were not lacking in sensuality and longing. Though I cannot forget that his relationship with Brand amounts to three days. Thus, his statement that leaving Seattle behind feels like leaving behind his own heart feels a bit over the top to me. In addition, I still feel Brad is a bit shady and planted there for motivation purposes. That or my imagination has gone really wild.

 The action part was actually good and this time I got to say:”yeah I’m reading an assassins book” and actually mean it. We had punches, shootings, even blood spilled, so my bloodthirsty animal inside was cheering for this installment. The part that felt a bit off was with his “new” partner. What an odd thing she was, so green and so… I didn’t get it, who exactly gave her this mission?

The end though was yet again a bit of a cliffhanger, thus the feeling of a novel being cut off, and the book ended on the note of the half part of the mission is done, so onward to the second half and France next. Heads up if you don’t like that, but if you can handle the wait then grab #1 and #2 and enjoy.


Falcon by Lynn Hagen

12360542Title: Falcon

Series: Dark Riders, Book 1

Author: Lynn Hagen

Genre: Erotic Gay Romance, Paranormal, Vampire/Werewolves

Length: Novella (148 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62740-320-7

Publisher: Siren Publishing (July 29th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Werewolves, Darlings, Ducatis, and a disreputable biker gang is the world Garrett is thrust into when he falls in lust with a stranger who steals his very breath. Garrett knows the man has a very unsavory reputation, yet he can’t stop fantasizing about him. But Garrett discovers that Falcon is not what he seems. The man has a secret, and Garrett soon finds out what it means to belong to the president of the Dark Riders.

Falcon has no interest in humans until the owner of Andromeda—a tattoo shop on the Lower East Side—is targeted by an enemy, and he finds himself protecting a man who changes the rules of the game.

But Falcon’s world is a scary place. There are things that feed on humans and make Garrett feel as if he has lost his sanity—things that shouldn’t even exist. They are known as Darlings, and they are coming after Garrett. Falcon has placed his mark on him, and Garrett is now the creatures’ target.

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Review: This is a start to a brand new series by Lynn Hagen. It is not connected with the other series she has written. And I must say that it is a pretty awesome read.


Vampires are called Darlings and are not like any vampire you have read about. Falcon belongs to the Dark Riders, a biker gang who are shapeshifting wolves. He is taken away at first sight over a human named Garrett. Garret and Lonnie own a tattoo shop. The Dark Riders come off, as one would think a biker group would. They are extremely lethal and not hard to look at. In fact, Garrett calls them eye candy because they are so sexy to look at.


Garrett notices Falcon sitting outside at a bar one night. He loves to just stare at the man, even though his best friend Lonnie tells him that it just might get him killed. He can’t seem to get enough of the man though. The fantasies are very vivid and he is scared of what could happen. Even though the Darlings are coming after him, he just can’t figure out what to do with Falcon.

When Falcon marked him, it must have messed with his DNA slowly converting him into a wolf. Which in one way it meant that Falcon was going to keep him, but it had Falcon questioning the change because normally it is done during sex not a nick with a claw. It brought a lot of unanswered questions to them but with no way to know. The sex between them is amazing and hot so much, so that it would set the sheets on fire. I love the fact that there is a hint of kink between them. It makes it seem so much better.


This story has it all sexy men, shapeshifters, vampires, paranormal worlds, hot sex, and lots of danger coming at you from all directions. I cannot wait to start reading book two, because this is going to be another wonderful series.

Protection by Edward Kendrick

716a29f434f7c196233979b90ae8d51f.image.300x450Title: Protection


Series: Mandate: to Guide and Protect, #2


Author: Edward Kendrick


Genre: supernatural, mystery/ suspense


Length: Novella (56 pages)


ISBN: 9781622321346


Publisher: Silver Publishing (March 1st 2014)


Heat Level: Low


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Kip Townsend, the single father of eight-year-old Jamie, is happy with his life as a graduate student holding down a part-time job to make ends meet. Then his parents are killed in a carjacking.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it seems Kip’s father was actually murdered because he witnessed a child being kidnapped. The authorities, believing the killer might come after Kip and his sister, Emily, if he thinks Kip’s father told them what he saw, put them under police protection.

But others are watching over them, and Kip’s son Jamie, as well. Others whose mandate it is to keep them safe. Angels, Jamie calls them, after seeing one of them. But Kip believes it’s only his imagination. Whether it is or isn’t, Kip and Emily’s lives may depend on them…as well as the police, when the killer reappears.


Purchase Link: Amazon:


Review: This is book two in the Mandate: To Guide and Protect series.  It stands alone okay, but you need to read the first to see who the guardian angels are and their story.


This book is good, but I was a little disappointed. I think I just expected a different story, but this one was very good.  It is written in the Edward Kendrick’s classic style of mystery that is kept rather sweet.  The plot moves quickly and ends a bit suddenly for me as I was really thinking of the possibilities of where the story may be heading and I was way out in left field.  


I liked the characters especially Jamie (Kip’s 8-year-old son) and the Angels, Hal and Dave (back from the first book). In this book, these are the two gay lovers, as the main character and other characters are straight.  This doesn’t really bother me since I like m/f stories and there is no actual sex at all in the books.


The book moves fast, and a lot is packed into a few pages, but overall we get a good complete story.

If you like mystery, guardian angels, cops, books with very little sex, and cute kids this is for you.

Pray the Gay Away by Sara York

71OUGCS9PkL._SL1000_Title: Pray the Gay Away


Series: A Southern Thing, #1


Author: Sara York


Genre: New Adult


Length: Novel (203 pages)


ISBN: 9781310784644


Publisher: March 15th, 2014


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Star football player, Jack Miller, had it all. The perfect family, looks, girls hanging on his every word, and the respect of most people in his town. But one thing was missing–a man to be his own.


When Andrew Collins showed up in small town, conservative Sweet, Georgia, he looked more scrawny mutt than high school senior. Andrew’s plan was to keep his head down and graduate high school, leaving his family behind to start his real life.


When he meets Andrew, Jack thinks he’s found heaven, but reality holds him in check until one night when his lips gently slide across Andrew’s and fireworks go off.


As lust and something a little deeper brings them together, compelling them to take chances, people start to notice. Then the unthinkable happens, and Jack’s parents find out he likes guys. The battle lines are drawn and they vow to pray the gay away.


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Review: This is another fantastic series from a fabulous author. Sara York has a way with series that can draw you in and leave you dying for the next book.


Praying the Gay Away is the first book in the A Southern Thing series.  This book lays the foundation of the story, and introduces us to the characters, in a nail-biting, Angsty saga.


The story is based in a small town called Sweet, Georgia. It is a very religious community. Being from the Bible belt myself, I can really relate to this story.  Jack’s father is a preacher and father of ten children. He considers himself as having the perfect family, the perfect life and perfect role models for the community.  The man totally disgusted me and by the end of this book, I hated him with a vengeance.  Andrew’s family is even worse. They came to Sweet after finding their son Andrew kissing a boy. They use fasting and praying as a punishment for Andrew and to ‘straighten’ him out.  Trust me you will cringe a lot in this story.


Jack is a football star, popular, well-respected and well liked in town by his peers and the adults. Oh yeah, he is also secretly gay and trying to get a football scholarship to get out of Sweet and his father’s clutches so he can have a relationship.


I will also say that the book ends on a cliffhanger, as many of Sara’s stories do. I cannot wait for the next book to see what happens next.


If you like stories based in the Bible belt, of coming out, young lovers finding themselves, hot but tasteful sex, and a story with a climatic cliffhanger this is for you.

To Know Your Wild Heart by Sam Singer

baf0f3ca3540a3f1e9f16309abc20f651651a8e0Title: To Know Your Wild Heart

Series: N/A

Author: Sam Singer

Genre: Erotic Gay Romance/Fantasy/ Paranormal

Length: Novella (105 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-6115-2547-2

Publisher: JMS Books (February 12th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb: Orphaned in the forest as an infant, Kai grows up as the only human among a pack of werewolves. His parents were killed by Marcellus, a renegade Skinwalker with an insatiable thirst for carnage and an unreasoning hatred for humans. Though the pack has raised Kai as one of the own, he knows he’s an outsider. He’s different.

When Marcellus returns to finish what he started, the pack decides Kai must leave his forest family and be taken to a nearby human settlement, both for Kai’s safety and for that of the pack. The task of seeing Kai to the settlement falls on his friend Adair, an aloof and amiable werecat.

Kai isn’t told where they’re going and he enjoys Adair’s company. But soon the attraction between the two become too difficult to deny, and the more time they spend together, the closer they become. With danger bearing down on them and the attraction growing, can human and werecat survive with their lives–and hearts–intact?

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Review: This is the first time that I have read a book by Sam Singer and I was impressed. It was written quite beautifully and with such a gift that I will be looking at some more books by this author.


I could feel Kai’s feelings throughout the book. The heartbreak he felt after being kicked out for fear of another Skinwalker, a renegade. Kai loved his family with all of his life and they loved him even though he had been born by humans he was their son. They knew that Kai could not survive the forest so Adair suggested taking him to a human settlement. But Kai didn’t really know that, but once he found out he felt as if he was being abandoned and wanted to stay with Adair.


Adair had found Kai when he was a baby after his birth family were all killed by the renegade. He spent time with Kai, become best friends with him. Kai wanted Adair and Adair had wanted him in return. However, Kai had thought that they were mating and Adair had rejected that idea. Running from heartache once more, Kai ran into danger. He had found four men that were accepting him but the renegades destroyed that thought with death. Now it was up to Adair to save Kai, however it was up to Kai to keep Adair alive.


Kai’s father had fought to get his son back into the pack and over took the alpha, now he just needed to save his son and his son’s mate. You can feel the love throughout this story between everyone in the book but you can feel the love through Kai and Adair. You can also feel the fear that Kai won’t truly love Adair but could he give into his heart and keep his mate.


I would recommend this story to anyone who loved shapeshifters, the paranormal world, two hot and sexy men, and a great love story. I was amazed by this story, how real it comes across. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

Longing by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

71q+Oe3qgQL._SL1350_Title: Longing


Series: Orgasmic Texas Dawn 02


Author: A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly


Genre: Contemporary, Crime


Length: Novel (240 Pages)


Publisher: Silver Publishing (27th October 2012)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: US Marshal Jubilee Mason and Canadian transplant Kieran Fox join forces to take down an evil drug empire… but can their relationship survive Kieran becoming the town’s new sheriff?


Kieran and Jubilee fight their growing mutual attraction as they deal with a new menace to life in Lone Trail. A drug cartel is trafficking dangerous, home-brewed drugs, distributing them around Texas and beyond.

For Kieran, the shocking discovery that his own father is deeply involved is the worst kind of betrayal. Neither Kieran nor Jubilee knows whom to trust as it becomes clear that the cartel has a powerful grip on many influential people around them. It soon also becomes obvious that Kieran, who is struggling with his feelings for Jubilee, must make a decision.

Can he give in to his feelings and trust him…or will he just go on longing for him?


Purchase Link:

Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order.


Kieran has more than enough on his plate, when he finds that his father is involved in the case he is working on. Trying to fight his feelings for Jubilee is difficult and he is having doubts that his heart will survive his new relationship with Jubilee. The small town where he now works isn’t exactly gay friendly and he won’t live in the closet. Jubilee has fallen head over heels but he has no choice but to be discreet, and he has more than enough on his plate discovering who the mole is in the US Marshal Department and tracking down the cartels. Together they have to work. But are they fighting a losing battle with their attraction to each other?


Longing picks up where Orgasmic Texas Dawn finished, continuing the story of Kieran and Jubilee as they hunt down the players in a drug cartel. Jubilee and Kieran have embarked on a secret relationship, working together and hiding how they feel. But the strain is getting to Kieran and he tries to back off and concentrate on the investigation. Jubilee knows he has to focus on the investigation simply because as him and Kieran dig deeper more spies come out of the woodwork, but all his focus keeps zoning into Kieran. Many things come out as they try to put a stop to the cartels, with Kieran finding out shocking news about his father.


This is a great continuation of Orgasmic Texas Dawn, the action and adventure continues with no let-up in sight with many twists and turns in the investigation. Jubilee and Kieran really are a great couple but the town where they live is not productive to a relationship, Jubilee might have his dreams but Kieran really can’t see how it would work. This book really does try to balance the two storylines, relationship & investigation, slightly combining the two as more people discover the true nature of Jubilee and Kieran’s relationship, and Kieran feels a little put out that Jubilee hasn’t even thought about any sort of compromise. The book is left open-ended as they all head off to Canada but it really isn’t looking good for poor Jubilee.


I will recommend this to those who love action and adventure, hot sex, confliction emotions, danger, secrets, twists and turns and an ending that is wide open to many possibilities. 


The Jockstrap Murder by Vincent Lardo

712bL5kAshL._SL1425_Title: The Jockstrap Murder

Series: N/A

Author: Vincent Lardo

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense

Length: Novel (273 Pages)

ISBN: MLR-1-02013-0186

Publisher: MLR Press (January 2nd, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Mike Gavin uncovers a political scandal that makes Watergate read like FIFTY SHADES OF LAVENDER.


At the Vice President’s party in Washington, Mike Gavin is approached by Matthew Bokowski, a young reporter who tells Mike he knows of a political scandal tantamount to Watergate but refuses to tell Mike what it is. Super model Johnny Jones comes home to his Greenwich Village apartment to find a corpse strangled with a jockstrap. The victim is Matthew Bokowski. Mike teams up with his lover, tennis pro Jack Montgomery, and prick tease NYPD Lieutenant James Rocco to solve THE JOCKSTRAP MURDER. Mike makes a play for Rocco and scores but their sex party is shockingly interrupted. A senator, his son, his son’s lover and a blackmailing paparazzo join the trio for the ride from New York, N.Y. to Washington, D.C.


Purchase Link:


Review: Vincent definitely has a gift at telling stories. He gives you amazing and believable characters that either you will fall in love with or want to shoot. In my case, I want to shoot Mike for some of the things he does, especially how he treats his lover Jack. I am not really sure why Jack keeps him around. And then you add in James who is a NYPD Lieutenant. This story was quite difficult for me to follow but that is only because it was my first mystery and suspense story. It has the best plot and storyline that I have come across in quite a while.


Mike uncovers a political scandal that rocks right up there with the Watergate scandal. His source is Matthew Bokowski who is a young reporter. However Matthew if found dead in super model Johnny Jones’s apartment. Murdered with a jockstrap. Interesting way to kill someone if I say so. I am not really sure what to say about the fact that he not only is with Jack but also with James. During their sexual adventure, they are interrupted. I actually had to laugh at that part, because it only can happen to someone once. That is the way they were interrupted. The senator, his son, his son’s lover, and a blackmailing paparazzo join them in the trip to Washington D.C. Must have made a spectacular sight to see though.


When I was midway into the story, I realized that this was a very sexual mystery series. I am talking threesomes and so much more. It has murder and suspense, very hard to miss certain stances. With each question asked there were so many more unanswered. I loved how it was told with a bit of humor mixed in with all the seriousness. It took me a little more time to read this book but it was so worth it. It seemed that when Mike wanted answer’s he would give a flirty attitude to the person whether he wanted them or not. Then when they get around to finding the killer, it was a shock to find out who it was.


I am not really sure whether I really liked it or just liked it. I can now see how people use sex to get what they want, but like I said, it is a very sexual book. Although to find out the killer, Mike seemed to jump through all sorts of hoops. It will catch your attention from the start though. I would recommend this story to anyone who loved hot and sexy men, threesomes, lots of danger, murder, and questionable ways of finding the answers. I can actually see myself reading it again.

following Chase by J.J. Scotts

91iSFvy9oUL._SL1500_Title: following Chase

Series: The Chase, #2

Author: J.J. Scotts

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novella (82 pages)

Publisher: J.J. Scotts (March 17th 2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb:  Liam Collins is in way over his head. He’s been hired to act as the face of the hermit author, Chase Preston, by attending events and interacting with the fans. At first, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.

But Chase can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. And Liam can’t stop himself from getting turned on. Is Liam merely Chase’s plaything? Is this the real reason he was hired?

The more Liam struggles to resist the sexy author, the more curious Liam becomes. Who is Chase, really?

A little harmless snooping is about to put Liam in a lot of danger.

Purchase Link:

Review: This is not a standalone story. It is a continuation of the story that started in the first book, so read it first.

Liam Collins was hired to play the “face” of bestselling author, Chase Preston, who is a bit of a recluse. Chase has a scar that prevents him from putting himself out there to the public, and he covets his anonymity. But Liam is starting to suspect that Chase may want more from him that just his face. The sexual tension between these two is about to reach the boiling point, and Liam is beyond frustrated. Especially when every time he thinks Chase is about to make a move, he pulls back at the last-minute. And he’s pretty sure Chase is straight.

After his first evening out with Chase’s sister as his date, he pulls off the public persona perfectly. Only to return to Liam’s condominium so the two can fight, again. Heated words are exchanged and when Chase leaves, presumably upset, Liam follows him. The last thing that Liam expected when he took this job was to be endangered pretending to be Chase, but that is exactly what is happening.

There is no out right sex in this book, but the undertones and tension is enough to melt the wallpaper! Add to that the mystery of the seedy club Liam follows Chase to at the end, and then that jaw-dropping cliffhanger. I need the next installment now. The suspense is killing me. My only complaint about this series so far, is the way Chase is forever leading Liam on, and then no follow through. Would you just put him up against the wall already! I think it will be worth it in the end though, but once these two finally come together, my kindle might explode.


** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

As You Like It by Pelaam

71xuWFr9ACL._SL1425_Title: As You Like It

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (47 pages)

ISBN: MLR-1-02014-0213

Publisher: MLR Press

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Eric

Blurb: When Noah meets Jacob, the heat isn’t limited to the kitchen.

When Noah contacts ‘As You Like It’ to cook a meal and help decorate his home for his visiting family, he doesn’t expect Jacob, a chef as tasty as he is talented, to turn up at his door. The attraction between them simmers slowly, and finally boils over. However, a misunderstanding threatens to sour their burgeoning relationship.

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Review: Noah contacts a business to prepare a meal for him and what he gets is more than he has bargained for. This story is amazing. I found Noah and Jacob to be quite delicious. They stand out strong and hold their own when the time comes. And the lovemaking in this story is delicious.

I feel like Pelaam definitely knew what she was writing about and had great story flow to. She proved she knows what she is doing when it comes to writing sexy erotic romances. And it shows for sure throughout the story. The storyline remained strong and then some. The sex scenes were finger licking good and the characters were delivered perfectly.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes erotic romances and/or wants to give them a go. You won’t regret purchasing this book!