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Hi guys, we have the charity anthology Love Wins and one of it’s authors (Ravon Silvius) popping in today to let you know a little about the anthology before it’s release next week. Ravon Silvius explains a little about his story so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

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Love Wins


Lucie Archer, Kris T. Bethke, Deja Black, M.A. Church, David C. Dawson, Jana Denardo, Nicole Dennis, Ravon Silvius, L.A. Merrill, Grace R. Duncan, Xenia Melzer, Jude Dunn, Julie Lynn Hayes, Tray Ellis, Troy Storm, Alicia Nordwell, Renee Stevens

With time comes healing, but Orlando and the LGBT community are still recovering from last June’s tragedy. To show our ongoing support for those affected by the Orlando shooting, our authors, editors, artists, and staff have volunteered their talents to create this second benefit anthology. All proceeds will be donated to LGBT organizations in central Florida. Join us as we reaffirm that no matter the obstacle, love always wins.

Full list of stories below.

Release date: 12th December 2016
Pre-order: Dreamspinner Press

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Ravon Silvius

Hello everyone, Ravon Silvius here. I’m an author at Dreamspinner Press and Extasy books, and I usually specialize in Sci Fi and Fantasy M/M romance. You can check out my work at

For Love Wins, I tried my hand at contemporary. My story in Love Wins is called The Importance of Pride.

The Importance of Pride by Ravon Silvius
College history professor Patrick Levine is looking for a subject for a research proposal when he discovers his granduncle’s journal. To his shock, not only was Uncle Marty gay, but he’d been at the Stonewall riot in 1969. Will learning more about his uncle’s history help Patrick face his own fears about coming out?

I figured as a way to introduce the story a little, I could shed a bit of light on two of the important events that you’ll see in the story and that were important in the history of LGBT rights and recognition in America.

Stonewall Riots: Back in the 1960’s, gays and lesbians faced intense discrimination. The StoneWall Inn, located in Grenwich village, New York City, was hit by a police raid in 1968. Fed up with years of abuse and lack of rights, the gay, lesbian and trans patrons of the bar fought back, overturning police cars and throwing bottles. The raid was described as the straw that broke the camel’s back, and people finally were able to express the frustrations that had been building for so long.

Afterward, the Gay Liberation Front was formed, the first organization to have “Gay” in its name. It’s amazing to think that this only happened less than 60 years ago! Gay newspapers also came out around that time, called things like “Gay Power” and “Come out!” The first gay pride march happened two years after Stonewall, on the anniversary. The first marches happened in three cities, NY, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and marches in subsequent years spread all over the country.

The Stonewall Riots were pivotal in the advancement of gay rights. It was a symbolic call to arms, and is often thought to be the inciting incident that brought recognition of LGBT individuals into the mainstream. In The Importance of Pride, you’ll see it mentioned also as an important historical event.

Harvey Milk: Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician, serving as a city supervisor in San Francisco. He was instrumental in promoting gay rights and helping gay businesses flourish. He was also pivotal in preventing the Briggs Initiative, a proposition in California that would have made it mandatory to fire gay teachers. Harvey Milk was a staunch supporter of gay rights, and he recognized the importance of being open with yourself. In a speech called “the hope speech,” on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, he said:

“On this anniversary of Stonewall, I ask my gay sisters and brothers to make the commitment to fight. For themselves, for their freedom, for their country … We will not win our rights by staying quietly in our closets … We are coming out to fight the lies, the myths, the distortions. We are coming out to tell the truths about gays, for I am tired of the conspiracy of silence, so I’m going to talk about it. And I want you to talk about it. You must come out. Come out to your parents, your relatives.”

Harvey Milk was had his position for 11 months before he was cruelly assassinated. But his message lives on. He is considered a martyr for some in the gay community, and there is a plaza in San Francisco called the Harvey Milk Plaza. He was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

If you want to learn more about Harvey Milk, there is a very well-done biopic called Milk, which won two academy awards. I was in tears when I saw it.

With the violence in Orlando, not to mention the politics of today, it’s all the more important to have hope. Sometimes, hope can be found in looking back at the past, and realizing all the difficulties people have overcome and getting strength from those who came before. I hope my story can help people hold on to a little bit of that hope, and further inspire people to keep helping each other.


Love Wins stories

Abstract Heart by Lucie Archer

Nick spends nearly every lunch break at the modern art museum, hoping to catch a glimpse of docent Kris. Kris has noticed the cute guy hanging around the exhibits too but never manages to approach him. It will take a matchmaking security guard to bring these two introverts together.

Cats and Christmas Trees: Trouble Waiting to Happen by M.A. Church

What’s a half human to do when Christmas rolls around? Kirk tries ignores it, but his shifter mates Tal and Dolf, being sneaky kitties, persist in finding out what’s troubling him so they can make it better.

A Chance for Hope by Deja Black

In the aftermath of tragedy, freelance writer Brad Truscott is drawn to ease Paul Bachman’s grief. But will Paul ever be ready to take another chance on happiness?

Changing Things by Nicole Dennis

Despite his allergies, Ryan puts up with the two rescue cats his boyfriend, Seth, adores. But when an especially severe asthma attack sends Ryan to the hospital, Seth realizes something has to give—either his relationship with Ryan or his guardianship of Fili and Kili.

Especially in Orlando by Troy Storm

When bighearted mover Dalton is hired to haul away a hot young guy’s belongings after a breakup, he can’t help returning to see how the good-looking older man is dealing with the transition. George is happy to take Dalton up on his offer of solace. But then George’s ex, Peter—aka Mr. Prissy Pout—has second thoughts, and while George isn’t interested in taking him back, he and Dalton are willing to share their experience—and more.

Free to Love by Kris T. Bethke

Henry is tired of hiding their relationship, but Shane is afraid to risk losing his job and his parents by coming out as gay. When his worst fears prove true, Shane finds that life outside his parents’ repressive control is so much better than anything he could have imagined.

Happily Ever After, After All by L.A. Merrill

Once upon a time, Princess Aubergine dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding to the girl of her dreams. Things haven’t exactly worked out that way. Locked in a tower for ten years, Aubergine managed to scare off all the princes coming to rescue her. Now it’s up to her to do the rescuing—until a band of students from the local Ladies’ Academy happen upon her tower and devise a daring escape plan.

The Importance of Pride by Ravon Silvius

College history professor Patrick Levine is looking for a subject for a research proposal when he discovers his granduncle’s journal. To his shock, not only was Uncle Marty gay, but he’d been at the Stonewall riot in 1969. Will learning more about his uncle’s history help Patrick face his own fears about coming out?

The Insomniac Sommelier by Julie Lynn Hayes

Kirk Westmoreland dreams of owning his own restaurant someday, but for now he fights insomnia while working at family-owned Venezia with his control-freak older brother. After work he tries to de-stress at Sweeties, a small diner run by his sister and her wife. When Kirk meets the diner’s new server, Ashley, he ends up going home with him—to the best sleep he’s had in forever. If he can’t keep his life at Sweeties compartmentalized from his life at Venezia, Kirk will have to decide which one he’s willing to give up.

Looking for George by David C. Dawson

Betty’s innocent crush on actor George Clooney became something more when he saved her from a fall at the hotel she works at in London. When she discovers her Italian holiday trip will take her only a few miles from the actor’s summer villa… well, surely fate means for them to meet again.

Love Over Lotto by Jude Dunn

Craig Batson and Tom Rendelle have plenty of joy together but not so much money. Determined to improve their finances, Craig borrows a library book on the secrets of winning the lottery and empties their rainy-day fund to buy dozens of lottery tickets. Tom explodes when he finds out, leaving Craig to wonder if their love can survive.

More Than His Scars by Jana Denardo

Facing the anniversary of the day he lost his arm while serving in the Middle East, Aaron is understandably depressed. It’s up to his lover, Rhys, to plan a special day to help Aaron see how amazing he really is.

Overcoming Fear by Grace R. Duncan

In the year since a global pandemic ravaged their world, Duncan has done everything he can to ease Mark’s fears of losing him. When a minister and his wife seek out Mark for help, Duncan sees an opportunity to show Mark another level of commitment—if Mark will dare to take it.

Prevailing Zzz’s by Tray Ellis

After eight months together, Greg wants Win to move in with him. But how can Win agree when Greg’s snoring leaves him sleep-deprived and miserable?

Pushing Back Oblivion by Alicia Nordwell

Fighting a rapidly growing brain tumor, Cohen promises his partner, Jaime, that he’ll never give up. Through surgeries and setbacks, at times that promise and Jaime’s voice are all Cohen has to cling to.

Reluctant Valentine by Xenia Melzer

A best-selling thriller novelist, Dean writes romances as a relaxing hobby. But when writer’s block strikes, sexy handyman Morgan shows up to provide all the inspiration he needs.

Taking a Chance by Renee Stevens

Gabe and Toby work for the same company, Gabe in the US and Toby in London. After meeting at a convention, they spend nearly every moment of their time together, but when they both have to return home, their only option is to attempt a long-distance relationship.

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About Ravon

Ravon Silvius writes sci and fantasy M/M. I enjoy coming up with big ideas for novels, and hope to have many more in the future. Unfortunately, I am not actually a cat. A huge fan of anime, video games, and science fiction and fantasy, I appreciate a good story that is well-distanced from our current reality, whether it be in the far future, the distant past, or on a completely different world altogether. My work will always have a paranormal or fantastical element to it. In my spare time, I do research at a large university, but at the end of the day I love coming home to the worlds in my imagination. I’m a new author at Dreamspinner, and my book, Freshman Blues, will be out in July! For more about me, check me out at Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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