Harvey and His Bunny by Dani Gray

Dani Gray - Harvey and His Bunny Cover m4n849Title: Harvey and His Bunny

Series: Connected to Fates, Mates and Apple Turnovers, and Cupid’s Valentine

Author: Dani Gray

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Dani Gray (August 1, 2019)

Length: Short Story (66 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Blurb: While heading to work, Harvey Ames followed the most amazing scent to the local park and stopped to give a small bunny a piece of an apple turnover that his brother had freshly made that morning. Imagine his surprise when the bunny shifted into the cutest man Harvey had ever met, one who the Fates had decided would make the perfect mate for him.

Trevor Murphy had been running after having escaped a kidnapping attempt and getting his leg broken in a trap while in his rabbit form. His family was missing and he had no idea where they were, or if they were even alive.

Working together to try and find Trevor’s missing family, the men discovered that the family they were building was just as important as the one they were born with.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Harvey has found his mate. He was just enjoying the park as he walked to work, when he smelled the best scent. The scent led him straight to a little bunny. When the bunny shifted into a very sexy young man, well you can imagine Harvey’s shock.

Trevor had been kidnapped but managed to escape. His family was still missing as well as those from his troupe. He had however broken his leg in his escape. He had not expected his mate to find him.

Harvey is a special type of shifter and very unique. I always love those types. This story is actually connected to another story so I would suggest starting with it. The name of that story is Fates, Mates and Apple Turnovers. This is part of what I would call a series but so far they are listed alone.

For such a short story there is quite a it there. I would definitely say that this is one of those stories that will be read many times over, it is just that cute. It is a very cute little story with just a bit of danger in it.

It is a good story that I would recommend.

Fates, Mates & Apple Turnovers by Dani Gray & Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver & Dani Gray - Fates, Mates & Apple Turnovers Cover 2373dsTitle: Fates, Mates & Apple Turnovers

Author: Dani Gray & Lisa Oliver

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Publisher: Dani Gray & Lisa Oliver (February 9, 2019)

Length: Novella (103 Pages)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖💖 4.5 Heart

Blurb: While dumpster diving for food to feed his brother and himself, Peter Ames was discovered by the shop owner Cupid. When the offer for a free meal was giving to him, Peter was overjoyed at the prospect. Later, when Cupid offers him a job washing the dishes, a very grateful Peter would have done just about anything for the man who helped to make sure he could support himself and his brother Harvey.

When the wards that Cupid, the god of love, had placed around his namesake’s shop went off and he went to investigate, the last person he expected to meet was his mate. Upset at how busy his life already was, Cupid, or Eros as Peter preferred to call him, turned his back on his mate. When he realized that the Fates weren’t going to change their minds, Eros was horrified to find out that his neglect had left his mate near death.

But even with a god’s protection, life isn’t rainbow clouds and buttercups. A man from Peter’s past wants him dead and doesn’t care if anyone gets in his way. Will Peter and Eros ever be able to live their life as the Fates directed, or will Peter be struck down from someone else’s hatred?


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Peter and his brother Harvey were not only homeless but on the run. Their mother had been murdered and the killer was after them. It was hard to find help so they searched for food in the dumpsters. On one such search for food, the owner of the shop he was dumpster diving found him. Instead of getting angry the owner, Cupid offered to help them both. Then he offers Peter a job.

When Eros who is also know as Cupid, the real Cupid, shows up to find out who is in the store, to his surprise he finds his mate. Cupid is the god of love and had placed wards around his namesake’s shop and he is in for more surprises. However he doesn’t want a mate or so he thinks. Not only is someone after his mate, his neglect is affecting Peter. Now Cupid or Eros has to decide.

This was not only sweet but very cute. It not only gave me a story that drew me in but gave me the right balance of love, laughter, danger, excitement and so much more. Now I recognized that the writing wasn’t the same style as Lisa Oliver’s but it was still pretty good. My only other issue was the mistake about the guy’s father and a few editing mistakes but it doesn’t take away from the story much.

I can’t wait to read Harvey’s story. I liked the characters quite a bit although Eros is still in the dog house. Now I will say that it definitely needs a better proof reading to get rid of the errors. I enjoyed the story quite a bit and would suggest it.