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Hi guys, we have Torquered Press’s newest anthology Mythologically Torqued stopping by today, I’ve pinched an excerpt and there’s a great giveaway… we also have Lisa’s review (sorry about the girly bits Lisa 😀 *cough*). So guys enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

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Mythologically Torqued


Leigh Ellwood, L.J. Hamlin, Eva Lefoy, V.L. Locey, Jacey Mills, Alisha Monroe, Shiloh Sadler, Alyx Shaw, Delilah Storm, T. Strange, Carol Tierney, Angelique Voison, Max Wilde, Salome Wilde, Logan Zachary

Mythology, whether classic or modern, has always taken readers on a magical ride. Mythologically Torqued, volume I, takes those tales from days of old, or more recent history, and places a unique spin on the beloved lore. 

The gods of Olympus make appearances, as do deities from Japanese, Norse, and other belief systems. With rampant sexual desires, these gods manage to slake their thirst for passions of the flesh in a rather untraditional manner…if the oral traditions passed down from generation-to-generation were at all accurate. 

These fifteen short stories are penned by both seasoned scribes and new authors; the anthology provides readers with the perfect opportunity to explore offerings from their favorite storytellers as well as find a new favorite or two. And, a unique perspective on the stories we enjoyed—or were forced down our throats at the hands of a sadistic English teacher or two—in our youth. 

Containing both M/M and F/F stories from authors Alisha Monroe, Alyx Shaw, Angelique Voisen, Carol Tierney, Delilah Storm, Eva Lefoy, Jacey Mills, L.J. Hamlin, Leah Ellwood, Logan Zachary, Max Wilde, Salome Wilde, Shiloh Saddler, T. Strange, and V.L. Locey, Mythologically Torqued volume I is sure to have something for every penchant. 

Eros finds his soul mate in the arms of a demigod friend in L.J. Hamlin’s In Love with Zeus’ Son. In Shiloh Sadler’s Clipped Wings, two men on a plantation find love under the most unusual circumstances in 1842 Missouri. V.L. Locey’s Back to the Garden, Pan hits up Woodstock with the sun god Apollo—sex, drugs, and rock and roll take on a whole new meaning. In Brísingamen, Carol Tierney offers us the story of a magical necklace, and the payment goddess Freyja delivered to four dwarven sisters for it’s creation. Delphinos, by T. Strange, is a modern-age retelling of Dionysus’ creation of dolphins. In Angelique Voison’s version of the Japanese Moon Princess myth, Reiko is tasked with bringing the Emperor’s future bride, the fabled Moon Princess to court, and complications arise when Reiko falls head over heels for Kaguya. Charged with ensuring Sisyphus fails, Hercules is conflicted by his feelings for the former ruler in Angelique Voison’s How Hercules Got His Bruise. In Leah Ellwood’s Styx and Stone, Ferrying souls across the Styx is a lonely business, but Charon doesn’t mind—newly arrived Stone is more than willing to keep him company. No one believes in the Greek gods anymore, and Apollo is in a rut, Ganymede—cupbearer to the gods— tries to get Apollo to see what’s in front of him in Jacey Mills’ Another Night at the End of the World. Salome Wilde’s Eternal Grind offers a corporate take on Christian Hell, populated with horned and hoofed demons inspired by medieval monks’ fertile imaginations, which follows a pair of lesbian demon baristas, determined to find their own happily-ever-after. In the distant past, Ero was the god of desire, but in present day, he looks for love with Psy—a peerlessly gorgeous mortal man—and needs to keep a secret, in Alisha Monroe’s The Myth of Ero and Psy. Bound by chains and defenseless, Thor is being held captive by Garrick, a young man also forced to service until demands are met in Logan Zachary’s Bound by Desire. Together, attraction ignites between Thor and Garrick—can love grow if it is bound by desire? In Delilah Storm’s The Golden Balls, true love’s kiss is powerful, and Jasper’s sexuality awakens—will Anur be able to keep Jasper in this sleepy little kingdom? A spurned lover, mythical horse, and a public official walk into a pub—murder, mayhem, and everlasting love result in Alyx Shaw’s The Kelpie.

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Phantom Touch by Delilah Storm

71yxDOrJ-FL._SL1500_Title: Phantom Touch

Series: Lights Out Halloween Shorts from Torquere Press

Author: Delilah Storm

Genre: Contemporary/Ghoulish Lovin’

Length: Short Story (21 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (October 22nd, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: Coerced by his friends, Chris enters the old Weyburn mansion on Halloween night. The most haunted housed in Ashville, Weyburn mansion is supposed to be possessed by the spirits of Mrs. Weyburn and her many lovers. From the moment Chris enters, he’s plagued by touches, which quickly turn into caresses and then more. How can Chris possibly escape all the pleasures that touch brings and does he really want to?

Product Link:

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: This is a fun “I dare you to go into the big spooky house!” Halloween short story. Except the ghosts that haunt this house are rather benign, and scared visitors are more than likely to leave satisfied instead of terrified. If you can get on board with a bit of invisible lovin’ than you’ll have fun with this short story. I have a big imagination, but still had a hard time getting turned on by ghostly lovers.


Fun short, not really scary, but a hell of an imaginative idea!

It's Good to be Home by Delilah Storm

18518351Title: It’s Good to be Home

Author: Delilah Storm

Genre: Romance

Length: Short Story (28 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (September 13th 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: During this last 14-month tour of duty, Jason has missed a lot, including the adoption of his and Ridley’s baby girl, Barbara. While Ridley is ecstatic to have his husband home again, Jason’s remark that he has something they need to discuss has Ridley’s insides all knotted up. How can he convince Jason to stay home with him and their baby and be a part of loving family, just the way they’ve always dreamed?

Product Link:

Review: This is a sweet story about a Marine who comes home from his last deployment to his husband and little baby daughter.

Jason has never seen in person their little girl, as he was already gone when they got her. He has missed everything about her life thus far and his husband’s. As for Ridley, well there’s nothing worse than to have the man you love far away from you, missing out on your child’s life, and not knowing if he’s coming back this time. Thus, when Jason is finally home his emotions are overwhelming him, but a mere word has him dreading tomorrow. Jason wants to talk to him and Ridley hopes with every fiber of his body that Jason isn’t to leave again soon.

This story is indeed sweet. The plot is emotional and urges you into some sweet and sour feelings. The scene where Jason meets Ridley and their daughter at the airport though felt a bit lacking, I expected some more emotional charge there and didn’t quite feel it. However, the story in its entirety was quite decent with characters that demanded respect and attention even as I felt it had room for improvement.

If you’re in the mood for a romantic sweet read though this is quite the story for you.

100 Days to Christmas by Delilah Storm

100daystochristmasTitle: 100 Days to Christmas

Series: N/A

Author: Delilah Storm

Genre: Christmas M/M

Length: Novelette (46 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press Publishers (December 11, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts ~ loved it

Blurb: After nearly a year of online video chatting and text messaging, Jackson and Steve are finally going to meet in person. Jackson is a successful New York City lawyer. Steve owns a popular bakery called Sweet Cheeks, in San Diego – and with that bakery comes a touch of a dough boy body. Steve is understandably nervous and desperate to make a good impression on the man he’s fallen in love with, who has only seen him through a computer screen. Steve has a hundred days to Christmas to become the perfect package he believes Jackson wants to unwrap, over and over again. But can a clumsy chocolate fanatic more interested in feeding his personal trainer chocolate éclairs than in doing push-ups manage to stay the course?

Product Link:

Reviewer: Patrick

Review:Wonderful short for the holidays. I enjoyed the play on Steve’s body insecurities and how things were resolved. In the gay community, more often than not, things are usually the opposite direction as a good majority of gay men are seeking perfection and can get downright nasty if they don’t see it and a person’s body is usually one of the first things another gay guy will judge. Good job. J