Accidental Alpha by Poppy Dennison (2nd Edition)

Title: Accidental Alpha (2nd edition) Series: Pack Partners # 1 Author: Poppy Dennison Genre: Paranormal Length: Novella (106 pages) Publisher: Poppy Dennison (October 2, 2017) Heat Level: Low – Moderate Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts Blurb: A quiet life. A break from the dangers of being a cop. Yep, Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out. That […]

Belligerent Beta by Poppy Dennison Blog Tour, Guest Post & Review!

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Hey guys, I’m back and this time I have Poppy Dennison popping in to show off her latest release Belligerent Beta! Poppy also gives us some insight about Alpha’s Vs Beta’s and Thommie explains in her review why this series has enthralled her. <3 ~Pixie~

Poppy Dennison Belligerent Beta

Belligerent Beta

  (Pack Partners 02)


Poppy Dennison

When a human is chosen to lead the pack instead of him, Beta Dan Keller struggles to find his footing in a rapidly changing environment. Committed to his pack and not one to turn away from a challenge, Dan follows his Alpha’s request and works with Nathan Ross, the new pack Omega. Though he is initially concerned that Nathan’s weakness will harm the pack, Dan learns there is more to the shy wolf than meets the eye.

As Dan struggles to balance his growing feelings for the young wolf with his responsibilities to his pack, new threats emerge and Nathan’s loyalty is questioned. Not understanding the basics of being a wolf leaves Nathan vulnerable and the pack at risk. Can Dan embrace the true role of a beta so he can protect the man he has grown to love and save his pack?

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