The Bisti Business by Don Travis (2nd Edition)

Title: The Bisti Business

Series: A BJ Vinson Mystery 02

Author: Don Travis

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (322 Pages)

Publisher: DSP Publications (21st March 2017)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Although repulsed by his client, an overbearing, homophobic California wine mogul, confidential investigator B. J. Vinson agrees to search for Anthony Alfano’s missing son, Lando, and his traveling companion—strictly for the benefit of the young men. As BJ chases an orange Porsche Boxster all over New Mexico, he soon becomes aware he is not the only one looking for the distinctive car. Every time BJ finds a clue, someone has been there before him. He arrives in Taos just in time to see the car plunge into the 650-foot-deep Rio Grande Gorge. Has he failed in his mission?

Lando’s brother, Aggie, arrives to help with BJ’s investigation, but BJ isn’t sure he trusts Aggie’s motives. He seems to hold power in his father’s business and has a personal stake in his brother’s fate that goes beyond familial bonds. Together they follow the clues scattered across the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness area and learn the bloodshed didn’t end with the car crash. As they get closer to solving the mystery, BJ must decide whether finding Lando will rescue the young man or place him directly in the path of those who want to harm him.

First Edition published by Martin Brown Publishers, LLC, 2013.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-113-4

Product Link: DSP Publications | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This series involves our sexy P.I. and quite a bit of crazy charactes. Now this can be read as a standalone, but I would suggest reading in order. It gives you an insight into Private Investigator B.J.

This author was one of the first mystery authors that I came across that I truly enjoyed. He goes into a world that is full of deceit, lust, danger and even murder. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end. I don’t normally read novels this long, but this one kept me on the edge of me seat. I just needed to know the answer to my many questions. And let me tell you the twist was never expected.

B.J. has taken on some creepy clients, but the latest one takes the tip. Alfano is a very wealthy wine mogul and has a missing son. He is also a homophobic asshat and swears that his son is just going through a stage. He want’s B.J. to locate him and bring him home. It sends him into quite a bit of New Mexico. Here he is looking for a gay kid with a boyfriend and a brigh orange porsche. With that kind of car one would stand out. To bad it was stolen and B.J. watches it crash and burn. Leads send him into some shady locations.

With shady locations, you find the perfect people to help you. To top it off, Lando’s brother wants to help. With killers a foot, two men dead, a missing young man, and a rich asshat, well B.J. is in for a long ride.

Now normally I go for romance stories, however this is a true and true murder mystery story. You get a little loving from our sexy character and the man he loves. But the story is based on the murder and mystery, which is a plus. This story was perfect in my eyes. Not to many authors get every bit and piece put together, this author does just that. It was fast flowing and had a tight story line.

Our main character, B.J., is a professional with an attitude of don’t mess with me. He hung up on the old fart when he called the first time, and then took the case. I never guessed who the killer was, or what he had done before that. I was also kind of glad to find out who did it, because that was one sick, well you can guess my next word. Now for the downside, there was much more details about locations and settings that was a bit of a headache to me. Other than that, this was a top rated story.

I had a blast reading it and can not wait to get my hands on the next book.