The Midnight Gardener by R.G. Thomas

Title: The Midnight Gardener

Series: The Town of Superstition 01

Author: R.G. Thomas

Genre: Teen Fiction, High Fantasy

Length: Novella (123 pages)

Publisher: Deamspinner Press (November 12, 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: At fifteen, Thaddeus Cane has moved thirty-two times with his father. Each time he’s displaced without explanation, Thaddeus loses any friends he’s made. The name of their latest town is Superstition, but it seems normal enough, with one exception.

Thaddeus’s bedroom window gives him a view into the beautiful gardens next door. Every night after dark, an attractive guy around Thaddeus’s age appears to tend the plants. When Thaddeus visits his neighbor, he discovers not only how deep his interest in the other man runs, but also that Teofil, the midnight gardener, isn’t human. He’s a garden gnome, a revelation that will lead to more secrets coming to light and an adventure unlike anything Thaddeus ever imagined.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63476-268-7

Product Link: Dreamspinner PressHarmony Ink

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Thaddeus is a young man who has spent a lot of his youth on the move with his father until they move to the town of superstition. Things are not as they seem from the start. Revelations reveal there is more going on that meets the eye and Thaddeus’ world opens up to things he thought were fairytales.

Teofil is Thaddeus’ neighbor and only comes out at night. I found Teofil to be sweet and caring in his devotion to Thaddeus. This story is fraught with adventure and danger as Thaddeus is introduced to the previously unknown. I loved this story even though it does end with a cliffhanger there is plenty of mystery to keep the reader engaged to find out the truth.

Well written and intriguing. Highly recommended.