The Viper's Heart by Lisa Oliver

lisa-oliver-the-vipers-heart-cover-sTitle: The Viper’s Heart

Series: Balance #1

Author: Lisa Oliver

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons

Length: Novella (159pgs)

Publisher: Lisa Oliver (October 7, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Botis, demon lord and ruler of sixty legions is having a rough day. Lucifer set him on a quest to find the potion given to Gilgamesh thousands of years before, which should be easy enough. But being told a visit to the Angel Raziel was a necessary part of the mission wasn’t so easy to understand. Everyone knew that demons and angels didn’t mix, and angels were strictly off limits for his kind. Which was a shame because the moment Botis set eyes on the sexy Raziel his imagination ran into overdrive. 

Raziel has a cruisy life. As the Angel of Secrets there aren’t many who darken his door with requests for finding strange artifacts any more, but he’s content. He has his shop, his taxi and his good friends, Anael and Uriel. Having Lucifer in his cab was the first sign things were about to change, but when Botis walks into his shop, Raziel starts to seriously reconsider his angelic abilities. No demon should be able to tempt him, so why was he affected by Botis’s sheer presence? 

Soon enough, Raziel and Botis learn their meeting was no accident. With forces at work beyond their control, they have to learn to rely on each other if they are going to beat the odds stacked against them. But how is that possible when Raziel’s untouchable, and Botis doesn’t have a heart? 


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This story can be read as a standalone, however I can guarantee that you will want to continue this series. 

I have read almost every story that this author has put out, but I wasn’t too sure about this particular story at first. It is a very fresh and unique idea and I for one was glad to have had a chance to read it. It has a serious tone to it, but there is quite a bit of humor which was a nice surprise for me. 

It would seem that the man in charge has decided that there needs to be a balance between hell and heaven. The humans were not calling on them as much as they use to so mating sounded good. Six to start but many to come later. Too bad no one warned them about it. Raziel was to find an ancient artifact for one of the demons, but neither had expected a set up. Heaven wanted Angel Raziel and the demon Botis to be mates. However there are some that see it as wrong and want to end it before it starts. The moment they see each other though, the sparks start to fly. 

Now usually I am captivated from the start, but this story took just a little more time in getting into it. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but let’s just say it has ranked pretty high up in her books. I was fascinated by the way seem to start off with distance, but soon they were protecting each other from those who wanted to cause harm.

I can probably guarantee that this is going to pretty much dominate all of your other stories that you have read. It was a big hit with me and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book.