The House of Silence, Volume 1 by J.A. Jaken

HoS1_CvrePub_0Title:   The House of Silence, Volume 1

Series:  The House of Silence 

Author:  J.A. Jaken

Genre:  LGBT, Gothic, Suspense

Length:  Novel (283 pages)

Publisher:  Fantastic Fiction Publishing (April 27, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: The House of Silence is an elite male bordello catering to the obscenely rich. No matter how extreme or mundane the fantasy, the House of Silence is rumored to serve. Master Charon employs a group of versatile, beautiful young men–some lewd, some innocent, many with tragic pasts and hidden secrets of their own–who depend on him for safety. This volatile mix erupts when danger threatens. (M/M+)

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review:  The House of Silence is a house located off the border and is by invitation only. Charon Marqui selects his workers, as well as his guest, very carefully. He has the best boys and the most prestigious clients. Everyone has a dark secret, be it the Boy, the guest, or Charon.

I felt his book started out a bit slow. It read more like an anthology or compilation of short stories. The first few chapters seemed a bit disconnected. Each one was very good and interesting, but I failed at that point to see it as a cohesive story. Then a bit past halfway, things got very intriguing. Once the plot came into view, the story unfolded fast and was quite intriguing. The boys seemed to be forming bonds as well as some of the houseguests. You would think a story of a bordello would have vulgar language and raunchy sex, but this one had none of that. The sex was so sensual and well phrased; it made me swoon and not cringe. By the time I got to the end, I was salivating for the next. I was glad I had it ready to go and didn’t have to wait.

I recommend this to anyone that likes Lords, rich business men, Cabals, dark fantasy, M/M erotica, sensual steamy sex, BDSM (not the soft and flowery kind), D/s, mystery, and intrigue- it’s all here, and more.

Wicked Solutions by Havan Fellows

PF_400x600_96Title:  Wicked Solutions

Series:  Pulp Fiction Wicked Solutions 01 

Author:  Havan Fellows

Genre:  M/M contemporary/detective/mystery

Length:  Novella (8619 words)

Publisher:  Appleton Publishing Avenue (January 15, 2013)

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:  Sometimes the only way for justice to prevail is to get a little Wicked…

People who call him know the deal. He’ll solve their problems, but he’ll do it his way. That’s the only way Wick Templeton plays the game. His years on the force and connections to all types of specialists put him in a league of his own. That’s how he intends to keep it.
An ex-boyfriend in need puts Wick on a path that crosses that of Ned Harris, a stranger who proves to be a worthy adversary.
Wick’s simple agenda gets a little more complicated. Item one: Clear his ex’s name. Item two: unmask the enigma that is Ned Harris.
It’s a good agenda. Too bad Wick can’t seem to stick to it.

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review:  Wick is an ex-cop gone Private detective. He is hired by his ex to clear his name in a company scandal. He meets Ned Harris, a supposed employee at the company where his ex works. Why is Ned snooping around? Why is he following Wick? Is Ned the Mole? Does Wick want to get back together with his ex? I’m not telling you. You will have to read this one.

I loved this story! It was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. Twists and turns abound. I can’t wait for the next in this series!

I highly recommend this one to anyone that likes a short, fast paced mystery with lots of suspense and a hint of hot man-sex.

Winter Warmers Anthology

winterTitle:  Winter Warmers

Series:  N/A

Author: Anthology (Clare London, Chrissy Munder, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, and Lou Harper)

Genre:  Anthology, Contemporary

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Pink Squirrel Press (November 26, 2011)

Heat Level:  Moderate overall, though a few of the stories were more explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts for anthology as a whole, each story has ratings in review.

Blurb:  Baby, it’s cold outside! Beat the chill with Winter Warmers – a seasonal anthology

Mulled wine. Butterscotch kisses. Hideous sweaters. Candy at the beach, or a trip to a sex shop in Amsterdam. And the man of your dreams, wrapped around you…

Winter warmers come in many shapes and sizes, from the tongue-in-cheek to the hot-as-hell. Enjoy a quintet of heart-warming tales of men loving men from Clare London, Chrissy Munder, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, and Lou Harper that are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

One thing’s for sure—it’s going to be a red-hot Christmas!

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Reviewer:  Cat

Review:  Overall I found the stories all very cute and interesting. I did have one caveat on the overall book and that was there was no titles on each stories It just seems to flow into the about the author then into the next book with no warning. But once you figured out where you were the stories were as sweet and fun as can be!

Individual stories

Lucky Dip by Clare London

Heat Level: Explicit   Heart Rating:   ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

I loved this one. Andy is a teacher getting ready for a school fundraiser.  He is going to have to share his corner with a volunteer that turns out to be his ex-boyfriend Greg.

I laughed until I cried over this one. The kids were so cute and funny and the story was a sizzler; sure to warm you on a cold winter night.

Butterscotch Kisses by Chrissy Munder

Heat Level:  Explicit  Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

I also loved this one! Mathew was afraid of heights and this fear cost him his boyfriend and a lot of humiliation. After purchasing a self-help program, he goes daily to the toboggan run to climb the steps. He meets “cute Ticket guy”. Does he conquer I his fear? Do he and ‘cute ticket guy’ go out’? What do butterscotch kisses have to do with heights? You will have to read this one and see! This was another very cute story written with a lot of wit and humor. The story of the fear of heights is easy to relate too and you can just feel Mathew’s fear. And the hats on cute ticket guy? Just hilarious!

Wintertide by Lou Harper

Heat Level:  Explicit  Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

I really liked this one, too. It’s not as humorous as the last two, but just as sweet and sexy. Jem lives in the run down part of Hollywood and is alone for Christmas. He goes to the beach and sees an older man who he finds intriguingly handsome. He watches him throwing in candy in the water. They meet and immediately hookup. Jem wakes up at Oscar’s and looks around, seeing a lot of photos of another handsome man. Assuming Oscar has a boyfriend, Jem leaves.

This story has a very sad backstory, so be sure to have some tissues on hand. It is very sweet and sexy also! A real heart-warmer.

When in Amsterdam by Josephine Myles

Heat Level:  Explicit Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Brandon went with his boyfriend, Jos, to Amsterdam for their version of Christmas. They wind up at a kink shop. Brandon isn’t into the kink scene, but knows Jos is.

This was my least favorite of all five stories. It was a good, but it centered mostly on the D/s, and sex thing without a real plot. I did like the loving relationship that Brandon and Jos had, and the fact that Brandon loved Jos enough to try new things.

A pint of beer, A Bag of Chips, and Thou by JL Merrow

Heat Level: Moderate                        Heart Rating:   ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

This one was another very cute funny one. I loved the way this one felt like the author was speaking directly to you, even asking you questions. I found myself answering a few! I laughed and laughed. I would definitely read more JL Merrow books.

Liam was a son of a witch. His family is quite eccentric, as is he. He plays his sax in the tube for money. He has his eye on a man who frequents the area, but is sure the man is far out of his league. His aunts and mom give him these horrendous knitted Christmas gifts: one a day for three days. You will have to read this to see what they are and how they play a part in the story! You won’t be sorry! The story is cute, sassy and sexy as heck! A great one to cuddle up under a blanket with hot cocoa!

I recommend this collection to anyone that loves a good anthology. Witches, Doms, peppermint lovers, cute guys in silly hats, and lots of laughs! Oh, I almost forgot the hot mansex!

Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt

n424997Title:  Something New Under the Sun

Series:  Falling Sky (Book 02)

Author:  L.A. Witt

Genre:  M/M Cyberpunk

Length:  Novel (212 pages)

Publisher:  Riptide Publishing (January 21, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Blurb:  Liam Lansing is heir to a prominent family of bio-modified vampires. That is, until he chooses the wrong lover and is cast down to the Gutter to scrape for his life.

Daniel Harding is heir to Cybernetix and a prince of the corporate Sky. That is, until his ideology drives his father to put a price on his head, forcing him into the Gutter.

But Daniel and Liam won’t vanish meekly into the smog. Together, they plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky—for vengeance, for justice, and for hope. They strike against the corporations in a daring raid. When everything goes wrong, Daniel must betray his core beliefs to save the man he loves and protect his dangerous secret. Only through courage in the face of death—or worse—might he and Liam change the world they live in and create something new under the sun

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Reviewer:  Showme

Review:  If you haven’t read A Chip In His Shoulder by Witt, the first book in this series, then I’d highly recommend you’d do so before starting this. The Falling Sky series takes place in a world where the rich and powerful live in the sky, and the poor lower class lives in the gutters. They aren’t just separated by neighborhoods, but one lives above and one lives below.

People in the Sky buy mods, alterations to themselves, for almost anything you can think of, while the people below make these mods, while living in poverty and smog fanned down from the Sky.

In the first book, Liam, once an elite of his race, has become a cyborg vampire assassin after falling from his father’s graces. Five years in the gutter changes Liam. He’s hired to kill Daniel, the man he used to love, and the man who betrayed him. Daniel, has learned a lot since he made the biggest mistake of his life, so he’s not all that surprised to learn that his father has hired his lover to take him out.

Book two of the Falling Sky series picks up where the last one left off, with Daniel and Liam in trouble. They’ve escaped the Sky, but the danger continues. Neither man is under the illusion getting to the smog and crime ridden Gutter means they’re safe from Daniel’s father. There’s also the discovery that the UV mod does in fact exist. Since both men are wanted by the authorities, and Daniel, is a known member of the anti-mod movement, they need to get their hands on that mod for proof, and that means breaking into Cybernetix. To do this, they need the help of some friends like Gizmo, a mod and tech genius working out of a secret lab in the gutter with a mechanical arm and a great sense of humor. Daniel’s friends lend knowledge and through them, Liam and Daniel learn that Cybernetix is planning something far more diabolical than withholding the UV mod. They’ve developed a mutated biomod that threatens lives. This makes their mission about more than taking Daniel’s father down.

This world is wonderfully vivid. The picture is clear without long wordy descriptions. The storytelling keeps you comfortably on edge throughout most of the book. It is action packed and the love story feels real. The on-page sex in this book is sensual and intense. You can tell the guys don’t know if they’ll make it, and savor every moment they spend together.  There’s no angst. Liam and Daniel know they love each other.

Liam’s feedings seemed inconsistent, and the vampire lineage was kind of skimmed over. I would have liked to know more about them. Why were they created?  I wasn’t lost at any time but they were an interesting element that wasn’t explored much in the books. Gizmo was a fascinating character that I’d love to read more about.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading about alternate realities and nonstop action where good battles evil with a love story.

The Thunder in His Head by Gene Gant

14289017Title:  The Thunder in His Head

Series:  N/A

Author:  Gene Gant

Genre:  M/M Contemporary/ Young Adult

Length:  Novel (200 pages)

Publisher:  Harmony Ink Press (May 15, 2012)

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:  Kyle Manning is a tall, strong, openly gay sixteen-year-old who makes decent grades and plays on his school’s basketball team. He’s a good kid who cares deeply about his family and friends. But his life has become a mess. His mom, Lela, has finally had enough of her husband Joe’s serial cheating. Kyle’s parents are headed for divorce, and the collapse of their marriage torments him.

Divorcing parents is bad enough, but Kyle also has to deal with new people in his parents’ lives. He likes Stephanie, his father’s girlfriend, but he finds himself increasingly attracted to his mother’s handsome boyfriend, Reece. As Kyle struggles with his fear and frustration, he grows angrier and more erratic.

Then he meets Dwight Varley, a buff, attractive athlete from another school who takes an instant liking to him. Having Dwight around doesn’t solve all Kyle’s problems, but it does make life more bearable. As their relationship develops, Dwight becomes a bright oasis in Kyle’s harried life. But Dwight’s life is more complicated than Kyle ever imagined, and just when things start to get better, Kyle discovers the truth about Dwight—and about his father.

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Reviewer:  Artemis

Review:  Thunder in His Head is a coming of age story about Kyle’s struggles to deal with growing up, being gay, and falling in love.  In the beginning of this book, I get the impression that Kyle is a little bit confused, slightly angry, and really just wants to be left alone.  His parents are separated, and while his dad’s girlfriend seems to be okay, he is developing one serious crush on his mom’s boyfriend.  The author does a great job of portraying Kyle’s torn emotions.  He understands that his feelings for Reece are wrong, but that doesn’t stop the heart and the hormones from wanting what he shouldn’t have.

In comes Dwight, and Kyle’s life takes quite a turn.  We see the relationship between Dwight and Kyle develop as a teenage romance with lots of angst, anger, and miscommunication between the two of them.  Along with the relationship between Kyle and Dwight, we see the struggles of the secondary characters as well.  They are all very well written and seem quite ‘real’.  In fact, all of the characters in this book are very realistic.  The dialogue doesn’t come off as stiff or forced at all.

At the end of the book, I felt like I had a better understanding of Kyle’s inner struggles when it came to his parents and their significant others than I did with his relationship with Dwight.  I wish the book had continued on for a few more chapters to JUST focus on Dwight and Kyle.

This was a great coming of age story with realistic characters who are struggling with difficult issues and emotions.

Duet by Eden Winters

DuetLGTitle: Duet

Author: Eden Winters

Genre: Historical (1758), Paranormal, England, Scotland

Length: Novel (200pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (18th February 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A conqueror’s decree can’t separate Aillil Callaghan from his Scottish heritage. He wears his clan’s forbidden plaid with pride, awaiting the day he becomes Laird, restores his family’s name, and fights to free Scotland from English tyranny. An Englishman in his home? Abomination! Yet the tutor his father engaged for Aillil’s younger brothers may have something to teach the Callaghan heir as well.

Violinist and scholar Malcolm Byerly fled Kent in fear, seeking nothing more than a quiet post, eager minds to teach, and for no one to learn his secrets. He didn’t count on his charges’ English-hating barbarian of an older brother, or on red-and-green tartan concealing a kindred soul. A shared love of music breaks down the barriers between two worlds.

Aillil’s father threatens their love, but a far more dangerous enemy tears them apart. They vanish into legend.

Two centuries later, concert violinist Billy Byerly arrives at Castle Callaghan—and feels strangely at home. Legends speak of a Lost Laird who haunts the fortress in wait of his lover’s return. Billy doesn’t believe in legends, ghosts, or love that outlasts life.

But the Lost Laird knows his own.

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Review: This story is a re-release of the original 2010 Torquere Press edition. Malcolm is a teacher who is looking for a way out of his present position after two of his fellow teachers were given ‘righteous justice’ after being caught at a ‘molly house’.  Given the opportunity to teach in Scotland he snaps up the offer and discovers a love that will follow him through time. Aillil hates all that is English and having an English teacher for his younger brothers is something he rails at. But, getting to know the young man has him falling for his enemy. Fate intervenes and Aillil swears to wait for all eternity if he has to for his beloved Mael Caluim. Over two hundred years later Billy sets foot in Scotland and the legend of the Lost Laird comes to life, with the Callaghan heir setting plans in motion to reunite the two lost lovers.

This is a story that is a story of two parts, we have the first half where Aillil and Malcolm first meet, fall in love and then get torn apart. Then, we have the second half where Billy is drawn to various places in Scotland as his soul is called to Aillil; to release Aillil’s essence from its lonely existence and claim his love. Eden Winters has created a story that takes a strong deep love through the years and that sends shivers down your spine every time Malcolm’s soul touches Scottish soil and Aillil’s music tries to call him home.

The historical part of this story is wonderful. Malcolm tears through all of Aillil’s defenses with his gentle, fierce loving nature and Aillil tearing through Malcolm’s fears with his gentle soul beneath a fierce Scottish exterior. The latter part of the story is set in the present day and is about Billy’s soul finding what he didn’t even realize was lost, the reuniting of lovers first through music and then, with the help of the Druids, the flesh. This is a strong storyline and the characters are wonderful. I loved the way that characters from the historical part of the story popped up in the present day in new incarnations. The historical part of the story is brilliantly done and while the present day was good as well, it didn’t carry the emotional impact that the first half did.

I have to recommend this to those who adore historicals, a Scotsman and Englishman falling in love, reuniting parted lovers, a haunting love story and a very happy ending.


Fragile Bond by Rhi Etzweiler

1510135Title: Fragile Bond

Series: N/A

Author: Rhi Etzweiler

Genre: MM / Military / Sci-Fi

Length: Novel (48.4K words)

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (February 18th, 2013)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Sniper Sergeant Marc Staille and his trusty rifle, Mat, are on bodyguard duty at a mining operation on a backwater planet. The resource-rich valley is crawling with tawnies, the native dirt-colored predators. Huge things that hunt in packs and kill as well with tooth and claw as Marc ever has with Mat.

The rules change when a tawny uses an unexpected weapon: pheromones.

Commander Hamm Orsonna, leader of the fefa clan, is determined to chase off the invading aliens. The one he sets out to capture for intel is scrawny and hairless, not very intimidating—until it takes out his entire squad. Seasoned warriors, felled from halfway down the valley by its metal death stick.

Their sacrifice may be worth it, though. The alien male smells like he’s interested in making things right. He smells of other things too, but nobody else seems to notice. Before long, Hamm finds himself fighting off his own kind to defend the alien, who might be his people’s only hope for peace, and Hamm’s only chance for happiness.

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Review: Brilliant isn’t nearly strong enough a word to describe this book.

Human race travels space in search of inhabited planets that will provide resources for their survival. Caught up in a difficult position, with their resources dropping low fast, they reach planet Horace Deuce-Niner. A superficial glance of the terrain shows no sign of any intelligent species on the planet and the scouts are dropped, in order to provide safe path for the battalion and the scientists that would take the much-needed resources. Things however are not always like they seem.

Sniper Sergeant Marc Staille is good in one thing and one thing only. Along with his trusted rifle he’s an excellent hunter. The scary predators that live on this planet never had a chance against him and his trusted “Mat”. One by one they fell under his scope. Until one of them managed to locate and approach him in total silence. The only indication that something was wrong was the rich scent of soil that had Marc in complete surrender. Under the influence of the scent Marc manages to understand that is in fact pheromones, huge amounts that are deliberately thrown his way. As if the sharp claws and fangs the beasts had were not enough, he was reduced to mush by a vicious wave of arousal. As much as it didn’t made sense that their pheromones would be compatible, truth was they were, but what had Marc paling and going completely limp was the fact that the tawny predators were sapient indigenes. The horrible truth hitting him like a sledgehammer that he was “murdering” intelligent beings.

Commander Hamm Orsonna is beyond rage when he finally manages to capture the scrawny alien. Who would have thought that this little vulnerable being would succeed in taking out his entire squad? He should be killing him in sight if there wasn’t valuable intel he needed to extract from the alien. As it was, it took him by surprise when the need to dominate him emerged and the air around reeked of pheromones. What was even more shocking was the fact that the little alien responded and exuded his own very potent scent, a scent that hit him like a drug making it almost impossible to resist.

In the process of gaining intel and reaching a way toward peace Hamm and Marc find themselves in the middle of the strangest things of all. The forming of a bond where there should be none. A bond that could forever forge peace or doom them all.

There is no easy way to express myself as to how this story will truly affect you. It had a strong impact on me. I loved every aspect of it. The way the author wrote this book is simply brilliant. The focus on the natural instinct of each species, the aggressiveness, the attraction and the forging of the Human/Furr bond was simply perfect. You don’t simply read this book; you experience it as if you were in this strange planet, side by side with these strange creatures.

This story is not a romance in the stereotypical sense of it. It’s a beautiful combination of war, survival, grief, evolution and well… love. Never mind the word “love” is not mentioned. It didn’t need to and that’s the sheer beauty of it. Emotions are so palpable that words are not needed. It’s one of those books you wish made it to Hollywood and on the big screens just so you could see it in 3-D, hoping what you’ve “seen” in your head while reading it will match the screen.

Bottom end, if you have even the slight inclination toward the sci-fi genre you will absolutely LOVE this book. Highly recommended.


An Unconventional Union by Scotty Cade

AnUnconventionalUnion400x600_siteTitle: An Unconventional Union

Series: Unconventional 02

Author: Scotty Cade

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (220pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (18th February 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Kincaid International Corporation’s CEO, Webber Kincaid, and his executive assistant, Tristan Moreau, have just returned from a Caribbean business trip gone horribly right. After years of hiding their love for each other, they finally came clean—and discovered KIC’s chief financial officer has been up to some shady business transactions. Now that they’re back, Tristan and Webber must expose the CFO’s indiscretions—and save Webber’s reputation, since he’s ultimately responsible for his CFO’s actions. With Tristan by his side, Webber faces KIC’s board of directors and a looming investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice.

With all the uncertainty surrounding them, Webber and Tristan rely on the strength of their connection. Together, they plan an intimate wedding on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. But despite their love for one another, Webber and Tristan quickly realize they have some hurdles to cross before they can start their unexpected new life.

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Review: This story is part of a series and best read in order. Webber and Tristan are now a couple. after realizing their love for one another, they are facing the fallout from their business trip in the Caribbean. Webber is accused of misappropriation of business property and facing an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice after discovering shading business dealings by his CFO Nathan Bridges. Webber and Tristan plan their new life together and begin with their wedding, but they still have hurdles to cross and they turn to each other for support.

This story continues on from where An Unconventional Courtship ended, but this story recounts the pertinent facts from the previous book so if you haven’t yet read it (raises eyebrow and shakes head), then this book is still easy to follow. Webber and Tristan face uncertainty and worry even though they know they have done no wrong, the support they get from their friend’s bolsters them and they begin to make decisions for their future together. The problem with Nathan is far from over and they will face heartbreak and loss even as they should be celebrating their new life together.

Scotty Cade has written another beautiful story of love, this time with added tension, new hope and devastating loss. Webber and Tristan are a committed couple now and Tristan supports Webber’s decision to begin a new life when the investigation is over. Even though they know Webber is innocent, Webber still has fears that something will go wrong. Both these men are great characters and their love for each other shines through. As they plan their wedding with the help of Deanne, she becomes very close friends with Tristan and they are there for her during her pregnancy. Deanne is a larger than life character and we quickly take her into our hearts in this story, which is then callously ripped out and stomped on by the author (you made me cry *sulk*). Nathan lurks in the background trying to discredit Webber and Tristan reunites with his younger brother. We find out more about Tristan’s past and it is quite surprising, and for the life of me I couldn’t work out why Tristan kept trying to reach out to his parents and older brother. It puzzled me that after everything that happened he still wanted to have contact with them.

I have to recommend this story to everyone who loves bumps in the road, some unexpected danger, a beautiful wedding and an ending that will twist you up inside for its devastation and happiness, so keep some tissues handy.