How to Shield an Assassin by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - How to Shield an Assassin Cover msrt7hTitle: How To Shield an Assassin

Series: Unholy Trifecta 01

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (October 13, 2019)

Length: Novel (269 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 5 Heart

Blurb: It’s not stealing if you’re stealing it back….

Ari had a game plan for life. Shoot people. Get money. Hang out with fellow criminal friends. He saw absolutely no reason to change that plan until one dark night in Memphis, when a little girl reached out to him with pocket change and a desperate plea for him to help her.

Adopting an abused little girl off the streets was, needless to say, not part of the plan. Ari had no idea what he was doing with an eight year old. He especially didn’t know how to juggle taking contracts and raising a little girl.

Things get more complicated when the mercenary, Carter Harrison, approaches him with a job. He needs Ari’s expertise to get into the very high-security museum, Knowles, and steal back Monet’s Water Lily Pond. The job isn’t an easy one. He’d need more than the two of them to make it happen. It’s further complicated because Ari’s not sure what to do with his new daughter while working this job.

And for that matter, how’s he supposed to handle the sexy mercenary?

ISBN: B07Z4263WC

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Ari and his twin, Luca, were orphaned and sent into the foster care system. One came out a lawyer and well Ari is the assassin. He was damn good at his job and with the help of his two friends, he was even better. There was one basic rule that he followed and it was no harm came to kids. So when a little girl came to him for help, lets just say he now has a daughter. One that might just beat them all.

Carter is in some need. He is hired to steal back a painting from one of the high security museums. He is hired by an unknown to get a stolen painting from a private museum and return it to another. He could go in and get a kid back but this one was a little harder to work. He liked working with a team and it looked like he might have found a good one.

No one would take a job by an unknown even for a big payday. That would say that he is not as sure of his job or his life if he did. Also who goes to check up on an assassin where their kid is without getting the heads blown off.

Remi is unlike any kid I know and comes off not so positive in this story. While the idea of an assassin adopting some random kid just because he felt bad for her is a bit strange, it was still a good add into the story. However the fact that she doesn’t act like she really should is the problem. Just because someone helps you doesn’t mean you automatically trust them. Also the characters don’t act like assassins, mercs, thieves and hackers. Once in an assignment you don’t change it, yet they rushed a job that was supposedly not able to do. It just came off wrong. You get the mention of Luca, the meeting between them all set up but then it stops. You don’t get to see it through.

Then there is the security they are going through, and lets face it, it just doesn’t pan out. Now on the flip side of the coin, the story is still pretty entertaining. I might have griped about the characters but lets face it they still were a big hit with me. I like the way they interacted with each other. It is a slow burning romance and for once it worked out all right with this story. I am not a fan of the dual voices in the story, but I think the part that drove me nuts is the author put their name ahead to know who was talking, but lets face it it was easy to figure it out right off the bat.

Over all I really liked the story and can’t wait to see what the next book has going on.

Jon’s Spooky Corpse Conundrum by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - Jon's Spooky Corpse Conundrum Cover fer345Title: Jon’s Spooky Corpse Conundrum

Series: Jon’s Mysteries 03

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Fantasy, Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (August 2, 2019)

Length: Novel (213 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 5 Heart

Blurb: I’ve investigated some pretty strange cases in my life, but I have to say this is a first. A corpse—a murder victim—has gone missing during the middle of an investigation, and no one has any clue where it went. Psy is called in to clear the investigative team, make sure they’re not an accomplice. It’s a four hour drive outside of Nashville, to a place famous for being haunted, so none of us are particularly eager to go.

And then we arrive on scene and I see who we’re dealing with and I want nothing more than to turn around and go right back to Nashville.

This case is complicated and strange, and absolutely nothing is as it seems at first glance. Even with my eyes, it’s going to take some digging to get to the truth.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Finding out what happened to a corpse shows that the past doesn’t stay where it belongs. Someone from Jon’s past has appeared once more and lets hope it leads to the perfect outcome. Lets not forget Donovan definitely does have a fear of ghosts as in hell no. Garrett is definitely a big hit with everyone and Jon’s love life is on the right track.

I miss going to haunted houses and this one seems to have them in spades or so it seems. We also get to see the best blowup ever, say bye bye to a jackal. Now you just have to figure out who I am talking about because I am definitely not going to say. I could go without drama but it seems to have the perfect place in this story.

Our characters are quirky and lovable to be around. I do want to see Sho and Garrett’s relationship, they are going to burn the sheets. I am not really seeing a lot of the magic side of the coin but there is still some there. They actually got to use some good old fashion police work in this one. An old case is solved and they are on the way to having life perfect. And I don’t remember Jon getting shot or stabbed in this one so that is a big win. As much as I love these stories I will admit that there is so much potential that is not being used in these stories. There is so much that could be done with them but so far it is not there.

I enjoyed reading this and can’t wait to see what the next book has going on. My attention was captivated throughout the story and would definitely admit that these are stories that will be read many times over.

Jon’s Crazy Head-Boppin’ Mystery by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - Jon’s Crazy Head-Boppin’ Mystery Cover 54huy5Title: Jon’s Crazy Head-Boppin’ Mystery

Series: Jon’s Mysteries 02

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Fantasy, Contemporary

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (June 5, 2019)

Length: Novel (204 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 5 Heart

Blurb: I’m rather used to the crazy cases, because let’s face it, most cops can handle the run-of-the-mill with their eyes closed. I’m only called in when the situation is weird or they need to solve the case fast.

This case is a little of both.

Someone’s attacking women as they get off of work, hitting them in the back of the head. What started as a case of battery has steadily built up to homicide. With three murders, six victims, and no leads, the Clarksville PD are desperate to catch the assailant. But there’s no real leads for us to follow, either, and for once my eyes can’t really help.

A madman running around attacking women is bad enough, but the police are demanding answers we can’t give them, and they’re not taking no for an answer. It’s pushing us all past our limits, and frankly, I don’t know what’s going to break first: The case or Donovan’s patience.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Jon is once more involved in a case that is bizarre and deadly. A man is bashing women in the head then taking off. However it is a case that has some surprising twists to it. With multiple victims leading to the death of three it is going to take them into some crazy areas.

Donovan does everything in his power to keep Jon out of danger, but lets face it Jon usually doesn’t have to go far to find himself in that position. He is one of the most powerful magic any one has ever seen and he needs an anchor to make sure he doesn’t get lost.

A police department that definitely has no love for the paranormal and our sexy guys need all the protection or should I say the police officers are the ones that are going to need protection. Donovan definitely doesn’t let anyone talk smack about our cutie pie.

While I loved the book there were some small issues with it. It just seemed to go over certain spots multiple times which was not needed. And the ending was dull and didn’t seem to spark that much attention. Other than that it was a good read that kept my attention throughout. So much so that I had started on the next book.

This is a series that I can see myself reading over and over. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Fourth Point of Contact by A.J. Sherwood

A.J. Sherwood - Fourth Point of Contact Cover 865dgjTitle: Fourth Point of Contact

Series: Legends of Lobe den Herren 01 / The Warden and The General 01

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Novel (355pgs)

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (October 18, 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 3 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: “Renjimantoro.”

Ren’s head snapped up, as Brahms only used his full name when being completely serious.
Those dark blue eyes met his levelly, penetratingly, as if he could see every thought going through Ren’s head. And he likely could. The man was exceptionally good at seeing through people. “Come with me.”

Oh hell. He really had no defenses against that plea. Brahms rarely asked anything of him, and every time he had, it turned out to be for Ren’s own good. “You realize that if I go, your reputation is never going to recover. People assume I’ve seduced you over to my side as it is.”

Brahms just stared at him.

“Right, you don’t care. Of course you don’t, silly me, why am I worrying about it?” Relief filled him, making him a little giddy with it, and he had the strangest urge to giggle. Which wasn’t manly, he stamped that out immediately, but still a grin took over his face. “Alright, alright, I’ll go home with you.”


Not once in the past five years has Castle Warden Sho Renjimantoro regretted following his best friend to Aart. How can he regret it when he finds open acceptance regarding his sexuality from everyone around him (even if they don’t understand it), and he gets to be with the man most important to him?

No, finding someone in this country is a fantasy best forgotten.

General Arman Brahms, finally home from deployment, has waited over two years to show Ren he’s wrong, that fantasies can come true. Unfortunately, his plans get put on hold to help Ren solve the crisis unfolding in the castle.

Someone is doing their level best to make sure the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Alexandria of Scovia falls through—by fair means or foul. In addition, they’re trying to make Ren deemed incompetent and dismissed from his position. While hunting for the perpetrator, Ren and Arman do everything in their power to protect those they’re sworn to before the irredeemable occurs.

And along the way, prove that even an ordinary life can become extraordinary.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: The bulk of the book revolves around Arman and Ren’s developing relationship more than anything else and this disappointed me. I was expecting action and battle scenes instead of a long drawn out book about two men and how they get along.

I liked Ren and Arman. They both were great together however, it seemed as though many things were repeated over and over throughout the story and this aggravated me to the point that I was ready for action and less talking and emotions. The twists and turns were a welcome break from the repetitious feelings and thoughts of the characters.

Overall it was a good story about two men who in the face of prejudice and adversity manage to make it through together.

Good read.

Jon’s Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case by A.J. Sherwood

Title: Jon’s Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case

Series: Jon’s Mysteries Case 01

Author: A.J. Sherwood

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery

Length: Novel (258 Pages)

Publisher: A.J. Sherwood (March 22, 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’–đź’– 5 Hearts

Blurb: A psychic without an anchor. A student in trouble. A shooter on the loose.

I’m Jonathan Bane, a licensed psychic who consults for the police. I routinely help the police put the bad guys away and, for that reason, the criminal world doesn’t like me much. People like to take a swing at me, or go stabbity, or try for a gun. It makes for interesting times. My psychic ability prevents me from handling anything electronic—and I do mean ANYTHING, I fry it in seconds—so calling for help isn’t always a possibility.

I need an anchor, a partner, but I’m resigned: it’s just wishful thinking.

At least, I thought so until he walked through the door.

Donovan Havili looks like a thug and has the soul of a superhero. He shines so bright in my vision it’s like watching a supernova. He definitely has the right mindset and skills for this crazy job. But asking anyone to take me on long-term is a bit much. And now we’ve got multiple cases to handle, a Chinese exchange student falsely accused who needs our help, and someone taking random shots at me. It’s a bit much for any new guy to handle and I’m half-afraid that my new partner will run for the door.

But in Donovan Havili, the criminal world has met its match. And maybe, just maybe, I have as well.


Product Link: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Jon is a very interesting character to say the least. He has a strong psychic abilities and it sometimes ends up with him in danger. Everyone around him wants him to find someone to anchor him but he has some pretty strong fears with it. His mother has a lot to make up for. His life has not been a perfect one but he is loved by many. Well he is loved by all except for those he ends up putting behind bars. All it takes is one look from him to figure out what is in a person’s soul. So when everyone is staring at a man who is there for a job, all he sees is a bright light and beauty.

Donovan is a strong man with a military background. He has a heart of gold and a spirit to match. After being injured he was a bit weary, but you could not tell from the way he protects. He has been judged for the way he looks and acts, but once you get to know him, he will have you eating out of his hand. Jon sees the true him and it makes a difference right off the bat. So much so that it might just put him in the one place that he should be.

Multiple cases going on and you get to see what Jon is all about. The story is quite unique and fresh. I stole this discription from the tag line with this story, but you get Companionable snark, Flirting, Kissing, Jon needs a hug, Donovan gives the best hugs, Getting together, Self-esteem issues, Explicit content, Anal Sex, Romantic Sex, Random shooting, Which Donovan isn’t happy about, Donovan is a gentleman, Sort of, Jon just makes it REALLY REALLY HARD Okay?, Supernatural elements, Modern with Magic, Feels, All the Feels, Mostly accurate medical stuff, Lets not forget that Jon pretty much destroys all electronics’s which was funny as hell. Excitement, danger, adventure, and some pretty sweet characters are a bit more of what you get in this book.

Normally I don’t really care to even try to read a story by an author I have not heard of, but I was glad that I took the chance with this one. The world that was created for this story was amazing and it flowed just perfect for me. When the cases started to build up I couldn’t figure out how the author would work it right, but the ending just about blew me away.

There were a few small issues with it but truthfully it was an amazing story that I had a blast reading. I can honestly say that this will be one of those that will be read many times over.

I would definitely recommend it.